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The Marine Reef Aquarium by Phil Hunt

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Amazon recommended this to me, but I thought I'd check if anyone not trying to sell me things thought it was a good book. On sale for $19 and ships with prime.

here is amazon's description.

Marine aquarium hobbyists who turn to this book will find the most
up-to-date information and advice available anywhere on the increasingly
popular activity of setting up and maintaining a thriving coral reef
aquarium. In recent years, specialists have made major advances in
understanding nature's marine aquarium systems. With author Philip
Hunt's expert advice and instruction, even beginning hobbyists can
maintain viable, beautiful, and long-lasting coral reef aquarium
displays. In addition to its wealth of practical information, The Marine Reef Aquarium
features approximately 400 vivid color photos that display the coral
reef environment and its many interesting denizens in all their glory.
For such a highly visual subject as the marine reef, expertly produced
color photos are a must--and The Marine Reef Aquarium provides
them in abundance. Equally important, the general realization that coral
reefs are an increasingly endangered species has brought this subject
to a place of international prominence. Here is a book that belongs on
every marine aquarium enthusiast's reference shelf.

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