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Found 38 results

  1. Dogfish

    Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    Decided to start on the tank. 2 years of putting the house and yard together is enough. Plus it's hot outside. First step is to get the room ready. Here are a few pictures of the room and platform the tank will sit on. The platform was engineered to hold 18,000 lbs. I was not sure if the tank would be glass or acrylic. I had to do a little leveling of the platform. The framers that built the house were close, but i dont want to be off a 1/16th with all that water. The fish will have a great view.
  2. JMB

    93gal Cube Build

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and would like to document my build. I will be documenting my build in detail so other beginners can learn from my mistakes or success. I believe this is the right section for this but feel free to move if needed. Well, it started as a present for my wife. See she has been asking for a fish tank for many years now and I have always been against the idea. I'm not a huge fan of fresh water tanks, nothing really against them just not my cup of tea. We were just cruising around Austin and she happened to point out a local fish store. I was immediately intrigued by the salt water coral and the vibrant fish. While I'll never would admit it to her I have looked into getting a fish tank in the past. Since I have never been a big fan of fresh water tanks and salt water tanks always intimidated me I was never able to pull the trigger on the tank. Needless to say we ended up putting in a order the very next day for a new tank. Summery: Main focus is small school fish (Wife heading that part of the project), soft coral and a little SPS for balance and fill . We are hoping for a well balanced tank with an overall dynamic appeal. Already on the way: Tank: Marineland NV33012 93 Gallon Frameless. Size 29-7/8x29-7/8x 24-7/8. Glass thickness front/back 10mm, bottom 12mm, Two pre-drilled plumbing lines or 1" bulkhead fittings. http://www.marineland.com/Products/glass-aquariums-and-tanks/cube-column-aquariums.aspx Stand: Custom made by NDstructible Welding. https://www.facebook.com/NDstructibleWelding/ Sump: Custom Advanced Acrylic Sump. http://advancedacrylics.com/ Reactor: BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor Deluxe. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/brs-gfo-carbon-reactor-deluxe1.html Heaters: 2 x Jager TrueTemp Eheim tank heaters. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/eheim-jager-trutemp-aquarium-heater.html Still left to get or decide on (Each Item will have it's own additional post as to why I think it is the best item for the tank): Pump: Echotech Marine Vectra L1 DC. http://www.aquariumspecialty.com/equipment/pumps/ecotech-marine-vectra-dc-controllable-pumps Skimmer: Reef Octopus Regal 200SSS. http://www.marinedepot.com/Reef_Octopus_Regal_200SSS_Protein_Skimmer_In_Sump_Protein_Skimmers_for_Aquariums_Reefs-Reef_Octopus-CV25173-FIPSIS-vi.html Sand: Carib Sea, Hawaiian Black sand. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/hawaiian-black-arag-alive-live-reef-sand.html Rock: Bulk Reef Supply, Fiji Dry rock. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/brs-fiji-dry-aquarium-live-rock.html Lighting: Single Kessil AP700 LED light. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/ap700-led-lighting-panel-kessil.html Powerhead: Maxspect XF230. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/xf230-gyre-pump-with-controller-2300-gph-maxspect.html Tank: To start off with, we purchased a Marineland 93gal rimless cube. All the research stated that when you first get into salt water tanks the bigger the better up to 140 gallons. It is said that since the volume of water is more significant it can take more fluctuations in elements before the tank crashes. Given this information we assessed the space and location we had with the available tanks and respective sizes. We ended up with the 93 gallon tank due to it's four sided viewing angles, tank size, and small footprint. With the tank at 93 gallons and the sump tank at 15 gallons we should have a total system rated at 108 gallons. While at the time I was not fully aware of there reputation I was still hopeful of a solid build. While waiting for the store to bring the tank to the front ( the store was very busy at the time) we spotted the same tank on the display floor. We loved the size of the tank, but due to my OCD I started to look at the tank a little closer. The tank sides were not true and had sloppy silicon work with over sealed corners. This immediately made me worried about our tank. Once the store moved the tank to the front of the store we asked to insect it. They were very understanding and upon visualization of the tank we were very happy. The sides were square appropriate amount of silicone work and the bulkhead was nicely secured in place. When we placed the order for the rimless tank it was not made aware that I would not be able to build a canopy for it (rookie mistake, should have figured that one out by looking at the name), but hey roll with the punches. I will post close up photos of the tank we received once I get home from work tomorrow. Stand: Next came the planning for the stand. My first thought was we need a steel stand... right? Well I'm sure most of you would agree that a wooden stand would have worked fine for this tank. Wood is great if you are in a low budget build or need something short term. Wood though is very specific in its behavior. In other words a lot more planning would have to go into the design. The boards would have to have their grains arranged to prevent warping with higher humidity, the wood can adsorb water and moister, along with overall deterioration (rot), different grades of wood stock comes into play as well and species of wood. While I'm not a carpenter nor am I a wood guru I feel that this was not the best route for us to take. While I'm sure some have thrown a stand together with spare 2x4"'s and ended up just fine, I wanted a more stable foundation. Since this stand will be holding the tank and all it's contents above all the support equipment underneath, I did not feel like we should go cheap and take the chance of loosing everything if the stand failed. In the end my wife and I decided that a steel stand fits our long term goals of a successful tank build with longevity in mind. In total the stand would need to hold around 1600 pounds (918 pounds of water[8.6lbs per gallon of salt water], 141 pounds for the tank and other equipment). I called many local shops that specialized in welding to include most of the fish shops and most calls ended up without success. Most of the places I talked too had no clue on how to build the stand, out sourced it to other companies out of state and/or wanted an outrageous amount of cash for what they would produce. I searched the forums in hopes of finding a stand source that others have used before. It was not long after my search that the forum had just introduced NDstructible Welding as a new sponsor. After viewing some of their example photos and some IM messages I was put into contact with Nick. Nick and I communicated a couple of times about what I was looking for along with some design concerns I had regarding strength. He was very receptive to my concerns and address them appropriately. We ended up with not putting gussets into the design and increase the diameter of the steel from 1.5" to 2" along with mitered corners and circumferential welds. Steel adjustable feet (700lbs rating each) were attached to the bottom with a total left height of 2". The total stand height is 42" high. We wanted the talk taller for two reasons, one I'm a tallish guy and would hate to have to bend over to see the awesomeness ( yep you read that right), and since the footprint is smaller it would allow me to stack the support systems as needed. I had asked Nick to place four tabs on one side so I could attach a equipment support board. This board will hold the controllers, and reactors as needed. The tabs made attachment easier, but also help limit possible water intrusion into the frame(no drilled holes). If the tabs started to rust I can always have them cut and new ones welded without damaging the frame. I will be using a removable type outer shell that well be affixed to the stand via neodymium magnets n52. This will allow all sides to be removed for deep cleaning and/or access. One side will be the main access point for minor adjustments and observation of the system. I did not go with stainless steel due to the fact that magnets do not stick to stainless and cost. I have been looking at two options for the frame seal. One is powder coating which will run around $150 or using a bed liner material like Herculiner $30 - $80. With Herculiner I would be able to touch up damaged areas, but would not be able to get the smoothness for a flush finish between the stand had skin. I'm thinking I will go with the powder coating which will be a stronger or should i say a harder finish and would not be a headache when skinning the frame. Sump: Man, all I can say is that finding a sump with what we where looking for was a pain. With the size of the frame 30x30 and accounting for the size of the steel tubing we have a total foot print of 30x26 rectangle or 26x26 square. We looked at many options from Trigger systems, Eshopps and simplicity. While some would fit the size and and some had unique features we were looking for none them were the right fit. Then we found out about Advanced Acrylics out in Jurupa Valley, California. John from AA was very patient with me and my ideas and we were able to come up with the design and with the expertise of John make it work. It is currently is production and will ship soon. Once it arrives I will take photos as and post them. Well, this ended up being a very long first post. Let me know your thoughts and or questions.
  3. I realize "Beginner" and "240 Gallon" is kind of an oxymoron, but go big or go home... I recently acquired a 240 Gallon tank that is set up to be a reef tank, although the farthest it every got with the previous owner was about 1 month with water and some rock in it. It has been sitting in a garage for about 7 years. I purchased the whole set up and I want to get started assembling the tank and getting it going. I have no idea what I am doing, but I have been doing a lot of research and I think I have a few ideas... 1. I want an Apex controller 2. I want (2) Kessil AP700 lights. The light box that came with this tank is old technology and I don't want to deal with the big metal halides. I also like the look of a more open top tank. The tank was custom built, the stand was custom and the sump was custom. It has a 4', 60 gallon sump which seems about right from the research I have done. The skimmer was the latest and greatest when it was new, 7 years ago, but it hasn't been run but maybe 2 months its whole life. Although it has a crack in it, not sure if i can fix that with some aquarium silicone or epoxy or what not. I'm looking for some direction and some help if anyone can help guide me in the right direction. I want it to be high quality, and I like redundancy too. Also, I like to have as much automation as possible. At this point, I'm not even sure what questions I need to ask...So I'm hoping someone can spur some conversation and help me figure out what the right questions are to ask. I look forward to joining this community and learning from anyone that is willing to take the time!! **Note** These pictures are of the tank when it was originally set up approx. 7 years ago, it is in pieces right now, in my dining room.**
  4. Ceciliaz


    Great tank. I've never had any problem with this tank i just upgraded to 120 Gallon I can give you some zoa and mushroom if you like. Reef ready It will come with Red Sea 130D tank 34 Gallon Wave maker Heater Stand Aquatop CF-300 canister filter Upgrade mars and aqua 165W led Still have the original lid and T5 light Dry Rock asking for 280
  5. Parting out my 90 gallon aquarium setup if your interested in everything let me know and we can work something out. 1. 90 gallon aquarium drilled with off center overflow (1 drain and 1 return) comes with standpipe, return fittings (loc-line) and bulkheads - $50 2. Custom solid wood, stained, stand for standard 90 gallon or smaller aquarium. This stand is rock solid, has two front raised panel doors, is cabinet height (36"), has one side door on each side for complete access to whatever you have under your tank. Back is solid wood as well. - $75 3. Generic 6 bulb 48" T5 light with LED night lights - Gone 4. Lifeguard aquatics Quite One 4000 return pump - $20 5. Eshopps sump (30" wide x 12" deep x 16" tall, 25 gallon) with 2 1" drains (includes bulkheads which are not pictured) - $50 6. AquaC EV-120 Protein Skimmer with JG fitting, Mag Drive 7, and AquaC 5 liter auto waste collector - $75 7. 2 Koralia Evolution 1050 power heads - Gone I can provide more pictures upon request. Located in Round Rock by Ikea.
  6. M6S1K3


    Updated 7/21 Everything is for sale!! Regrettably the time has come. I need to sell my tank because I am moving. I contemplated breaking it down and trying to move it but as most of you know I'll probably loose 50% if not more of livestock not to mention the potential destruction of the tank in the move. I really don't want to get out especially now that my tank has hit the two year mark and is totally stable and thriving. But it's what's best. My loss is your gain. A little disclaimer before you see the list and prices. I'll keep the list current and updated so there is no question as to what is available. Also I live in Killeen. That's about an hour north of Austin and slightly quicker if you take 35 to 195. That being said I am willing to deliver/meet if enough is sold at a time. If you PayPal I will hold for you until I come down or of course you're more than welcome to come to Killeen and pick up. Buyer pays PayPal fee or pays as friend. Buyers choice. Multiple items get a discount. The wife and I need the money from the sale for our move. Also I am super OCD about my tank and equipment. Everything is removed and cleaned every month and everything is in like new condition considering its used and touched water. I have a post in livestock and hardware. Be sure to check out both! Selling list: Equipment: -1/4 hp aquaeuro USA chiller Orig.399.95 Asking $200.00 -ato reservoir 13g with ato pump new never used Asking $30 -sicce voyager 3.0. Used for two weeks and then I bought my first mp-10 off ARC and replaced the 3.0. Almost brand new. Orig. 62.85 Asking $35.00 (I also have some sicce return pumps 3.0 and 4.0 if I'm not mistaken that were only used for stirring salt water and water changes. Ask and I'll hunt them down, I believe the 4.0 is in rough shape from all the salt but a good clean might be all it needs but the 3.0 is great) -brs 6 stage rodi with 150gpd expansion Orig.329.99 each Asking $215 each -1 55g blue drum with hole in top to put pump in Orig. 35.00 Asking $15.00 -5g water jug Asking $5 -1 5g watertight barrels Asking $7 -magnetic fuge light Orig.69.99 Asking $30.00 Found the power cable to all those that have been following. -marineland led asking $20.00 -box of misc connectors and impellers and pump pieces Asking $15.00 -viaAqua titanium thermometer Inline controller doesn't work but it heats like a mofo. If you have a controller it works great. I used it with my apex for over a year. Asking $15.00 -baby bottle holder used to dry testing bottles and such comes with a bunch of Red Sea and Hanna testing bottles asking $3.00 -Used large water container. Great for making a bunch of water in one go and saving filters/membrane/resin life. Was only used for fresh rodi water. Orig. 499.99 Asking $250.00 feel free to text day or night six07-eight57-six634 most prices are flexible, make an offer! MORE TO COME!!! - http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160604/9002e60113150e7868f87593052ac600.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160604/7d7e99a52d45c088a0f79f24e4e51026.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160604/f27db16e1b59f99e8c61dd22be0daa2a.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160604/887b407c1f66b965ae22c3c32c287352.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160604/4674a3edda840f9dd58d5af07a7851cc.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160604/7fee40878ae560747a4ff42a131c0366.jpg http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160612/e4ba6ad736f9da1a3b0416f59edf3bdf.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160612/6d63d8cac31ff4201845922682cf7c4a.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160612/f745c9dbb48f6ee18f68a992408a2846.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160612/a7a28f727a4236464d5d43d7c7c0df40.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160612/03bbb912ba22b1c5195e94cf0e57d0cf.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160612/2576e375fb066f51a4860cb97ad5d058.jpg
  7. All prices are negotiable. I simply need to move this stuff. The tank is a 140-gal tall, 60L x 28H x 18D, and with stand and hood is about 78" tall. There's a corner overflow box, and it's plumbed for a closed loop system as well. (The closed loop ran on a Reeflo Dart before the pump died). It's missing one of the CL outputs, and there's a very small crack on the front left corner that weeps ever so slightly (see pics). Now that the tank's dry, the crack should be easy to patch. The tank also has a 75-gal sump (see pic), which has a hanging skimmer chamber and a 10-gal overflow on one half and a dedicated refugium on the other. The refugium has about 30 lbs of live rock as well. Tank + sump $300 The light rig is a 48" Odyssea MH +T5 rig, with upgraded 250W Vertex ballasts. Only three of the four T5 sockets work (maybe a simple wiring fix that I don't have the skill for?). All bulbs need to be replaced, but purchase includes two NIB Ushio 14k DE MH bulbs. Light rig $100 The calcium reactor is a Knop C with a Milwaukee pH monitor and 5lb CO2 tank. The reactor needs a new feed pump (used to run an Aqualifter until it died). The pH meter will need to be recalibrated and possibly have the probe replaced. Calcium reactor $75
  8. I have the following items: Dual overflow, pump, 20 gallon sump, DIY trickle filter: $80 Note - dosing pump seen in second to last photo is not included. It is listed separately below. 55 Gallon aquarium and BML reef light: $150 Slim Skimmer: $50 HOB Marineland filter: $50 includes micro filter and carbon filter Auto Top Off: $20 - SOLD Fluval Spec nano tank: $20 1 Gallon nano tank: $10 Dosing pump: $60 brine shrimp hatching dish: $10 - SOLD Mixing Station: $40 - SOLD Includes 15 gallon mixing barrel, mixing circulation pump, water return pump and housing, flat bed cart, and right hand glove
  9. Flex PVC 25 1, all one piece New= $25 CaribSea Dry Aragonite Special Grade Reef Sand 40 lb, NEW- $45 Kalkwasser- 1gallon 90% full with GE canister for mixing - $10 2.5 tank with hood, light. Think is an eclipse tank. = $5 40gal breeder used for sump- $20 I might have some other stuff once I finish cleaning out my fish closet. Text/call is fastest, PP to hold over 24hrs. Pick in North Austin right off Parmer and i35. 512536o7one9
  10. KKaiser4

    Parting out 90 Gallon Reef Setup

    90gal tank with Bean Animal triple overflow pipe with all plumbing, stand and canopy $400 Precision Marine R150 protein skimmer with bubble magnus pump $125 JBJ ATO $50
  11. Hello everyone, Selling some great used equipment. All equipment has been cleaned and is in good working condition. The equipment was used in the these 2 tanks of mine. Its great stuff! New! 26w Fuge Clip on Light 30k-10k (great for a refugium) $20 Sold Tunze Nano Wavebox 6206 w/controller $150 Sold Remora Skimmer w/Maxijet 900 pump & pre-skimmer box (Hang on the back) $80 Precision Marine 24" Refugium Sump (No leaks, filter sock holder removed to allow for skimmer) $125 24" x 11.5" x 14" Mag 5 return pump $30 Sold Standard 20g Tank (back painted black, no leaks) $10 Sold Tunze Calcium Dispenser 5074 for Osmolator $30 Sold Rio 2100 return pump $15 Sold Powerheads (MJ 900 Sold, MJ 600 Sold , SN 840) $10 each Thanks for looking! Roland North Austin
  12. nelson.e

    Rimless tank

    Rimless tank 36x12x12 $230 20gl sump (long) $40 coralife skimmer $40 overflow box $65 OBO
  13. I have quite a few aquarium related items that I need to sale. They are just taking up space. All items are best offer. Pickup is in south Austin I can meet depending on what you purchase. Will not hold anything more than a couple of hours without PayPal deposit. All items first come first serve Text for fastest response. 512-653-5415 20 pound CO2 tank with regulator. Full tank of co2 in it already $100 EuroReef RS80 with pump $50 Euro reef RS80 no pump $25 24" T5 $10 30" Current Sunpod 150 watt double ended metal halide light with internal ballast. Also comes with new bulb that was almost as much as I am asking for the light. $60 6 air pumps take all for $30 Or Aqua culture mk1501 air pump $4 Aqua culture mk1504 air pump $5 (2) Marina 200 $5 each Top fin air 4000 $10 Active Aqua aapa54a $15 10 gallon quarantine - heater - hob filter - air pump - take all for $20 BRAND NEW 20 Gallon quarantine tank - 30" coralife light - hob filter for up to 50 gallon - Aqueon pro 100 watt heater - marina 200 air pump new - marineland mj1200 powerhead - hydrometer. Barely used API Saltwater Master Test Kit. TAKE ALL FOR $50
  14. Need a small sump, skimmer, and overflow for my 38 gallon breeder tank. Willing to buy in parts, dimensions needed for all offers. Thanks!
  15. esteban760

    LF: Rimless Tank Setup

    Hey all, I'm looking for a rimless tank setup. Preferably above 60 gallons. Thanks! -E
  16. Joseph.Ruelle

    WTB 46 GAL Bowfront.

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a 46 gallon bowfront aquarium. Hit me up with a price, and we'll go from there. -Joseph
  17. ChaosFyre

    1st time 90 gal Tank

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum and to the hobby. I'm a member of BCS aquarium society, but its very quiet on there. Everyone I know told me to join AustinReefClub, so here I am. My tank is 6 months old right now, but I will try to catch up from the start to now. Please forgive me if accidentally break a rule... I would not intentionally misbehave on the forums! 1st & 2nd Picture: Excuse the plants, I pulled them in for the winter freezes. The tank had just been set up. I think this was Jan 1st. A few weeks later, we began to add critters. We got 3 free fish from a guy who walked into petco with them in hand, wanting to give them away. It was a bit early for them, but all of them are still kicking except the wrasse who jumped out of my sump when I put him before I could give him away after he attacked my clown.... I went to the landscaping store and bought some dry base rock for 10 cents a pound. At this point I already had added some live sand and I was adding cultures of live bacteria regularly. Here is month 2. I got a few fish from Aquarium World in Houston: Mimic Tang, Flame Angel, and Coral Beauty. I looked at all the fish in the store and chose the two angels by their personalities. The two fish got along great. Unfortunately, the Coral Beauty had lymphocystis and I sold it a few weeks later, along with the sand-sifter because it was making a mess.My fiancee picked up the Eye of Rah zoas from Aquarium world as well.I got the snowflake clown and the normal oscellaris clown from Petco.
  18. Hi Everyone, I NEED THIS STUFF GONE. MANY ITEMS ARE NOW FREE! 1. 2 Gallon Pico with filter and 13 watt 50/50 light - $25 $20 2. Fluval Spec 2 gallon - $25 SOLD 3. Marineland Classic 4 gallon (with extra LED lighting) - $20 $15 SOLD 4. Hagan Betta Kit - $5 FREE 5. Aqueon 1 gallon bow aquarium - $15 $10 6. Fluval Chi 5 gallon - $25 $20 7. Betta tank - $3 FREE 8. Dual Betta tank - $5 FREE 9. modified 2 or 3 gallon Tetra tank (removed light) - $3 FREE 10. modified Marineland Cresent 3 gallon (made into an aio with back compartments) - $5 FREE 11. API Nexx canister filter (no pump) - $20 $15 12. Fluval Edge decor - $10 $5 13. Miscellaneous heaters - $1 (nano size), $2 (50+ watts) 14. Tetra 1 gallon Half moon tank w/mini filter - $10 $5 Not Pictured 15. Miscellaneous magnet cleaners (all need need pads - could use velcro) - $1 each FREE 16. 12 gallon JBJ nanocube with stand (hood has been gutted) - $50 $45 17. Exo-Terra Terrarium (18"x18"x24") - $50 $45 18. Cardiff stand (black) - $50 $45
  19. GONE GONE GONE So the unthinkable has happened, and due to an unfortunate series of events I was never able to set up my aquarium and will not be setting it up in the foreseeable future. The aquarium and stand are brand new, and were custom produced for me to my exact specifications in late Summer / early Fall this year. The tank has never seen water, and is completely free of damage - nothing is wrong with it, I can just no longer accomodate it. Please understand that I'm taking a small loss on the tank, and the price is not marked up at all. The only reason I'm not putting the tank in storage is because I could really use the money now, and really have no idea how long it'll be before I set up an aquarium again. Here is the build thread I had started, but it obviously didn't really go anywhere: http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/22992-creatures-in-a-black-lagoon-my-final-tank-upgrade/'>http://www.austinree...l-tank-upgrade/ Details on the tank: - 60x30x24" - external overflow box centered on the back - internal portion of overflow ~24x3x5" - rimless & trimless - 3/4" glass walls - PVC bottom - powdercoated metal stand with adjustable feet GONE GONE GONE
  20. Crab Rangoon

    36x36x27" 150g cube w/custom metal stand

    ! ! ! PENDING SALE ! ! ! We just moved to our new house this weekend, and I've already got my new custom tank ordered. That being the case, it's time to sell my Marineland 150 Deep Dimensions cube - hopefully it's new owner can pick it up before I'm forced to move it myself. I purchased the aquarium brand new in the Summer of 2010 and had it up and running by late Summer / early Fall. The tank has never sat dry, or even been drained (moving the livestock in the next 48 hours), so seals are in perfect condition. The metal stand measures 36x36x32 if I remember correctly. The stand also has adjustable feet so that the tank may be leveled without shimming. The stand was treated, primed, painted, and clear-coated with automotive grade products by a professional body shop - so while it may not actually weigh too much, the stand & finish are both fairly bulletproof. My stand is finished with sheets of black acrylic which mounts to the stand via magnets. This gives a really clean, streamlined pedestal look, compared to the usual wooden varieties of aquarium furniture. As the stand is metal, one can easily recover the exterior of the stand to satisfy whatever your taste may be, with real woodgrain panels, etc. I realize that this tank can be found for $500-700 on Reef Central most of the time, but metal stands are much more tough, long-lasting, and usually costly than the standard fare aquarium furniture. I am asking $800 OBO for the tank & stand - no equipment included. This must be picked up, as I have no vehicle to fit the tank or stand in - I am fully capable of helping you load both items into your vehicle for transport, but delivery is just not an option. Here is the ONLY photo I currently have of the tanks exterior, as I only really ever took pictures of the inhabitants. More pictures coming soon, maybe. If I have a buyer interested in piecing together any sort of package deal . . . I can also offer a combo price to include my Trigger Systems 30" Elite Sump, a Super Reef Octopus XP2000 cone skimmer, or perhaps one or both of my Vortech EcoSmart units. This equipment is NOT available for sale apart from the tank at this time, and I will eventually advertise my equipment separately once I have sold the tank and stand. Anyone interested should contact me by phone if at all possible: 512-422-0580 We are still moving and I am not often around my computer, so calling or text messaging me would be a MUCH QUICKER way to get in touch. Alternatively, you can email me directly too: [email protected] Hopefully I can find this thing a new home quickly, as I'd really hate to move it into our new house only to move it back out a couple days later Thanks!
  21. CaptainK

    Tank Seams

    I recently purchased a used 57g Oceanic Illuminata and I noticed some bubbles in the seams. Are these anything to be worried about? I have done a test fill of 80% for 2 days and there were no leaks. This one is about 2 inches long This one is about 3 inches long
  22. lmluckenbach

    Two 35g storage tanks w/metal stand $150

    Two 35 gallon storage tanks with sturdy metal stand- $150. I use one to keep salt water mixed at all times and the other for fresh rodi. It's been an excellent system for me but I'm about to have to move and won't have room for it at the new place. I'm located southwest, next to 290/Lamar.
  23. Looking for a 40-60 gallon aquarium, preferably a cube or any kind of rimless. Would also like it to come with a stand to house a refugium.
  24. Richard L

    100g Rimless Cube - SOLD!

    Many of you know this tank. It belonged to Calvin (medi) and when he posted it up for sale several months ago I quickly snatched it up because it was such a good deal. I didn't have any plans for it, I was still getting to know my brand new 225g. I had always like this tank and felt there had to be a way to integrate it into my man cave. Flash forward to today. the renovation plans are complete, contractors start demolition tomorrow and we just couldn't get this big tank to fit into the design. It has been gently stored and never set up. I'm putting it back up for sale for the original price of $800. Here was Calviin's description: Tank is a 100 gallon rimless that measures 36x37x18, and was bought new in July of 2010. The glass is 3/8" thick. It has been drilled with a 1500 GPH glass-holes overflow, and has dual 3/4" returns. There are no scratches or chips in the glass that I have seen. The sump is a PM R36+ that I had custom built to allow for a larger skimmer. It was also ordered in July 2010, and cost me almost $500 new by itself. Return pump is a Reeflo Snapper with an A.O. Smith motor that has some salt staining, but overall functions great. Stand is very sturdy 2x4 construction that has been painted white, and had a sheet of white plastic glued down to protect the base from water. I believe the stand is 35" tall. The stand has a skin that is easily removable, and allows 360 degree access to the inside of the stand for ease of maintenance. There is also a small flourescent light that I mounted inside the stand that I'll throw in as well. Also, included is a hanging canopy that was built to match the stand, and all hardware needed to hang it. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to see it in person. Cell phone works best with me. Richard 632-0375
  25. looking for a 180+ size tank no bow fronts with stand, i dont need a full setup just looking to upgrade also looking for various mixing and transporting pumps and heaters, and a nice size calc reactor preferably 130gallon rating or better.