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Found 17 results

  1. Cheato for sale until I thin out about half of my Fuge. 😊 So first come first served. Clean but there may be some pods (which is a good thing) Tennis ball $10 Softball $20
  2. AquaFuge2™ Medium size CPR's AquaFuge2 hang-on refugiums come in a black acrylic backing to prevent light from transferring to the main aquarium, each model comes with a power-head and features a unique baffle system. This prevents the substrate and organisms from being disturbed yet also allows enough water to flow through the eliminate any stagnant areas. The AquaFuge2 provides ideal growth conditions for food items, such as copepods and ampipods, to feed invertebrates and fish in the main tank. It provides a controlled growing area for macroalgae, which can be used to reduce "nuisance" algae in the main tank and provided a "nursery" area for a variety of organisms. available
  3. Hi Does Anybody have anything (algae good bugs rocks) ? I have a 240 reef setup that I am adding a 46 gal bowfront refugium to and need help stocking it with good stufff. LFS have very scarrrrryyy supplies of macro algaes with too many unknowns... THANKS, Shalako
  4. Hello everyone, Selling some great used equipment. All equipment has been cleaned and is in good working condition. The equipment was used in the these 2 tanks of mine. Its great stuff! New! 26w Fuge Clip on Light 30k-10k (great for a refugium) $20 Sold Tunze Nano Wavebox 6206 w/controller $150 Sold Remora Skimmer w/Maxijet 900 pump & pre-skimmer box (Hang on the back) $80 Precision Marine 24" Refugium Sump (No leaks, filter sock holder removed to allow for skimmer) $125 24" x 11.5" x 14" Mag 5 return pump $30 Sold Standard 20g Tank (back painted black, no leaks) $10 Sold Tunze Calcium Dispenser 5074 for Osmolator $30 Sold Rio 2100 return pump $15 Sold Powerheads (MJ 900 Sold, MJ 600 Sold , SN 840) $10 each Thanks for looking! Roland North Austin
  5. Selling a complete 90 reef tank and asking $2,000 (obo) for everything. There is easily over $5000 in the setup. Included: 90 gallon corner overflow black trim tank Black marine gloss coated wooden stand with two doors 4 chambered 30 gallon sump with built-in refugium fits perfectly in the tank stand 4 black sol blue Aqua Illumination LED lights with hanging kit attached to stand by lighting mounts Eco Tech MP40 Vertex IN-180 protein skimmer TAAM RIO 20 Hyper Flow return pump ~40 lbs of live rock ~25 lbs of dry (3 years) live rock Several corals to include: football sized kryptonite candy canes, green, orange, purple, green with purple rim caps, some milliporas, acros, zoanthids and several other hard corals...... RO/DI kit with water changing equipment 1 medium sized maxima clam 1 medium sized crocea clam Large rose bubble tipped anemone with a breeding pair of percula clown fish (anemone has split four times over the past 5 years) 2 pajama cardinals, 1 yellow tang, 1 black and white damsel TLF phosban reactor 150 with a RIO 600 pump Electric power switch with timers built in This is the complete package that is still running in my kitchen. I do not have the time or energy to keep up with it anymore so when I do maintenance it is to top off the sump and clean the glass. It will certainly need attention get the algae under control again.
  6. Free stuff, you come get. If nobody claims it, it goes to the curb! Reeflo Hammerhead pump motor only. 56J frame: 55 gallon tank with tops and lights, currently set up as a refugium. Easily converted back into regular tank with a utility knife and some elbow grease; tempered glass: Sealife systems sump with spray bars and media rack; I have the flexible hoses for it but was too lazy to put them with the sump for the picture: Reef-ready overflows and dursos from my 210 tank. Approx 28 inches tall. PM for contact information --andrew
  7. I just installed a refugium in a way that some folks said could not be done because of the tricky nature of siphon balance. I bought a 20 gallon refugium from Bruce at Aquateck and a 20 lb box of mud from Gary at Aquadome on special order. Ask your fish shop keepers to get stuff for you they can bundle the freight with other stuff. I mounted the tank on a rather cheap, but sturdy shelving unit I bought from Lowe's which is rated at 200 lb per shelf. I got two 250 g/m lift pumps with 1/2 hose which I routed to the top of the 120 gallon tank. One return hose to the top of the main tank and one to the top of the overflow to keep the overflow from being starved for water. This gives you some degree of insurance if one pump craps out. The overflow goes to a 30 gallon sump with BioBalls below the main tank under the steal stand. I used 1" PVC to start a siphon to supply the refugium with a ball valve. (use a gate valve they are far better at adjusting flow) I have to admit it's **** tricky at first getting the balance and with the protein skimmer pumps, lift pump and the reactor pumps all crammed into the end of the refugium consuming vast quantities of water. I solved this problem with an 1 1/2" overflow PVC pipe that feeds into the bottom tank sump. I have it where the refugium water barely overflows into this pipe so there is no chance of a massive overflow. The mud is revolutionary in aquarium low technology. It claims that it gives the novice more leeway with overloading and does seem to do a great job of controlling nitrites. I was very doubtful at first about it's benefits, but it you think about the ocean is not crystal clear like our tanks. Most aquariums are far too sterile. They need a backbone of minerals to draw from on a continual basis. It's pretty murky most of the time with run-off from lakes and streams and is a chemistry set of minerals and soluable everything. My inverts, corals and fish are all very perky and have amazingly bright colors. The mud can be mixed straight into the water column without an expensive refugium and I would suggest that anyone bold enough give it a try. My water is exteremely clear with the use of a 7" sock and a foam pad in the refugium itself. Happy reefing kids!
  8. Howdy - Well, I've reached the point with my 65G RSM that the "skimmer and sorta refugium" it's got going on just doesn't ding my bells. Truth be told, it would probably be sufficient, but I'm obsessed with all the microfauna that a refugium brings to the game. Plus, I want to do some macro algae and a sandbed and make it a little copepod Shangri-la. So here's my rough sketch ... I've got a HOB skimmer that I've already dry fit and can access to clean out the icky stuff, so that's not eating up fuge space. I don't have all the measurements handy, but here's the basic idea ... water'll come in on the left side, flow thru the sandbed/viewing area and then get sucked back out on the right. The outside walls and wall between the in and out chambers are all the same height; wall between the sandbed and back chambers will be lower, and I'll put in a baffle between the sandbed and return pump. Sound like it should work? If not, what am I overlooking? Thanks! Victoria Added pic - sorry 'bout that!
  9. So I'm setting up my first reef tank and I've been looking at getting some form of a sand sifting goby. (Probably the Diamond Sleeper goby) My question is, if I'm running a protein skimmer will I have issues keeping him fed? All my experience is with fresh water tropicals so the world of sumps, and protein skimming is a whole new series of concepts for me.
  10. So, I have a good sized Aiptasia in my refugium. Well to tell you the truth I don't know how big they get, by this one has about an 1.5 inches long stock, an the head it about an inch wide. It was hiding behind some cheato I have in there until the cheato moved a bit. Lucky for me I got lazy and left a small Tupperware in the refugium, so it would be very easy to remove. My question is, should I move it? I know I don't want any in my DT, but does it do any good for me in the refugium? Thanks in advance, Chris
  11. do you that operate with sumps/refugium or a combo build or buy....if so where and what did you buy or build/have built i have looked far and wide, but would like to hear the opinions of either side
  12. Hello all, I was hoping I could get some input on a sump design I am thinking about for a bit now. Little background first... It's been about 8 years since I've had a tank up and running, I miss it, it's way past time to get back into it. My old tank was a 135G "standard" 6 feet etc. It was a basic reef system nothing really exotic in the tank. I had a 35g tank that I used as a sump, all open no "sections". In the main tank I had a few inches of live sand and about 140lbs of live rock. Moving from CA to Austin I sold some, gave away other parts from the main tank. I kept the 35G and a few other items. When I got to Austin I picked up a 92G corner (quart round) tank for free from a friend, but never set the it up. Fast forward almost 8 years, and I started building a stand for the tank (I did not have one), it's not a standard corner stand, I wanted something different. SO far it's turned out nice, anyone interested I'll provide pics. Might even post another DIY on building the stand and canopy. Okay on to the sump/refugium. I'm using the same 35G tank (or plan to) but I want a refugium. I've looked at a lot of others designed, read a bit etc. and I came up with this, as my first draft: One thing I read was not to have too fast a flow through the refugium area, so that is why I parted from the basic Overflow/Skimmer/Refugium/Return flow. I guess first is what are the general thoughts on this? I'm not really looking for a debate on if I do/don't need a refugium just about this design. Some things that I might change first off: 1. Instead of using the valve on the return pump, might just use a small pump to feed the refugium so to not loose as much pressure back to the main tank. 2. Add baffles to the overflow from the refugium back to the return section, to keep "stuff" from falling over. I purposely did not provide actual dimensions for the different sections, but if someone feels strongly about the correct proportions please share that as well. I've also thought about NOT incorporating the refugium directly in the sump but having an external tank just for the purpose, and just plumb it back in, but likely use the same basic flow pattern. Much thanks to any that help! I look forward to getting your comments! Oh and very soon (I hope) I'll be in the market for Live Rock, and a lot of the other "basics". I'm on a budget so any creative ideas I'm all for! OH, and please forgive my SketchUp skills.
  13. Well, title says it all. It's hard to fit everything in the stand of my 72 gallon bowfront, and since I'm buying a house now and can officially do whatever I want, I'm considering putting the sump in the garage. Seems like I've seen this done a lot on forums, but it's been a while since I've paid attention, so I'm not sure how practical this is in Texas. I guess you just HAVE to run a chiller if you do this? And the refugium would need to stay indoors? Thoughts? Thanks.
  14. I have sold my 150g and it's time to sell the remaining equipment. Reef Octopus XP2000 internal protein skimmer $SOLD Skimmed my 150g like a beast, never missed a beat. Brand new pump in Fall 2011. (Retail is $445) * Super Reef Octopus 8” In Sump Cone Skimmer * Dimensions: 12.5”x10”x22” * Rated up to 180gal * Features the new Bubble Blaster HY2000S * 3 year warranty on Bubble Blaster pump. Lifetime warranty on support. Trigger Systems Crystal Elite sump $SOLD! Dimensions: 30 x 16 x 15" Drain / skimmer section: 15.5 x 11" Refugium section: 18.25 x 7.625" Return pump section: 15 x 7.625" Total water volume: 29 gal Operating water volume: 17 gal (Retail is $250) I am in South Austin and able to meet in this half of town with a flexible schedule. I accept both cash and Paypal (Paypal payments must be sent as GIFT or include 4% to cover fee).
  15. Hey there, I'm setting up a new tank for a pair of mated clowns, and am thinking a 20(tall)-29 gallon tank. Anybody have any filter setup suggestions? In the actual tank I have about 20lbs of livesand, 15lbs of liverock, hermits, and ulva, caulerpa and chaeto on algae sinks. At this time I'm not looking to do corals(although I have a light capable of maintaining corals), but rather an anemone for the happy fish couple, so I need a fair amount of flow. Canister route? I have space for a sump but its not preferred. hang on the side refugium? (if so, anywhere know where I could find a prebuilt one for cheap?) Would love your feedback! Thanks so much!
  16. I'm moving and have the following items for sale: - 75 gallon aquarium + stand - 19 acrylic aquarium + overflow box + return pump - 48" t5 6 bulb light - heater - power filter to run carbon Misc items: powerheads, timers, power strips $300 (obo) for everything.
  17. Looking for a CPR HOB refugium with skimmer! Thanks!
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