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Neon Green Palau Nepthea

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I am looking to sell some frags of my mother colony. I have been looking online and it looks like one inch frags of this stuff goes for about $30 to $40. Im looking to get about $20 to $25 an inch. I am also interested in getting some new corals or fish. I am low on money right now so buying these are not in the budget so I am willing to trade. Just let me know what you have and maybe send a picture. The following pictures are of the mother conloy from 4 months ago (first picture) and from this month (second picture on the right hand side of in the picture). As you can see it has grown really well under my T5 lighting. Also, pickup would need to be close to New Braunfels since this is where I live. I can even meet up in Kyle or San Marcos.



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I have this coral but would be interested in buying a frag from you so that I can compare with our mother colony just as long as it's mounted and healed. Curious if different lineages are the same. We have a delivery on the 9th in South Austin, we also have local pickups every week in SA. PM me.

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