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Found 8 results

  1. Decided to start on the tank. 2 years of putting the house and yard together is enough. Plus it's hot outside. First step is to get the room ready. Here are a few pictures of the room and platform the tank will sit on. The platform was engineered to hold 18,000 lbs. I was not sure if the tank would be glass or acrylic. I had to do a little leveling of the platform. The framers that built the house were close, but i dont want to be off a 1/16th with all that water. The fish will have a great view.
  2. I have started on my tank build. I need to build the sump. I found 2 suppliers of cast acrylic sheet in Austin that do cuts. Since the sump is 60" x 30" I need accurate cuts with minimal blade marks so i dont have a lot of waste. I can do this with 2 sheets. Does anyone have any experience with either Regal or Laird here in Austin? Laird is a bit cheaper than Regal but im not familar with how good either of them are at cutting. Cheers
  3. Asking $1000 140 T (60L x 18 W x 30H) Stand Custom sump with skimmer compartment and refugium Iwaki Mag drive WMD-30RLXT external pump picture provided in next post Hi everybody, I'm upgrading to a new system in July (mid to end) as we remodel the home we purchased. The tank is already ordered and I'll be setting up QT tanks as soon at the flooring and paint go into the new house. Which will leave me with one very nice 140 gallon acrylic tank that I need to sell Like most used acrylics it has some minor scratches around the level of the sand bed. Nothing that can't be buffed out with plastex. I purchased this second hand from the gentleman who had it custom built and had no issues buffing out the prior scratches. If you're not sure how I'd be happy to point you in the direction of some awesome articles and videos. The sump is a previous wet/dry acrylic sump that has been given baffles and modified to have a skimmer compartment, refugium, bubble trap and a return. It's currently running an external Iwaki Mag Drive WMD-30RLXT. You're welcome to the canopy as well, but it's wall mounted and you'll likely want something new. A comparable aquarium, stand, sump, and pump new is over $2400.
  4. I'm looking for an acrylic/plexi tank that i want to use as an inline fragtank. Looking to get it made out of acrylic/plexi so i can have a little more piece of mind, the glass 10 gallon tanks are too thin and crack when drilling/tightening. Looking to purchase quickly so let me know if you have one or know of someone who can make them locally. JLO
  5. I read an article in Reef Hobbyist Magazine about creating a super efficient frag rack out of acrylic and thought I would give the system a try. Here's the article. http://reefhobbyistm...f/version13.pdf I like how this design effectively uses space and encourages waterflow. I've installed it into my sump that was really supposed to be for growing chaeto but I figure there will be plenty of light passing through the rack to keep it going. Here's the finished rack: I noticed that the frags in the article were leaning in different directions so I went with thicker material for support. I also used 1" solid acrylic legs instead of hollow ones to eliminate pockets of stagnate water. I drilled until my arm was about to fall off - 204 holes but that's a lot of frag storage for a 12x18 rack! I added a cool controllable led light fixture I got from Aquatek and a couple of nano power heads to get the water moving for the sps. Note the chaeto underneath the rack. Let the fragging begin!
  6. I upgraded to an aqueon 90 gallon RR tank with the mega overflow. I have a 20 L gallon sump underneath. The set up is a 1" acrylic tube draining into first compartment with PS, over the baffles and into my return chamber with a Mag 5 through a 3/4" acrylic tube for return. Every minute or so the ratio of water in the main tank lessens allowing a lot of air to pass through the drain into my sump. This creates what I would imagine a seaworld leak sound to be, ha! Do I need a stronger return pump to keep the flow of water more consistent? Or perhaps a PVC fitting for the drain slowing down the rate of water coming into the sump? Is acrylic a bad idea for use in my sump? Thanks!
  7. im looking for some rods to help me with aquascaping. anyone have any or know where i can get them?
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