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Found 16 results

  1. Kevin S.

    Flower Petal Montipora

    $20 for about a 2" frag, just depends on how it breaks off. Paypal accepted and pickup is at SH130 and Gattis school rd. 78660 https://www.tidalgardens.com/stock-flower-petal-montipora.html
  2. SOLD - i would remove post, but not sure how ? Empty Nester - needs freedom to travel - so selling 120 gallon Tank / stand with 20 gallon sump. Prefer to sell entire system - coral, rock, fish, equipment - to one buyer if possible, but open to partial sale if timing and price is right. This has been my hobby for 13 years, but no time to properly maintain. many photos here https://goo.gl/photos/o1PAEqL5euz6RyR36 Fish: Royal Gamma, Tomato Clown (10+ yrs), Flame Angel, 2 Damsels Snails, Crabs, multiple starfish Montipora capricornis, Galaxy fascicularis , Frogspawn, , Chalise, braincoral, and more Good layer of Coralline Algae across back of tank. Live Rock has been in my tank(s) for over 10 years. Equipment: : DSA 120 Gallon Reef Ready Tank - 3 years new - 60W x 20D x 21H Kessil A360WE Controllable LED Aquarium lights (2) with digital controller HydroUSA Auto Top Off System ASM Sedra 3500 Protein Skimmer 2 Aqueon 06134 Circulating powerheads - magnetically attached to glass Marineland NJ3000 MaxiJet Submersible Sump Pump R2 Dual Extreme Aquarium Moon lights Other: Misc: Chemicals, buffer, turbo calcium, food, testing kits, spare pumps - I'm selling everything Extremely Quiet Stable - some fish/rock/corals over 13 years old. I mix my own saltwater each month. Never had any disease or problems -- recently converted from 6 bulb T5 Fluorescent fixture to programmable LED Lighting (Kessil) Seller willing to help (up to 4 hours) move the tank/equipment .. Buyer needs to bring buckets, help and strong back Over $6000 of equipment, livestock, and spares - selling for $1500 OBO SOLD
  3. Christian

    Are blue montipora cap real?

    Are blue montipora cap real, has any one seen them in person or own one?
  4. Peter Gott

    Superman Montipora

    From the album: Current 15g Display

    Another beautiful coral from Cultivated Reefs. As with the Pokerstar, the coenosarc here is more indigo than blue, and it's such a soft colour that it seems to glow. To the lower right you can also see a sweet tube coral which hitchhiked on my live rock.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

  5. Peter Gott

    Star Montipora And Surroundings

    From the album: Current 15g Display

    I just really love this view. I tried to position my corals so that the composition from very angle emphasized the star of my aquarium, this unknown Montipora sp., but the other montis grow faster.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

  6. Peter Gott

    Pokerstar Montiopora

    From the album: Current 15g Display

    This beautiful Pokerstar Monti is from Cultivated Reefs. Unfortunately the iPhone focuses on the green and the subtle glow of the indigo coenosarc is impossible to appreciate in this picture.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

  7. Peter Gott

    Peach Montipora digitata

    From the album: Current 15g Display

    The angle at which this grows out is really interesting, but has so many depths of field that it is almost impossible to photograph well. Also, of course, the iPhone doesn't do a good job catching its colour. It was traded to me as a pink digi, but in my system it is more peach.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

  8. Peter Gott

    Orange Montipora digitata

    From the album: Current 15g Display

    Another orange M. digitata; this one from a club member.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

  9. Peter Gott

    Leptastrea Corner

    From the album: Current 15g Display

    I just love the composition of my Leptastrea and this peach M. digitata together. You can also see my Pavona frondifera, Caulastrea curvata, a tuft of hair-algae-covered snail, and my rainbow Acanthastrea lordhowensis. That latter piece is also from Cultivated Reefs. It's typically beauty, but he is closed up here due to irritation from the snail.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

  10. Peter Gott

    Lavender And Green Montipora

    From the album: Current 15g Display

    I think that this might be a Montipora stellata. I have only seen it for sale in two places, one of which is Cultivated Reef, where this one came from. It is a slower grower, but it is definitely the star of my aquarium, with a purple-brown body, bright green polyps and stunning lavender tips that just seem to glow in a way that the iPhone of course cannot capture.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

  11. Peter Gott

    Green Montipora digitata

    From the album: Current 15g Display

    Again, my iPhone has trouble with colours: While definitely fluorescent, this Monti has a much deeper, more forest green than most of the greens one sees in the coral world.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

  12. Peter Gott

    German Blue Polyped Montipora digitata

    From the album: Current 15g Display

    This is definitely the bluest of all the German Blue-Polyped Montipora digitatas I've seen, but of course that just doesn't show up on the iPhone.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

  13. cMidd

    cMidd's 75g Build

    Pulled this tank out of storage finally. Officially been running since Jan, 3 Anyways, let's get to it. THE GEAR. Lighting - 2x 150w MH 20k, 2x 96w 50/50 PC Power head - Sicce Voyager 2, MJ900 Return pump - single Mag 9.5 split for dual return (ghettofied). ONLY 29 lbs of LR, so far, I'll add more when I see rock I want. STOCKING CORALS - Changed my mind completely with this tank. Bit of everything, for now. FISH - Yellow Tang, Cleaner Wrasse, Melanarus Wrasse, Flame Angel Here's some pic's of what I got done today (finishing the rest after this thread, really was itching to type one up). Cheers , Collin
  14. rchavez

    Clearing SPS frag racks

    Hey guys, trying to make some room on my frag racks. I have Neon Green Birdsnest frags: $10 & $15 (great color, fast grower) Green Milipora Frags: $10 & $15 (great color, fast grower, long shaggy polyps) Mother Colony Frags Hot Pink Birdsnest Frags: $10 & $15 (great color, fast grower) Idaho Grape Capricornis: $10 (center of pic, nice purple color, mounted on ruble rock) I need to trim my Electric Blue Digitata: $15 & $20 (awesome color, extremely fast grower) I have some other SPS corals I can frag if you are interested. (Cali Tort, Sour Apple Birdsnest & Pink/Orange Digitata etc.) Thanks for looking. I'm in North Austin. (Mopac & Parmer) RC
  15. I have a few frags left over from the swap and a few new ones. LPS Hot pink chalice - small SOLD large for $60 Fast grower, keeps color, homegrown JCigars Orange Sherbert Chalice - well healed - 2 eyes SOLD - 4 eyes $60 Brian's Baby Hybrid Watermelon Chalice - 2 eyes - well healed SOLD Single head of ScubaSteve's hybrid Euphyllia - $25 - mother colony pic - THE brightest coral in my tank Montipora Green cap - $5 Warp Speed - $10 Tyree flower petal cap - $10 Green with blue polyps, lilac growth edge - fast grower; mother colony under Elos 20K MH Rainbow monti - $25 fresh cut German blue polyp M. digitata - $5 per inch Polyps Original Dragon Eye - mother colony pic - $5 pp Blue protopalys - $5 - mother colony pic Nuclear GSP - $5 or free with any other purchase Leather Big green toadstool - $50 I also have float sensors for DYI auto topoff - just need an extension cord, tubing and an aqualifter pump. $10 Just minutes from Cabela's...
  16. Chad and Belinda

    ~REDUCED~ Montipora Cap Mini Colony $25

    I have a purple montipora cap mini colony. It's approx. 4" x 6". A couple of pieces broke off a while back, so I just glued them to the top. It is starting to layer. I don't have room for this in my solana. $30 $25