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  1. Fish were donated a week ago
  2. You are welcome... I am glad you are happy with it. Thanks for the hammers
  3. All candy canes and mummy eye corals have been sold or traded. By the way, thanks to all of you that traded me some of your corals. They are awesome and doing great!😁
  4. Update: All mummy eye and candy cane corals have been sold or traded
  5. Thanks John... great color on the monti... much appreciated
  6. I'll take the superman monti 🙂
  7. Hello all, I have a few of these pieces and am willing to trade a couple for something different. These are pretty healed up and looking good. I am interested in a meteor shower cyphestra, sunset montipora, superman montipora, strawberry short cake (sps), torch (other than green) or some colorful zoas. Send me a pm with some pics. By the way, the mummy frags are from 1.5-2 inches each. Too much trumpet (teal and neon) also. If you are interested. Let me know... thanks
  8. Anyone who can pic up ASAP is welcome to them,these two fresh fish. I just turned their tank into a Pico saltwater and do not want these guys to die before taking them to the LFS tomorrow.
  9. Pham I will take the fruitloops. Sending PM
  10. Ok fellow reefers, I just got a shipment of corals in from WWC out of Florida. I just purchased quite a few to make it worth while. I am posting some of the ones I am not going to keep here. I am not trying to make a killing or anything like that. The prices here are only $2-$5 more than what I paid for them to recoupe on my shipping. Now, you have to keep in mind that I did order them, so as you know, they aren't huge. These are as you would get them on-line. Please PM me if you have questions. By the way some of the frags also available are from my tank after moving things around. First Pic 1. Upper left- toxic tubinara $15 2. Upper right- green fire tubinara $15 Second pic 3. Red Hillae- $20 4. Red War coral- $20 5. Blue Rose Madracis- $30 Third pic 6. Yellow polys with about 3 aquaman zoas- $25 these were just recently removed from a rock. 7. Montipora- $20 8. Chalice I think- $15 9. Small frag of yellow polyps on a small rock- $5 (sold) Fourth pic 10. Aussie Golden Eye- $20 11. Cherry Red Gonioporra- $40 I have two of these but I am keeping one Fifth Pic 12. Neon trumpet- $25 Sixth pi 13. Teal trumpet- $20 Seventh Pic 14. 24K Litho- $25 15. JFox Bipolar Favites- $30 16. Chalice- $20 I also have a small frag of each, neon and teal, trumpet (about 4 heads each)10 each A few pieces of mummy eye chalice left at $25 a piece.
  11. Pm replied
  12. Yes ASD and some from world wide corals. I have 13 more from worldwide corals
  13. I just received a shipment of frags and am putting a few of them up since I just bought them to make it worth it, due to shipping. You all know how that goes. Here is a pic. They just arrived so their color is not too bright. 1. Slipstream Eel Montipora, left $20 2. Merfolk Rampager Chalice two eyes $20 3. Single Eye on a plug rear (not sure what this is) $15 4. Monster Madness Hillae, next to goniopora right $25 5. Cackling Titan Chalice, right $20
  14. Hey Chris, I had a few sick fish about a month ago after introducing my blue tang to my tank. Two of my other fish died and I started doing research all over the web.. Quite a few people gave the same recommendation of using concentrated garlic drops directly on the food source. I went and bought Garlic Xtreme at Aquatek and began to dose in the food. I gotta say, I was skeptical but after a week my last three fish were looking healthy again. I noticed a difference after the second day. I still dose garlic in their food but now only about twice a week. If you need a bit and have a little vile with dropper. I can give you some
  15. Thank you Laura and Ty for stopping by.