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Found 18 results

  1. Jessica Ruiz

    Free goldfish

    I have a few goldfish that I can’t keep anymore, I love them but I have to let them go. I want them to be in a good new house. I have 5 goldfish and one algae eater. They aren’t small, they are like medium (big) size.
  2. Niko's Reef

    New Arrivals

    This weeks new arrivals for salt. Flame Angel Coral Beauty Flame Hawk Sixline Wrasse Lawnmower Blenny Scooter Blenny Copperband Butterfly Banggai Cardinals Black Ice Ocellaris Domino Ocellaris Maroon Clownfish Pink Skunk Clowns Wyoming White Clown Tomato Clown Domino Damsels Green Chromis Neon Velvet Damsel Springer's Damsel Yellowtail Blue Damsel Redtail Filefish Aptasia Eating Filefish Firefish Purple Firefish Dragon Goby Yellow Watchman Goby Twinspot Goby Hippo Tangs Clown Tang Convict Tang Naso Tang Sailfin Tang Orange Shoulder Tang Powder Brown Tang Christmas Wrasse Melanarus Wrasse Emerald Crabs Peppermint Shrimps Pistol Shrimp Astrea Snails White Sand Starfish Rics Ultra Zoas Torches RBTA's Elegance Coral Mushrooms Ultra Acans Lobos
  3. If you see it here - it is available located in SW Houston 77074 text me for fast reply 832-843-9619 first come first serve, paypal to hold, all equipment and tank is flawless, and running if you want to check them out. Price is Firm (which mean the price listed is the lowest price I will take) Rimless 3 side starfire 1/2" glass tank, Center Overflow (manufacture Glasscage) - no visual scratch. Bottom is 1.5" thick. dimension 48" x 24" x 16" height Drain is 1.5" and Return 1" Hardwood stand 46" x 36" x 36" height. tank and stand $650 (Tank alone cost $1250 new) R420R LED 320watt 15000K Lighting System Dim: 43.5" long x 10" wide x .9" thick The newest generation $600 (retail $900) link: Maxspect Razor R420R 320 watt 15000K LED Light Fixture - AquaCave.com Precision Marine R36+ Refugium $200 (retail $500) 36" L x 16" W x 15" H Overall dimensions: 36" x 16" x 15" Interior Refugium Dimensions: 13.25" x 15.5" Pump Chamber Dimensions: 6.75" x 15.5" Protein Skimmer Chamber Dimensions: 13" x 10.5" Drain Size: Dual 1" Bulkhead
  4. Niko's Reef

    Memorial Day Sale

    In observance of Memorial Day, we will be running specials today. Come check us out. Still plenty of goodies left.
  5. Niko's Reef

    Easter Day Sale

    Niko's Reef wishes all a Happy Easter.... In observance of this holiday, we've decided to throw a sale. Fully stocked. Come check us out. All fish/liverock 20% off. All corals buy 3 get one free. Limestone 50% off.
  6. Niko's Reef

    Gift Certificates

    Not sure what to get that special someone? No worries, Niko's Reef has you covered.
  7. George Monnat Jr

    Need Help with Clown/Nem IDs

    I want to post more pictures in my Fish that George Has Seen Scuba Diving thread, but I need definite IDs first. I figured I'd ask ARC as most of you know these better than I do. Please post your ID thoughts for clown and anemone IDs. There weren't really any anemones off of Oahu, so the poor Hawaiian clowns had to associate with coral instead. I could use IDs for those, too. 1) These are near the Corsair wreck off of southeastern Oahu, around 120' down. 2) These are a few miles away on the west side of Diamond Head (near Waikiki Beach) about 100' down. They're probably the same species as above. I'll post some more from Okinawa later. They're much more interesting.
  8. sifuentes31

    Picasso Trigger Care

    So i just picked up a Picasso Trigger from RCA yesterday and he is still a baby. Maybe a little over an inch or so. I've read up on them and he can have a tempermant when he gets older and larger but i wanted to know if any of you guys have them. If you do, what do you feed him? How is he with other tank mates? Anything i should know or any tricks? I have read up on the triggers but i would really like to have your opinions and views. Thanks again....
  9. I have to relocate back to the east coast, so the entire contents of my tank have to go so I can pack it up. There is about 100 lbs of live rock in there, 3 bubble tip anemones, assorted corals, a clown, a six line wrasse, a royal gramma basslet, a lawnmower blenny, a firefish and what I think is a blue devil damsel except it has a yellow top fin instead of blue.There are also two fist sized clams, a banded coral shrimp, full clean up crew with hermits, an emerald crab, several snails, a few porcelain crabs, and a large sea cucumber. I really don't have time to try to part this out, so I would really like to sell it all at once. If you are wishing you had room for it all, I got you covered. As a bonus I have a 70 gal reef ready tank with stand, sump, some halides and T5's that I am willing to give to the buyer free of charge. It's not new and needs cleaning, but it all works with no leaks and did I mention free? I'm having trouble deciding on a price, so the first resonable serious offer takes it all. The sooner the better.
  10. I am trying to get rid of a niger trigger which is pretty big. Almost the size of my palm. My tank is too small for this. I only have 55 gallon tank and this looks ginormous in it with the maroon clown next to it. Looking to get $40 for it. I will post a picture later this evening. if you want to trade it for anything you have ( smaller fish or corals) closer to $40 that is fine too
  11. I have the tank setup now for about 2 months now. So far we got a couple of corals and two fish(clown fish and yellow tail damsel). My wife has been pestering to get some colorful or cool looking fish. But I am not ready to drop a lot of money on fish yet bcoz of the fear of losing them. I have been changing water every couple of weeks checking on the parameters etc.. and so far everything is doing good. Please let me know if you have any fish you are trying to get rid off or something not too expensive but cool/colorful looking.
  12. I'm a student and don't have time to keep my tank beautiful! (As you can tell by the glass) I'll also be moving again soon enough. All the fish, coral and invertebrates are healthy and happy and have been for years. I'm selling all the livestock plus live-rock and the crushed coral substrate. Substrate will have to wait until everything else in the tank is sold and taken. Some of the hardware will be up for sale once the livestock is all taken (tank, stand, Odyssea light fixture with extra CF bulbs). All fish are adult and have been healthy for many years. I moved them all here two years ago from California and they dealt with the trip excellently. There are lots of mushrooms and anemones that I don't know the names for but they are pictured below. There's a budding leather type coral next to some mushrooms and it's obviously not happy about the location. I don't have experience transplanting coral so I've left it where it is. The mushrooms invaded its space. There is also a small plastic breeder tank full of dark green macroalgae that I use as a scrubber. If I left the algae out it would get eaten by the foxface and tang within minutes! You can have the algae along with the breeder tank if you don't have a sump for the algae. I've got plenty of styrofoam boxes to transport all the livestock. I just don't have thick plastic bags. When I moved all this to Texas I used thick black trash bags and everything did great. Here is a list of the items and their prices. Cash only, please, and local pick up only. I am located in Harris Branch, Austin (near Manor) FISH AND INVERTS Sailfin Tang $30 claimed, pending Foxface Rabbitfish $20 claimed, pending Maroon Clown $20 Engineer goby (1) $20 Engineer goby (2) $20 yellowtail blue damselfish $10 or FREE with any purchase pale-purple shortspine urchin $20 pencil urchin $10 fire-orange serpent star $20 claimed, pending green macroalgae (w/o breeder) $15 $20 w/breeder Free fish food will go to the person buying the last fish. ROCKS (described by location in the pic below) Large center rock w/large condylactis, green ricordia, large bivalve, and ~30 red mushroom coral $140 Small, leftofcenter rock with ~10 red mushroom coral and budding leather coral $35 Small, leftofcenter rock with ~20 red mushroom coral $35 2 Small, leftofcenter rocks with combined ~10 red mushroom coral $20 Small rightofcenter rock with ~7 large purple and green hairy mushroom coral $120 Small rightofcenter rock with ~3 large purple and green hairy mushroom coral $60 Medium rightofcenter rock with ~1 med purple and green hairy mushroom coral $30 Medium rightofcenter rock with ~1 med purple and green hairy mushroom coral $30 Medium rightofcenter rock with ~2 green fluorescent mushroom coral, ~1 med purple and green hairy mushroom coral $40 Rocks with no anemones/mushrooms $2/lb Seasoned crushed coral substrate $1/lb Free salt will go to the person buying the last of the substrate can email with questions: tliglesiasATucdavisDOTedu Cash only, please, and local pick up only. I am located in Harris Branch, Austin (near Manor)
  13. I am selling a complete 27 gallon cube nano reef. Included: 27 gallon cube with stand: $200 (The back is painted black) Marineland reef ready LED: $179 2 Ecoxotic LED PAR 38 Lights 12k and 20,000k: $200 1 aquaclear 70 gallon filter: $70 1 Tunze Nano skimmer: $150 1 Heater: $30 2 Tunze Power heads: $60 Approx 40Ibs of live rock: $280 40ibs of live sand: $80 1 Rose BTA: $75 2 Ocellaris Clown fish hosting BTA: $40 1 Mandarin: $18 1 Dwarf Fuzzy Lion fish: $30 1 Maxima Clam: $60 1 Open Brain Coral: $75 1 Purple Sea Fan: $30 Various Mushroom corals red, green, blue: $75 2 Long Spined Urchins: $30 1 Cleaner Shimp: $15 1 red sea star: $20 1 Frog Spawn: $45 1 Sand sifter star fish and various crabs and snails also included. Various tests and accessories about a $200 dollar value. Water included as well. This in total is worth $1962 I need to get rid of it so I will consider most offers, I am not setting a price but keep in mind I will not consider extremely low offers. I am willing to part it out but obviously I cant sell the tank first so I will update this if someone wants to purchase anything from the inside however I would prefer to sell it all at once. If you do decide to buy, I will supply the buckets for the water ect. This is everything you need!
  14. TBone

    2 Adult engineer gobies $10ea

    I'm breaking down my tank and these are the last fish I have to sell. I feel bad stressing them out every time a sell a rock. I have to collapse their caves so they're out in the open and they have to rebuild their caves all over again. They are cool looking, awesome community fish. I never had any problems with aggression or predation. However, I did not keep really small fish or shrimp to test them with. These are the old prices. They are $10 each now You just have to make sure your rocks are resting on the glass bottom so they don't shift when the substrate is moved around. What I did was space several pieces of live rock resting flat on the glass bottom and then used those as the base for my larger rocks. The "gobies" dig out the substrate in between the bottom pieces and have the larger rocks as their cave top. Once I figured that out I never had problems with rocks falling or shifting.
  15. a new job means less time and me traveling. long enough that i cant take care or watch over this tank. so im having to break it down. ive put a lot of work into this tank and have quite a while before i have to leave, but i am just getting a head start on things. below is a list of some stuff and i have more. hardware will be for sale after i get rid of the live stock and that section will be up later today. i will not hold, money talks. liverock: 30-40lbs: $3/lb (all of which is completely covered in coraline algae) fish: (all have been in my tank for over 6 months and are well acclimated to tank life) 2x bartletts anthias - 25/single; 40/both 2x dispar anthias -20/single; 35/both 1x clown fish (true percula) - 15 3x blue/green chromis - 10 1x purple tang - 100 1x green mandarin - 20 1x crocea clam (4-5 inches) - 40 1x dersea clam (3-4 inches) - 40 the chromis all school together, and so do all 4 of the anthias lps: raptor's rainbow zoas (40-50 heads) - 150or ill frag for 5/head pink zippers zoas (~20 heads) - 80 or ill frag for 5/head fruit loops zoas (20 heads) - 150 or ill frag for 10/head capt america paly (~20 heads) - 300 for the colony or ill frag for 20/head various acans (from green/purple to rainbow ones) - 15/piece sps: ultra pink tenius colony: 40 blue/green turaki: 30 pink lemonade: 20 lime in the sky: 30 pearlberry: 30 baby blue turakai: 40 purple bonsai: 20 palmers blue milli: 30 maricultured baby blue acro colony: 50 tri color validia colony (a little browned out but getting its color back): 30 maricultured green acro colony: 50 paletta loveli colony: 30 red milli colony: 50 teal milli (browned out currently): 20 maridiana acro colony (not in the best shape but healing): 30 green slimer frag: 10 green slimer colony: 30 plum crazy: 20 montipora setosa: 40 blue lemonade colony: 75 sunset milli: 15 green milli: 20 green acro colony: 30 cali tort colony: 60 purple haze montipora: 10 roscoe blue colony: 40 strawberry shortcake: 40 sillver bullet prostrata colony (browned out and taking a hard hit but can still be saved): 20 all my frags are a minimum of 3-5 inches and only get bigger from there. pics of each individual item can be obtained, i can pm them to you if you would like, but it would be a lot easier if you want to just stop by and take a look.
  16. MasonHoff

    Just got my new buddy home!

    so just got home! lights were off so i turned actinics and leds for aclimation. at first my power head was off. but after i fed them three diffrent options! thanks loriane for the live brine shimp and the oto. during this video my power head was on to stir the food away from the surface, so not to enter my overflow! of and pic of overflow protection pic you asked for well i send pic tomorrow i didnt get email from wifes phone for some reason.
  17. dshel1217

    2 fish MIA in one week

    I lost (by lost never found any sort of remains) two fish a cleaner wrasse and a dartfish in a week. Both fish were happy and healthly when I saw them last then one night gone. I have also found the remains of a hermit crab, one of my bigger ones, and a mexican turbo. My tank has been running for about 7 months. Will check my water parameters/ levels tomorrow. My remaining fish (clown, royal gama, and a 5" convict blenny) have moved to higher parts of the tank. My royal gama moved from his cave/home (he moved in about 2 months ago) near the bottom of the tank to the highest part and so has the cleaning shrimp. Also I think I hear a clicking noise but I could just be hearing things. Action taken: I have my tank covered with a black blanket and going to wait until later tonight to see if I find out whats going on. Do I have a hitchhiker that has grown large enough to take on bigger prey? Can marine life see blue light or is it red light? If so any ideas. thanks
  18. Im selling off some of my live stock before i move, ill post pictures when i get home. 1. Dusky brutalid $15 (this is the pic that live aquaria had of it when i bought it) Great with sea horses or other peaceful fish 2. Med orange tree sponge $20 (Very healthy) 3. Purple Sea whip Gorgonian $15 4. Large red skirt zoa rock (over 100+ polyps) $30 5. Rock anemone (currently stuck to rock with alot of bright green zoas and bright pink zoas) $10 for the nem $45 for the entire rock 6. Green chalice mini colony (has browned out in my tank, may be due to over exposure to light) $15 7. Green chalice frag (same as above) $10 9. Large (10+ lbs) piece of live rock with Xenia, Monti Digi, and Kings mindas zoas all over it. $30 More corals as well as pics to come