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Found 30 results

  1. I realize "Beginner" and "240 Gallon" is kind of an oxymoron, but go big or go home... I recently acquired a 240 Gallon tank that is set up to be a reef tank, although the farthest it every got with the previous owner was about 1 month with water and some rock in it. It has been sitting in a garage for about 7 years. I purchased the whole set up and I want to get started assembling the tank and getting it going. I have no idea what I am doing, but I have been doing a lot of research and I think I have a few ideas... 1. I want an Apex controller 2. I want (2) Kessil AP700 lights. The light box that came with this tank is old technology and I don't want to deal with the big metal halides. I also like the look of a more open top tank. The tank was custom built, the stand was custom and the sump was custom. It has a 4', 60 gallon sump which seems about right from the research I have done. The skimmer was the latest and greatest when it was new, 7 years ago, but it hasn't been run but maybe 2 months its whole life. Although it has a crack in it, not sure if i can fix that with some aquarium silicone or epoxy or what not. I'm looking for some direction and some help if anyone can help guide me in the right direction. I want it to be high quality, and I like redundancy too. Also, I like to have as much automation as possible. At this point, I'm not even sure what questions I need to ask...So I'm hoping someone can spur some conversation and help me figure out what the right questions are to ask. I look forward to joining this community and learning from anyone that is willing to take the time!! **Note** These pictures are of the tank when it was originally set up approx. 7 years ago, it is in pieces right now, in my dining room.**
  2. Hi, I'm finally been back into reefing after 4 years of inactivity. Looking to find more people/friends around Austin to network, exchange ideas, help each other out, maybe exchange frags, or just simple check out each other tanks. I love the idea of being able to go to a friends place check out their tanks, see how it grows or not grows, in an effort to make it better. Anyone out there looking to do the same? We currently have a 220 gallon reef tanks. We currently have about 20 fishes and lots of soft corals
  3. Juiceman

    Juiceman's Oceanic 200g Reef

    So I decided that the day I came across an Oceanic 200g 7 x 2 x 2 tank in good condition, I would pick it up. Well I did! First Job, Get It moved, Get it Drilled, Paint the stand. Well, evidently 7 foot tanks and speed bumps don't get along I called Shane over at Fishy Business who I was going to have drill the tank, and told him what happened. A plan was hatched, the broken pane would be taken off, and a brand new pane would be added, then drill the tank and move it. Start the process of waiting for the new pane to come in. got a few things done. Ordered 50 lbs of Marco Rock It's alot of rock for the money, cool pieces, I ended up with 54 lbs of rock. Here it is in a 55g tank I got for free! I have since added some pieces of live rock and rubble from my sump and added 20g of water change water from my 90 gallon. Built my canopy with my friend Josh Only problem was it wouldn't fit in my car... Down 620 I go! Well, a few weeks later, after the glass store ordered the wrong size glass, and had to wait another week, it has arrived! Helped set the glass after Shane set a layer of silicone A few days later, drilled and ready! Now how to get it up these? I found these guys! These guys were awesome, they didn't even use a dolly! And the Tank is now at it's new home. Next step, SUMP is a 40 gallon breeder, Skimmer is EuroReef 250, Return is 2 mag 18's. Currently 152 lbs of Live Rock in my 90 that will move over, along with the 50 lbs of Marco Rock. I may add an additional 50-100 lbs of new Live Rock, depending on how money looks. I have my new APEX, thanks Mindflux! Thinking of a few MP40's, I don't want to over do it. (MP60's seem to be too much) I currently have 2 Koralias to supplement flow, but I want more variation and I like the idea of different Flow variation settings that come with the Vortechs. I've been doing a lot of research and pricing of LED's. I'm leaning towards the Evolution brand LED's that Don Duncan has on his tank but the new dimmable models. Still haven't made that plunge yet. I have painted the outside of the canopy, I still need to paint the inside of the canopy white, and paint the tank trim black. Just waiting for the refund check to get everything else going!
  4. Hello everyone, Here is a short GoPro video of my 65 gallon SPS dominant tank. The corals and colors are coming along nicely. Just trying to organize it and glue down some more colonies. May have to move some corals out, there are some stunners on the frag rack that I have to find room for. Hope you like it! Sorry for the music haha. Roland
  5. SOLD - i would remove post, but not sure how ? Empty Nester - needs freedom to travel - so selling 120 gallon Tank / stand with 20 gallon sump. Prefer to sell entire system - coral, rock, fish, equipment - to one buyer if possible, but open to partial sale if timing and price is right. This has been my hobby for 13 years, but no time to properly maintain. many photos here https://goo.gl/photos/o1PAEqL5euz6RyR36 Fish: Royal Gamma, Tomato Clown (10+ yrs), Flame Angel, 2 Damsels Snails, Crabs, multiple starfish Montipora capricornis, Galaxy fascicularis , Frogspawn, , Chalise, braincoral, and more Good layer of Coralline Algae across back of tank. Live Rock has been in my tank(s) for over 10 years. Equipment: : DSA 120 Gallon Reef Ready Tank - 3 years new - 60W x 20D x 21H Kessil A360WE Controllable LED Aquarium lights (2) with digital controller HydroUSA Auto Top Off System ASM Sedra 3500 Protein Skimmer 2 Aqueon 06134 Circulating powerheads - magnetically attached to glass Marineland NJ3000 MaxiJet Submersible Sump Pump R2 Dual Extreme Aquarium Moon lights Other: Misc: Chemicals, buffer, turbo calcium, food, testing kits, spare pumps - I'm selling everything Extremely Quiet Stable - some fish/rock/corals over 13 years old. I mix my own saltwater each month. Never had any disease or problems -- recently converted from 6 bulb T5 Fluorescent fixture to programmable LED Lighting (Kessil) Seller willing to help (up to 4 hours) move the tank/equipment .. Buyer needs to bring buckets, help and strong back Over $6000 of equipment, livestock, and spares - selling for $1500 OBO SOLD
  6. Aqua-Dome

    All New Kessil AP700

    Howdy Domers! We are super excited to announce that we have just received the all new Kessil AP700's! These lights are incredible; Kessil's all new tablet design allows for not one but TWO dense matrix LED clusters, giving it a spread of 48' X 24' X 24'. ( that means that you can easily light a 120 gallon tank with just one 20' X 6.5' fixture!) they also come ready to go with on board Wifi, allowing you to utilize the Kessil Lighting app without any wires or mess. the app lets you chose between 9 different levels of blue/white, a full spectrum color wheel, as well as the ability to save up to 10 custom colors; it also gives you the ability to set 4 different weather modes (Storm, Cloud, Aurora, Rainbow) as well as an acclimation mode, lunar cycles, and fully customizable and programmable ramp timers. These lights are definitely a notch above the competition and are a steal at $890.00!
  7. KKaiser4

    Parting out 90 Gallon Reef Setup

    90gal tank with Bean Animal triple overflow pipe with all plumbing, stand and canopy $400 Precision Marine R150 protein skimmer with bubble magnus pump $125 JBJ ATO $50
  8. MINI

    Vu's 20Long

    Hello everyone, been stalking you all for a year now and time I got started on my second tank. I'm actually new to Austin, moving halfway across the country means I had to leave my first reef tank behind. I have left my first employer in Austin due to lack of opportunities to grow. While I'm between work, I've been setting up this tank slowly, painfully slowly... This post is for me to share with those of you who are interested in nano reefs, the all in ones, the natural approach. If you skim this post to look for images, there will be plenty, but my approach and slow and steady so don't expect too frequent of updates. Feel free to ask any related questions you may have, let my knowledge be of guidance and I too will learn from you. I like to keep things short and share as I go, for now, the setup. Equipment: 20G Long, top rim removed diy acrylic all in one sump maxi-jet 900 Finnex HPS-100 Most of what I currently have, has been recycled from my last tank with a few donated bits from mbrown. Standby as cloudiness goes away for me to continue share.
  9. Long story short, I had what I believe to be a toxin of some sort introduced into my 30 gal nano so I had to remove my last surviving little clown yesterday morning and he is currently in our "ICU" tank getting fixed up. In the meantime I am trying to put together a 10 gal setup in the kitchen far away from any sinks and/or cooking devices (for those of you who may be concerned) for my last little guy, a few (maybe 4 if they make it) small corals and a very small clean up crew (no thanks to my red leg hermit). I don't want to get rid of him or any of my other live stock because I feel that would be completely irresponsible as a pet owner so I am trying to make it happen. I am looking for suggestions on lighting that can be mounted under the cabinet or clipped on the tank for a very tight budget since I just spent a small fortune trying to salvage my last tank and setting up the new hospital tank. I do not want to try to reuse the nano until I can drain it and give it a good scrub down because I do not know at this point what was introduced to the tank to make it kill off all my fish, even then I may still be skeptical. I am open to any suggestion for lighting and or anyone selling a cheap light that can be mounted or clipped on for a 10 gal reef. Thank you for any help!! Somewhat related - Suggestions on what I should do with my rock? The nano is still up and running to preserve the rock if I can save it... Water parameters don't show anything out of whack either. Nitrites & Nitrates are 0, PH is 8.3, ammonia is perfect (i apparently found the fish very shortly after they died), nothing indicates a problem and that is why I believe it was something chemical that accidentally came in contact with either my sock or one of my cleaning tools. I did have a strange film on the top of the water as well which also leads me to believe this. From talking to several people and reading for hours it was probably a detergent of some sort and it caused either a chain reaction or itself created a shortage of oxygen in the tank. My corals and clean up crew were not affected like the fish and the smallest fish was the only one that survived which leads me to believe the oxygen theory.
  10. Hi! I'm fixing to grab a pair of these leds by taotronics: http://www.amazon.com/TaoTronics%C2%AE-TT-AL09-Dimmable-Aquarium-Seaweed/dp/B0092LXQRM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1421968725&sr=8-1&keywords=taotronics+al09 Does anyone have some suggestions of any other leds you like or your experience with these? My 65 gallon may be done cycling about a week from today (nitrites spiked 2 days ago). Then after I have some quality lights, hopefully I'll be adding a clean-up crew if I time this right. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks
  11. Quick Question: When I am putting water in my 65 g tank some time this week, is it that much more beneficial to mix in the salt and water in a bucket before pouring it in? What will be the disadvantages if I add salt to the full volume of water in my tank? I do not have any clean containers that will hold more than a gallon of water to store water in to mix it with salt. I am thinking about running my RO/DI water straight into the tank, then adding salt once it is filled up. There will be power heads running, and water will be circulating through the sump. Any advice is appreciated, thanks ahead of time! Jarrett
  12. I am selling my 72 build my led light bar, controller, and hanging kit The light is in great condition and comes with an adjustable controller. $215 Please call or text if interested 512-653-5415
  13. UTreef'er

    ??Moving my Reef Tank??

    Hey ARC! I wanted to see if anyone had some advice/experience moving their reef tank long distances?! I just recently received a great opportunity in California to work with UCLA's biology research department after I graduate from UT in May! However, I would be heartbroken to have to sell off my livestock and corals and start over. Not even sure if this is possible since the trip will be several days with now power in the back of a u-haul?? But if it is, I was hoping someone on here would have some experience and/or advice about how to keep the corals and fish alive for the trip! Thanks, -Shane (UTreefer)
  14. Vu_Deezy

    FS 40G Breeder

    40 Breeder drilled with Glass Holes overflow, just needs a cleaning. Stand (Stained and interior sealed) has a door, just took it off to stain. Wet/Dry Sump Wavepoint T5 4 bulb (Brand new Super Blue and Reef Wave bulb) Return pump 60+lbs live rock Asking $200 Located in Killeen. 504-715-0030
  15. JR Renteria


    Hello, I am a Newbie to ARC.... I have been out of aquatics for about 5 or 6 yrs.... Recently started me a 20G Long tank that my father-in-law gave me.... I have had it going for about a month... I've been hitting the LFS again, and started off with some frags.. List of things: 20 Gallon Long 2 * 65 watt PC's with 2 Led Lunar Lights Tetra Heater Marineland HOB Power Filter Hydor Nano 425 Wavemaker PowerSweep 160 Power Head @40 lbs LR @30 lbs crushed coral Livestock 1 Banghai Cardinal 1 Peppermint Shrimp 3 Red leg hermits 3 Blue leg hermits 3 Cerith Snails 3 Nassarus Snails 2 Coraline Snails 1 Astrea Snail 1 Bumble Bee Snail Coral Frags Shrooms - Blue, Red & Green Yellow Polyps Toadstool Leather Leather Tree Pulsing Xenia Green Leather With the exception of the Shrooms, all of the other coral are frags that I picked up for cheap... I am excited to join this new group, and look forward to seeing my Tank develop.... I will be keeping my eye out on frags, but I am interested in some star polyps & frogspawn (not sure how difficult these will be) & any other corals that on the begginner side... My Xenia & Green Leather aren't doing too good... I have them placed towards the mid to upper region.... Thanks once again for taking time to read my post, and any help with starting out my tank would be appreciated..
  16. emilaya101

    Emilaya101's 14g biocube

    Hey Guys ! It's been over a year since I had my last tank, and I got back into the hobby this week ! Helped my best friend move a couple tanks on sunday, and in return he gave me a 14g biocube ! The biocube had a couple problems though, neither of the lights worked, fans had been taken out, no moonlights, and glass is pretty scratched up, but hey, can't complain, now I can just customize it sooner Well, when I got the biocube home I rewired and wiggled some wires under the hood and got light ! After troubleshooting and messing around with it, I figured out that one of the lights works fine, and the ballast is out on the other, but at least I've got some light to tide me over ! On monday, I ordered two replacement "upgrade" fans with ball bearings from ebay, says they're plug and play, so we'll see how that goes when I get them ! I also ordered my powerhead, was torn between the koralia nano 220 and the 420, but after reading around I'm thinking that the 420 should do fine without giving me a tornado of a biocube, but I'll find that out when I get it I guess *fingerscrossed*
  17. Christian

    Nano tank lighting

    I have a fluval edge 6 gallon tank, I'm wanting to make it a reefs system, but I don't know what lighting to put on the tank. It had the led lighting but they got corroded an stopped working. I want something that will grow the corals as well as make the colors POP! I have LEDs on my 15 and the SPS corals always bleach
  18. I am selling my 90 gallon bow front to move up to a larger tank 90 gallon Oceanic bow front stand and canopy 30 gallon sump 2 48" Aquaticlife T5 HO fixtures 2 12" blue LED stunners 1 Tunze 1073.04 return pump Approx 70lbs live rock Approx 80lbs sand $500.00 OBO
  19. I changed my current lighting system over my tank. I have the following Panorama Pro LEDs ranging from 3 months to 9months usage, they were all bought new with ecoxotic reflectors. All in great working condition and have helped grow many SPS. 1. 48 inch Panorama Actinic Blue LED - $200 OBO 2. 48 inch 24 watt Stunner LED 445nm Blue - $50 OBO SOLD 3. 48 inch 24 watt Stunner LED 12K White/445nm - $50 OBO 4. Panorama Pro LED Module 24V 12K White/445nm Blue (I got 12 only 5 left) - $40 each OBO SOLD 5. Panorama Pro LED Module 24V - RGB with mini RGB Controller with remote - (I got 3) - $50 each OBO SOLD 6. Panaroma PRo LED Module 24V 445nm (I got 2 only 1 left) - $40 each OBO 7. 24V 60 Watt Transformer for Stunner & Panorama Pro (I got 9 only 2 left) - $ $20 each OBOSOLD 8. 3 way Splitter - ( I got 5 only 2 left) - $5 each OBO SOLD 9. 2 way Splitter - $4 each OBO SOLD 10. extension cable (I got 2) - $2 each OBO SOLD I will accept paypal or cash. First come first serve. Please reply, PM, or text me at 215-380-6899. We can arrange pick up at my place after work in Pflugerville or at my work place in Cedar Park.
  20. cMidd

    cMidd's 75g Build

    Pulled this tank out of storage finally. Officially been running since Jan, 3 Anyways, let's get to it. THE GEAR. Lighting - 2x 150w MH 20k, 2x 96w 50/50 PC Power head - Sicce Voyager 2, MJ900 Return pump - single Mag 9.5 split for dual return (ghettofied). ONLY 29 lbs of LR, so far, I'll add more when I see rock I want. STOCKING CORALS - Changed my mind completely with this tank. Bit of everything, for now. FISH - Yellow Tang, Cleaner Wrasse, Melanarus Wrasse, Flame Angel Here's some pic's of what I got done today (finishing the rest after this thread, really was itching to type one up). Cheers , Collin
  21. 27 gallon marineland cube with two ecoxotic par-38's one blue and one white/blue. Marineland reef led lighting, and 2 tunze powerheads. 70 gallon aquaclear filter with heater also included. The led lights are fairly new and have not been used that much. All cleaning and supplies included. $450 gets you everything. I will throw in $350 dollars credit at aquatech for another $300. The tank is empty and clean.
  22. dcbaros

    Sky Blue Kessil

    I have a mint condition sky blue kessil for $180. It was lightly used. I bought two but that turned out to be too much for my tank and I have this extra one. Used for maybe 2 weeks. I can provide a picture if necessary. No goose neck.[/font]
  23. I'm officially 1 year into the hobby and I've learned a ridiculous amount of info from reading, visiting others tanks, and my own trials and triumphs. This is a video of my documentation of my 90 Gallon reef tank. 90 Gallon Tank (Drilled by Fishy Business) 30 Gal Sump (Fishy Business) ASM G2 Skimmer, Mag 18 return 90 lbs of Figi Live Rock, 60 lbs of Tukani Live Rock VHO lighting up until Month 11 when I switched to 250w 14k Halides Numerous SPS, LPS, and Softies. You'll see transitions from new tank syndromes, cyano and dinos, to where the tank is today! Thanks for all you guys help and suggestions, as well as hoping that my experiences have help a few as well! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwJvZQDxJqk&feature=youtu.be
  24. unimike

    Reef Aquarium Lighting

    Hi fellow reefers! One of my lighting tube is worn. So, it is due for 4 new tubes. My current set-up that I received from a seller when I purchased this 90 gallon aquarium with 20 gallon sump setup: I identified those 4 tubes are T5HO (54W per tube) Bright white Soft white Deep blue Purple Should I continue to use this configuration if I want to have a thriving reef? I haven't purchased an anemone and I always want one but I am not sure if my lightings will sustain it. The livestock I have so far: True Prec Fancy Damsel Striped Cardinals Lawnmowner Blenny Scotter Blenny Hermit Crabs Fighting Cortch Serpent Starfishes Corals: Pulsing Xenias Mushrooms Keyna Trees Purple Sea Whips Thanks for your time in advance and Happy Holidays!
  25. Automaticboy6

    UV Sterilizer

    I have a 90 RR tank that has just finished it's cycle. It is a new upgrade from my previous 55 which I learned a lot with. I have never used a UV sterilizer, but am looking into getting one. How important is a UV sterilizer? And what brand, and wattage should I be looking into for a 90 gallon, with a 20 gallon sump. Thanks!