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Found 3 results

  1. Thought I'd post another thread on getting rid of nuisance algae. This system is a 4 year old ~200 gallon 4' tall half cylinder on a 42" tall stand. Previous maintenance companies had tried to deal with it with gfo, algae reducing products and reduced feeding (once per week). The first thing we did was remove about half the rock and scrub it off. The first water change was ~25 gallons. We also removed gfo, turned off the skimmer. With the 2nd week we dropped to just 5%-7% weekly water changes with tap water. We also added an auto-feeder set to 8 small daily feedings, ~1-2 grams Spectrum pellets daily total (X6 or X7 for approximate frozen weight). Several urchins were added, a long spine, short spine pink and royal urchins and a couple Mexican Turbos (DO NOT ADD TO MANY SNAILS! short spine urchins like Tuxedo or Royal are the best options since they chew the algae "holdfasts" off rocks ). I removed the squirrel fish partly because it was seriously under weight 😕 The sump was setup to use a filter sock which I used a few times to help remove stuff but was permanently removed in August. The finger corals are gradually being removed, my client doesn't like them but I needed them to compete with the algae until other corals get going. March 3rd April 27. Here's what it looks like during a scrubbing. The height makes it impossible to get to spots even with a scrub brush with an extended handle (I stuck it in a section of PVC). Some of the sand was siphoned off with water changes, rinsed and dumped back in. June 15. A little nit of cyano started to show up. (This didn't happen in Mike's tank.) It was just siphoned off with water changes. July 6. Here's a weeks worth of cyano growth. July 20. And the cyano has stopped. (This step has taken longer in other systems.) August 8. Still got some hair algae showing up but this is 3 weeks worth. Last week.
  2. Jeffrey howell

    Hair Algae with good water?

    Hi all. I'm at my whits end. I have a 30 gallon tank with 2 clown fish and plenty of soft corals. The corals are doing great, the fish are doing great. All the corals are extending fully and the nutrients are perfect. I've been doing frequent water changes, but I'm still overwhelmed with hair algae. I took the water into Aquadome and they said the water is fine. I bought two urchins and they haven't done much. I bought some emerald crabs and they died within a week of putting them in (maybe the starved?). I even performed a 3 day black out to try and get it taken care of. My lighting is as follows: Fluval A3995 Sea Marine/Reef 2.0 LED, 48-60" 2 hour sunrise from 10 - 12 Daylight with pink 79%, cyan 100%, blue 100%, purple 85%, cold white 70% 2 hour sunset from 3 - 5 Someone please help. I've been fighting this for months.
  3. Timfish

    Hair Algae, A Case Study.

    I realized a long time ago most nuisance algae problems will resolve themselves with simple mechanical removal and water changes. This is a hair algae problem I've been working on since March and documented it so people can see what happens using this simple proccess. It also shows that phosphates are not directly the cause of the algae. System is just a refugium, no skimmer. Nitrates stayed around 5 mg/l (API) and phosphates stayed around 3-4ish mg/l(API)(I don't advocate PO4 levels this high, my reccomendation is around .1 mg/l). Every 2 or 3 weeks a small scrub brush and toothbrush were used to scrup the algae off the rocks then a 20% water change was done siphoning out as much algae as possible. Usually when I deal with a problem like this I do this every week and do just a 10% water change and this process is much shorter. Pictures were taken immediately before scrubing the rocks. As you can see for several cleanings there was no real noticable change between cleanings then there starts to be a big slowing down of the alae growth.