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Found 14 results

  1. If your invoice has expired you can go to the Store and add the Premium Membership to your cart and proceed from there. Well I cant seem to figure out the store and the cart Andre Thanks Haha Confused Sad
  2. Hey Austin reefers! I'm sure we've all seen crazy pictures and scenes of absolute disaster and flooded neighborhoods in Houston. Thousands of homes are flooded and lots of Houston reefers are/will be negatively affected. It sounds like a lot of reefers haven't lost power, or have a backup generator to keep their tanks running, but I'm sure some did not have that luxury and will lose their reef livestock. I will be putting together some free frag packs to take down to Houston when the crisis is over and people have had a chance to rebuild. If you would like to participate in showing generosity to those who lost their tanks in Houston by donating some coral frags or fish post here and we can organize a delivery to Houston in the future.
  3. Hello! We moved into our new house and I need to move the tank now that everything is out of the way. Does anybody have a 100g trough that I can borrow for a week or two to get my tank moved over? I will provide a 6 pack of your choice beverage for your help Thanks, jordan
  4. Hey guys, I am moving a 125g on Saturday June 3 and need help loading it, water, and fish to truck. I am moving to Dallas so only need help on this end. If anyone is interested in helping, I need 2 guys and would pay $40 each. Thanks Bryan
  5. jcheek2010


    Hey Everyone! My name is John and I've just "recently" began the transition to saltwater and I'm located in Kyle, Tx. I tried a few years back but with school and work I didn't have the time or funds to really get into. About a year and a half ago I began accumulating things to get back into the hobby. Long story short I've had my tank up and running for a year and still feel pretty clueless as to what I'm doing and if what I'm doing is good. My current setup is a 30 Gal reef tank For filtration I have: HOB RO BH90 Protein Skimmer Old canister filter full of live rock (not sure if this is helping at all or hurting) Livestock: 2 Ocellaris Clownfish (Love to nip me) 1 Blue Damsel 2 Turbo Snails Various assortments of soft and stony coral Lights: Fluval Sea Marine & Reef LED 2.0 Aquarium Light I never really had an idea in mind of what I wanted I just knew the end result needed to be a tank full of corals. So without having a plan I started buying corals left and right. I've recently decided that I'm just not happy with it. The fish were given to me by a hobbyist who broke down their setup so I never really got to look at what kind of fish I wanted either. I'm looking to completely revamp everything and I would love any/all (constructive) input.
  6. Hello, my name is Jarrett! I've been thinking about getting a saltwater fish tank for the past few months. I've been observing what kidwithatank does to his 70 gallon, and trying to take in as much advice as possible. So for Christmas, I asked for a 100 gallon tank, with a sump. I know very little about saltwater tanks, and would appreciate any advice you're willing to give to me. I know I have a lot to learn and it will be a while before any organisms will be placed in the tank, but I'm trying to get as much information as possible before the tank arrives. Things such as... "How do I put water in the tank?" "How do I filter the water when I put it in?" "What do I put in the water?" "What size sump should I get?" "What is the best protein skimmer I can get?" More questions will arise as I get answers, and I'll be checking this thread hourly so I can acknowledge the answers and ask more. Thanks!
  7. Hello all I got a 72 Bow front awhile Back and the top center brace in it is broken. ANYONE have a broken tank I can take the brace off of or does anyone know how to fix the center brace. I was going to try and use marine epoxy but after reading instruction more thoroughly it say not to use on aquariums..... GO figure
  8. Not sure if you guys can actually see this or not on the picture but I do not know what it is. Its very bubbly and I was actually able to blow it off with a turkey baster. Some of the sand underneath the rock its on is also turning red.
  9. Emilio

    10 gal tank

    girlfriends guppy had second set of babies and I need a 10 gallon tank to put the new ones in (58) and get them separate from the other babies which are about 6 weeks old and almost big enough to eat the youngsters. Got rid of the daddy and thought that was it....but noooooooo she was already bred and had these yesterday. Any help would be appreciated. I will only use it till they are big enough to give to the LFS then that's it for guppies in her future. A test gone bad....she is now working on her first nano (7gal) salt with zoas and a small shrimp and goby and all is running great. A loan or small price would be appreciated.Thanks...
  10. I've never had an issue and am wondering where I went wrong. I always use my 90 G display (+ 20 G sump) water to fill the QT tank. I leave a sponge in my main sump for about 2-3 weeks to build some bacteria, then I let it into my QT tank to start the cycle. I then wait about 3 weeks before putting anything into the QT tank, and remove the sponge at this time. I purchased a Yellow Tang last week, acclimated him properly and he has been in QT since. Now he is upside down, hanging on for dear life. I had to turn the filter off because he kept getting stuck on the inlet. My salinity, pH, etc are all where they need to be. Also check for ammonia, and zero. I did a 10% water change in the QT earlier using my 90 G water. What can, or should I do? Did I do something wrong, or how can I help him?
  11. I upgraded from a 55 to a 90 about a year ago and have been doing things INCREDIBLY slowly. I have a juvenlie blue singapore angelfish, as well as a new yellow tang. The tang is in QT right now, so I have a few questions. I currently feed my angelfish some mysis frozen shrimp every 3 days, as well as new life spectrum pellets. I have added some dried seaweed to the mix for the tang, as I know it's important to keep his belly full (to avoid ICH) and I want them to have some variety. My angelfish seems to do fine with the current mysis and pellets, but am wondering if I should consider different food, or more or a variety? The tang is not taking to the pellets, but is going after the seaweed (which i think is pretty normal). Tangs eat pretty much anything, but should i put some of the mysis is his QT tank since he is not taking to the pellets, and how much/how often? They are in the frozen cubes which I cut up as one whole cube is WAY to much for the one angelfish. Thanks for the help!
  12. one of my BRS pumps doesnt seem to be performing well and i have not been dosing evenly. (BRS calc and alk) I just read on online to add vinager or lemon juice, true? how much? i have a 75g tank and about a 25g sump. can i add more of my base or acid that hasnt been dosing properly to adjust? i just did a 20% wc.
  13. I have a 90 RR tank that has just finished it's cycle. It is a new upgrade from my previous 55 which I learned a lot with. I have never used a UV sterilizer, but am looking into getting one. How important is a UV sterilizer? And what brand, and wattage should I be looking into for a 90 gallon, with a 20 gallon sump. Thanks!
  14. I upgraded to an aqueon 90 gallon RR tank with the mega overflow. I have a 20 L gallon sump underneath. The set up is a 1" acrylic tube draining into first compartment with PS, over the baffles and into my return chamber with a Mag 5 through a 3/4" acrylic tube for return. Every minute or so the ratio of water in the main tank lessens allowing a lot of air to pass through the drain into my sump. This creates what I would imagine a seaworld leak sound to be, ha! Do I need a stronger return pump to keep the flow of water more consistent? Or perhaps a PVC fitting for the drain slowing down the rate of water coming into the sump? Is acrylic a bad idea for use in my sump? Thanks!
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