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:) Its all Jazmin's doing..

Around 6-8 years old she wanted to cycle a tank for her science class. She graphed everything out on a 15 gal for 2 months. Temp, ph, NH3/NH4, NO2 and NO3. It was actually pretty neat to see how things change together. I also made her do all the tests and explain what was actually happening.

And now almost 14 years old... we had a client looking at them the other day at GPS Aquatics. He was asking info about them and Jazmin heard and jumped right in and explained everything. Different ways to hatch them and how to care for them before and after birth. So I guess she is ready to take this next step.

She has been talking about pursuing the Marine Bio direction and then working for us as an in house Marine Biologist for GPS Aquatics.. She definitely has the science, research and backing by us. We shale see...

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Awesome! Can you tell us a little about the tank setup she'll be keeping it in?

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She has us building a new 120 gal (48"x24"x24") in her room. Black back, 2- Black Back corner overflows (10"x6"), 44"x20"x18" sump w/ our 2- Filter socks on rails (50 Micron) and bubble walls. The skimmer is a Reef Octopus SRO-2000INT.

Thank You,

Lance Pender


Sacramento, CA

855-360-REEF (7333)


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