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Frags for Referrals Promotion Teaser

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Just to give some incentive for my FRAGS FOR REFERRALS promotion mentioned below, I have provided a list of my corals and some teaser pictures of some of the possible choices for your 3 free frags for referrals that end in closings!

"If you or someone you know might be interested in selling and/or buying a home, please send me a quick email or phone call. Even if the thoughts are still in their infancy, I welcome the opportunity to show you what I can provide to help you realize your dream. As a token of my appreciation, a small gift will accompany any referral that results in a closing. For my Austin Reef Club friends, that means any three frags (over 125 species in my tank) you want from my tank for a referral that goes to closing! If you think that is great, imagine what gift awaits you if you buy or sell your home with me!

My goal is to earn a client’s business and keep it through all the stages of life by treating each home sale or purchase as if it were my own. Thank you in advance and I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2013 in your reefing endeavors! I look forward to the opportunity to earn your business!"

Ty Ta








Cali tort, Strawberry
shortcake, Frogskin, Blue Tenius, Red planet, Forest fire
digitata, TYREE solis, Unknown
white/brown tabling acro, Tri-color valida, MIKE
PALETTAS Turquiose Lovelli, Tri-color nana, Purple
Meridiana, ORA Hawkins echinata, Fuzzy neon
green acro, Blue tort, Purple
bonsai, Green birdsnest, Green and
red mille, Setosa, Chips acro, STEVE ELIAS Teal Stag, Pink jade, Hydnophora, ATL Shades
of Fall, Yellow scroll, Green slimer, Blue tip mille, Purple stylo, Purple with green polyps valida, Skittles
Granulosa, Blue Lemonade, Blue tip
tenius, ORA Jeremy's Montipora Stellata, Reef Raft sunset
mille, ORA German Blue, German green
with blue polyps, Oregon Tort, Pink Mille, Raspberry Limeade, Roscoe's
Blue, Electric Blue Digitata, Electric
green suharsonoi, Blue body with cream polyps, Blue/Green
Insignas, Yellow Tort, Pink Mille,, ASD strawberry shortcake, Jokers, Golden Eyes, Dragonflys, Nuclear greens, Lunar
eclipses, King midas, Pink zippers, L.A. Lakers, Eagle eyes, Dragon eyes, Pretty
penny’s, Fire and ice, Radioactive
dragon eyes, Grandis palys, Cinnamon
palys, Cherry bombs/zombie eyes, Purple
deaths, Oxides, Blue ice, Candy Apple Red, Black Cherry
People Eaters, candy apple orange, mandarin
orange, Mary Janes, Kryptonite
candy canes, Meteor shower cyphanstrea, Neon green
fungia plate, TYREE War Coral, Fatboy
Duncans, Luigi’s mushroom favites, Fire and Ice
war coral, Funky purple war coral, Blue Pagoda
Cup, Warp Speed Monti, Undata monti, Green spongades monti, Sunset monti, Superman monti, Rainbow
monti, Vivid purple cap, Strawberry
fields cap, Neon green cap, Red cap, Jedi Mind Trick Cap, Superman
mushrooms, teal and green mushrooms, xenia, Rainbow BTA, Mini Carpet

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There will be some better photos once Brians.rock and I can sync our schedules and he comes over with his fancy camera. grin.png

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Didn't see this post unitl now. Ty, you make me want to get up and go find some folks looking for a house...

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