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Chad and Belinda

Dimmable 60W CREE LED Aquarium Light

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I have a dimmable 60W Cree LED aquarium light for sale. This light works great and has amazing colors. Measures 15 3/4" x 5 5/8". $200

Will only hold with paypal.


whites only


whites and blues


blues only



  • Switch & Dimmer Lighting Control
  • Runs cool, no heat exhaust needed

CREE LED Aquarium Light

E.shine CREE LED aquarium light is really high quality design with CREE XR-E 3watt white and 3watt blue bright LEDs. It performs over 10 times than MH lamp on PAR reading, only 60W. 30 degree view angle can focus the light to deeper place, and 60 degree is also optional.

E.shine CREE LED aquarium light is special for corals like SPS, LPS in marine reef tanks. LED aquarium lights are really worthy to choose now, they save much energy (50%-80%), much more efficient with high PAR reading and no UV radiation harm.



  • 60 watt using CREE XR-E series 10 3watt 6000~9000k white and 10 3watt 455nm royal blue
  • High PAR value. 200 PAR reading for each LED from 5" distance
  • Two dimmers for white and blue, fan can be turned on/off
  • Corrosion-proof finish/casing by special painted
  • Optional 30-60 degree view angle, focus light to deep bottom
  • Pure 450~460nm spectrums, No UV radiation harm
  • Less heat, no chiller unit required, 20-30º C on water surface
  • One fan on back runs against heat
  • External power supply, detachable power cord

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Any particular reason that you are selling them?

We decided to sell it beacuse hubby had an extra AI Sol Blue module that we ended up putting over my tank. This is a great light, doesn't put off any heat, has a built in fan and is dimmable.

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I am using the same light on my 20H, it's a steal for $200. I have to dim mine a little because it's too bright!

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does it have any mounting hardware? i might be interested..

No hardware. Our stand already had a canopy where I could mount the unit. I have a hanging kit for my Aqua Illumination LED's that I was fixing to return. You might be able to make it work. If so I can sell that for what I paid for it which I think was $34.

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I have torn a set of these apart. They are well built, if fact they are over engineered. The shipping from China is $69.00.

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