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AirWaterIce Premium Member Benefits

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As a Premium Member of ARC, you receive the following benefits from AirWaterIce.com when you make a purchase using our club code #70799.

  • 10% off all items on airwaterice.com (include club code with orders)
  • Additional reduced prices and incentives via Quarterly specials posted to the forum (include club code with orders)

Group Buy incentives (Requires use of one credit card and one shipping address, should include club code with order):

  • 10% discount on all orders of $1,000.00 or more
  • 15% discount on all orders of $1,500.00 or more, includes FREE shipping!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Full 30 day trial period. If dissatisfied, AirWaterIce will refund the cost of the unit. There is no insurance to buy nor claim forms to submit.. Lifetime limited parts warranty. For the lifetime of original ownership and normal use, AirWaterIce will replace most failed parts free of charge. Of course, consumables such as membranes and filters are not covered. If your shipment arrives damaged or broken, AirWaterIce will correct the problem quickly.

COMMUNICATIONS: AirWaterIce is open Monday to Thursday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM and Friday from 8:30 AM - 1 PM Eastern Standard Time. ** E-Mail is preferred for inquiries. ** AirWaterIce reviews e-mails several times each day. Their e-mail address is [email protected] Please include your telephone number in your e-mail. Their telephone number is 772-461-0256. Feel free to leave a message if they are unable to answer.


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