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Found 24 results

  1. n2585722

    42 Gallon Hex Tank Build

    Back in 2008 I decided I wanted to get back into the hobby. I wanted to try using LED's for lighting. At that time there were just a few commercially built units available. I decided to do a DIY LED system as an experiment. I had a 42 gallon hex tank that was not in use. I decided to use it. I figured it would be cheaper to use it than the 110 I have. To do this I decided to build a canopy to house the LED fixture. My wife had some requirements if I set the tank back up. She did not want to see any equipment hanging off the back of the tank. She did not want to see the water line or top of the tank. Also she did not want to see the sand or gravel against the side of the tank at the bottom. The photo below is what I came up with. I will go into the details of building this in future post. Since I am local I decided to add a build thread for this on this forum. The photo below is a recent photo of the tank. It has been up and running for about 3 years now.
  2. HarleyGuy

    Aquarium Stand For Sale

    Nice wood stand for sale. This is a 48" x 18" stand that will hold 55, 60, 75, 90, or 100 gal tanks , this comes with a 40 gal sump and is fully painted inside and out. $125
  3. Selling a friends tank setup for him. Willing to sell as a complete setup or part out. Complete setup (cube tank, PM 20g sump, mag12 return pump, stand, air hydra 26hd, all plumbing) - asking $375 Part out option 60g Cube Reef Ready Rimless tank (stand and plumbing free with tank purchase) - $125 Precision Marine 20g sump - $50 Mag 12 pump - $60 AI Hyrda 26HD LED light fixture and AI rail system - $200 - SOLD Serious buyers only, TEXT preferred to coordinate purchase. 512. 565. 4299.
  4. Parting out my 90 gallon aquarium setup if your interested in everything let me know and we can work something out. 1. 90 gallon aquarium drilled with off center overflow (1 drain and 1 return) comes with standpipe, return fittings (loc-line) and bulkheads - $50 2. Custom solid wood, stained, stand for standard 90 gallon or smaller aquarium. This stand is rock solid, has two front raised panel doors, is cabinet height (36"), has one side door on each side for complete access to whatever you have under your tank. Back is solid wood as well. - $75 3. Generic 6 bulb 48" T5 light with LED night lights - Gone 4. Lifeguard aquatics Quite One 4000 return pump - $20 5. Eshopps sump (30" wide x 12" deep x 16" tall, 25 gallon) with 2 1" drains (includes bulkheads which are not pictured) - $50 6. AquaC EV-120 Protein Skimmer with JG fitting, Mag Drive 7, and AquaC 5 liter auto waste collector - $75 7. 2 Koralia Evolution 1050 power heads - Gone I can provide more pictures upon request. Located in Round Rock by Ikea.
  5. I recently upgraded to a 180 gallon tank and need to get rid of the old 75 gallon to make room for new hardwood floors. This is a 10-year-old, classic Oceanic 75-gallon glass aquarium. It's reef ready with a corner overflow and it's in perfect condition. No scratches. Glass center brace. The stand and canopy are black and, although the stand has some cosmetic water damage, it is structurally sound and just needs a new coat of paint and some TLC. There is also a custom (Precision Marine) acrylic sump with 3 chambers and a damaged but functional Reef Octopus skimmer with a Sicce pump. What's the catch, you ask? It's got salt water and about 100 pounds of algae and majano infested live rock and sand in it, currently cooling its heels in the dark. The rock is pretty much exhausted after 10 years but would make excellent base rock if you have the patience to dry it out and clean it up. But if you want this setup, you must come drain it and carry it all away. The whole shebang. The sooner the better. It's definitely a 2-man job. Message me if you are interested and we will arrange a time. I am in Central Austin. The aquarium is on the ground floor of a house, but there are stairs at the front door.
  6. First off, the people on this forum are great, after being out of the hobby for about 10 years I'm pretty much a noob, we'll call me a re-noob. The input I've received on posts has been awesome, thank you all! I hope as time goes I can provide help to others. Okay a little background, about 12 years ago I was a freshwater (cichlid) owner and I really enjoyed it, but was ready to join the big boys and go salt. So I bought a 135 gallon all glass tank, and oak stand. Used a 30g tank I had as a sump, and gave my 55 gallon cichlid tank to a buddy to help get him hooked. I had the 135g running for about 2 years, as a reef system generally following the Berlin Method. Anyway all was good and I LOVED IT!... then along came a woman, marriage, two girls and the need for a larger home. The tank came down, we moved and there was no good place to set up a 6 foot tank, at least that the wife was happy with. It sat, and sat. Then a move from California to Texas was on the horizon, and with that I traded the 135g tank for a 92g corner, figured it might be easier to find a place for it. The tank was crated up, and was shipped to Texas. Some 8 years later in Texas many life changes and I'm more than ready to get a reef system set up again. One of those life changes was a hugely different economy between moving from CA to TX and the overall drop in income. So now here I am (about a year ago actually) ready to start but on a very tight budget. So I started to read, LED was the "new thing" but very expensive to start off, and I know that the only way to get this to all work for me was as much DIY as I could. First things first, I needed a stand for my aquarium. Anyone that knows the 92g corner knows it has some challenges, one of the biggest that I expected was the lack of space under it. My 135g was a nice 6 feet long, and I still remembered wanting more room under it. I also had a wall that I wanted the new tank to be on, BUT it was not deep enough to use it in the corner. So I decided to be creative and kill two birds with one stone. So instead of placing the tank in a corner I'd place the tank with the rounded part facing away from the wall, making a much larger stand providing more room underneath and build side walls and a canopy. I'll post a number of pics now showing some large leaps, then I hope within a few days I'll show the tank set up with the stand at it's final resting place. And will document the build further as I go. Basic Frame: Frame with rounded Front: Round Front sheeted (MAJOR PAIN): Rounded front bottom & side view: This was a sheet of 3/4 inch African mahogany plywood. It does not naturally bend, or want to bend at all. To bend the plywood I used a method called kerfing. If you are interesting in knowing more let me know. Large jump ahead, sorry kinda forgot to take more pics. This is basically the finished base of the stand. It needs one more coat of polyurethane, plenty of dry time and a good wood wax. I also have the two sides at the same stage, again sorry for no pics, but in a couple days I'll post more pics, once dried and ready for water test, still in the garage. There will be a canopy that I need to build next, I was going to wait to get it all at once, but two major things... my wife is really ready to have the garage back, and two I'm REALLY REALLY ready to get things moving IN the tank. I figured I can get the tank cycling while I build the canopy, and my DIY LEDs.... More on that soon. So this design, provides a much much larger area under then tank, and I hope will provide a great viewing experience! Thanks for taking the time to read this over, and please feel free to comment or ask any questions.
  7. Rconde

    46 Bowfront with stand

    Hello all I picked this up and decided that I'm not going to use it, comes with basically everything you need. Asking just for what I paid for it $160 measures 36w x 16D x 21T
  8. KKaiser4

    Parting out 90 Gallon Reef Setup

    90gal tank with Bean Animal triple overflow pipe with all plumbing, stand and canopy $400 Precision Marine R150 protein skimmer with bubble magnus pump $125 JBJ ATO $50
  9. For sale is a JBJ 28 gallon nano cube. This is the MT 601 LED professional model. All 3 ballasts are brand new for the lunar, dawn/dusk and daylight LEDs. All LEDs and 4 cooling fans are working. Tank comes with like new stand, tank, return pumps, wavemaker and media basket. Everything is in good shape except tank does have a scratch across the front of the tank. It is noticeable from certain angles but blends in with the lights on. Asking $450 obo. Will consider selling just the top with lights and 3 new ballasts for $350 obo. Tank Dimensions: 22.5 x 25.5 x 26 inches.
  10. Vu_Deezy

    FS 40G Breeder

    40 Breeder drilled with Glass Holes overflow, just needs a cleaning. Stand (Stained and interior sealed) has a door, just took it off to stain. Wet/Dry Sump Wavepoint T5 4 bulb (Brand new Super Blue and Reef Wave bulb) Return pump 60+lbs live rock Asking $200 Located in Killeen. 504-715-0030
  11. So this is what I want in an identical space I have in the wall between my dining and living room: The big question is - How do I make this happen without spending a ton of money? I think it could be a fun DIY project for my boyfriend and I, but I don't know anything about carpentry. I know many of you are very handy so I figured I'd ask the group. I'd love to hear any thoughts, ideas, and suggestions any of you may have. Explicit, detailed step by step directions are also welcome .
  12. Rconde

    72 Bowfront and 12g fluval Edge

    Hello everyone, I've got to get rid of some stuff, don't want too but I have too , I've got a fluval edge I set up and never completed its just been sitting with water cycling in it. Asking 175 OBO. I also have a 72 Bowfront with sump and jbj lights asking 350 OBO. The 12g needs new lights and the 72 needs the center brace repaired. As we all know the lights alone are worth 300 easy so I think the 72 is a steal.
  13. Leakytree

    Looking for a good stand

    I'm looking to buy a stand for my 60 gallon reef tank. Dimensions are 48-1/4"L x 12-3/4"W for the footprint. I'm willing to buy used or new as long as it doesn't break the bank. PM or text 512-818-629zero Eddie
  14. GONE GONE GONE So the unthinkable has happened, and due to an unfortunate series of events I was never able to set up my aquarium and will not be setting it up in the foreseeable future. The aquarium and stand are brand new, and were custom produced for me to my exact specifications in late Summer / early Fall this year. The tank has never seen water, and is completely free of damage - nothing is wrong with it, I can just no longer accomodate it. Please understand that I'm taking a small loss on the tank, and the price is not marked up at all. The only reason I'm not putting the tank in storage is because I could really use the money now, and really have no idea how long it'll be before I set up an aquarium again. Here is the build thread I had started, but it obviously didn't really go anywhere: http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/22992-creatures-in-a-black-lagoon-my-final-tank-upgrade/'>http://www.austinree...l-tank-upgrade/ Details on the tank: - 60x30x24" - external overflow box centered on the back - internal portion of overflow ~24x3x5" - rimless & trimless - 3/4" glass walls - PVC bottom - powdercoated metal stand with adjustable feet GONE GONE GONE
  15. Crab Rangoon

    36x36x27" 150g cube w/custom metal stand

    ! ! ! PENDING SALE ! ! ! We just moved to our new house this weekend, and I've already got my new custom tank ordered. That being the case, it's time to sell my Marineland 150 Deep Dimensions cube - hopefully it's new owner can pick it up before I'm forced to move it myself. I purchased the aquarium brand new in the Summer of 2010 and had it up and running by late Summer / early Fall. The tank has never sat dry, or even been drained (moving the livestock in the next 48 hours), so seals are in perfect condition. The metal stand measures 36x36x32 if I remember correctly. The stand also has adjustable feet so that the tank may be leveled without shimming. The stand was treated, primed, painted, and clear-coated with automotive grade products by a professional body shop - so while it may not actually weigh too much, the stand & finish are both fairly bulletproof. My stand is finished with sheets of black acrylic which mounts to the stand via magnets. This gives a really clean, streamlined pedestal look, compared to the usual wooden varieties of aquarium furniture. As the stand is metal, one can easily recover the exterior of the stand to satisfy whatever your taste may be, with real woodgrain panels, etc. I realize that this tank can be found for $500-700 on Reef Central most of the time, but metal stands are much more tough, long-lasting, and usually costly than the standard fare aquarium furniture. I am asking $800 OBO for the tank & stand - no equipment included. This must be picked up, as I have no vehicle to fit the tank or stand in - I am fully capable of helping you load both items into your vehicle for transport, but delivery is just not an option. Here is the ONLY photo I currently have of the tanks exterior, as I only really ever took pictures of the inhabitants. More pictures coming soon, maybe. If I have a buyer interested in piecing together any sort of package deal . . . I can also offer a combo price to include my Trigger Systems 30" Elite Sump, a Super Reef Octopus XP2000 cone skimmer, or perhaps one or both of my Vortech EcoSmart units. This equipment is NOT available for sale apart from the tank at this time, and I will eventually advertise my equipment separately once I have sold the tank and stand. Anyone interested should contact me by phone if at all possible: 512-422-0580 We are still moving and I am not often around my computer, so calling or text messaging me would be a MUCH QUICKER way to get in touch. Alternatively, you can email me directly too: [email protected] Hopefully I can find this thing a new home quickly, as I'd really hate to move it into our new house only to move it back out a couple days later Thanks!
  16. I have for sale a 29 gallon tank with black wooden stand. It has a number of scratches on the glass but you cant see them unless you have an algae biuldup. The back is painted black I'll sell them together for $50. Or for $30 a piece. A standard 10 gallon glass tank with florescent hood-$10 pending sell A black wooden stand for a 55 gallon tank, or any other tank fitting that measurement.-$40 A 36 inch 4 bulb t5 fixture that is about 3 months old. It has 2 ati aquablue bulbs, 1 ati purple plus, and one run of the mill actinic bulb. The ati bulbs are about 2 weeks old the actinic is 3 months same as the fixture. I also have 2 10k and 1 actinic that were on the fixture before i bought the new ati bulbs that i'll include. It also has 3 groups of 2 blue led moonlights. There are 3 separate switches and power cords that run 2 bulbs, 2 bulbs, and the moon led's. I wont be willing to let go of this until my 48 inch fixture comes in which will be teusday or wednesday of this coming week.-$80 I'll be posting pictures of everything tommorrow afternoon. Please send me a pm if interested Matt t5 fixture t5 fixture t5 fixture on the 29 that's for sale as well. It's a 36 inch fixture but i rigged the legs to fit on the 30 inch tank. Please not that the tank/stand combo does not include rock sand or fixture but I will sell the stand, tank, and fixture as a combo for $120
  17. dcbaros

    WTB custom aquarium stand

    Anyone willing to build me a stand or know someone that would build one? I have a 12 X 12 cube and I want a simple black cabinet with a door and open back. I would do it myself but I just don't have the time and I don't really want to buy a 200 dollar stand for such a small tank.
  18. Looking for a 40-60 gallon aquarium, preferably a cube or any kind of rimless. Would also like it to come with a stand to house a refugium.
  19. looking for a 180+ size tank no bow fronts with stand, i dont need a full setup just looking to upgrade also looking for various mixing and transporting pumps and heaters, and a nice size calc reactor preferably 130gallon rating or better.
  20. This is a post from hardware I am moving to complete system and reducing price. 27 gallon marineland cube with two ecoxotic par-38's one blue and one white/blue. Marineland reef led lighting, and 2 tunze powerheads. 70 gallon aquaclear filter with heater also included. The led lights are fairly new and have not been used that much. All cleaning and testing supplies included. $500 gets you everything.The whole setup is about 4 months old. I will throw in $350 dollars at aquatek for free. This credit can be used for live fish or 1/2 dry goods credit. The tank is empty and clean. Also included are 3, 5gallon jugs.
  21. I'm moving and have the following items for sale: - 75 gallon aquarium + stand - 19 acrylic aquarium + overflow box + return pump - 48" t5 6 bulb light - heater - power filter to run carbon Misc items: powerheads, timers, power strips $300 (obo) for everything.
  22. ballistic.reefer

    57g oceanic illuminata tank setup

    57g reef ready oceanic illuminate tank oceanic tank stand all plumbing included with mag 7 36" 6x 39w ati power module light with bulbs (and extra bulbs) precision marine sump precision marine redline 125 skimmer with pump that is everything you need, besides water of course . total for setup 1100 dollars or offers welcomed. cleaned and ready to go.
  23. The stand is not in the best condition, previous owner did some cutting on it. The tank needs to be cleaned up but had no leaks when I took it down 2 months ago. The upper canopy has 4 - 48" reflectors screwed in, and hinges that make for very easy tank access. I do live in Lago Vista so it may be a little bit of a drive, let me know if you would like to come see it. I may entertain trade of a fairly decent size skimmer, possibly MH or LED lighting or even some decent colorful frags.
  24. 29 gallon tank with stand and coralife compact light, will also consider trades for a protein skimmer or refugium.