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  1. Sure...
  2. Maybe about 20+ heads
  3. Anyone want some of this? $10 per head. It is getting too big and I want to trim it. I just don't want to have frags all over my tank...
  4. I just broke my hollywood stunner. Selling the piece that broke. This piece is a compilation of pieces that had broken and fallen into itself. There was a bit of sand accumulated there in the center. You can see that area... this is about 4 1/2 inches by 3 inches $15 small acan frag $10 green tubinara $10 dark green and red eye chalice $10 ***Take all for $35***
  5. I used to have it in a 90g with a bit of Rock. Now I have a 150g
  6. Thanks I will be checking them out
  7. A few years ago I had purchased a Blue Ribbon Eel here on the reef club. I had it for quite a while until it jumped out one day and my dog ate it. Does anyone know where I can get one here local?
  8. I'll take the clown and green brain
  9. Anyone want to trade me any zoas or a torch for this red hillae or any of the other frags on pic three? The first pic was from the vendor on the web. The second and third pic is from my tank. I am still using metal halide.
  10. Alright fellow reefers As you all may know, I recently posted a few frags of one of my large mummy eye colonies. After everything sold and traded, I ended up putting in some moon lights on my tank. I just noticed yesterday that my mummy eye's eyes have gotten a bit larger and have been wondering if this is OK. I ask because I have had this coral for a few years and its eyes were never this big. I have also noticed a purplish rim around the eyes with the night light on... Is this normal? Here is a pic of it. I hope you all can tell what I am talking about.
  11. Fish were donated a week ago
  12. You are welcome... I am glad you are happy with it. Thanks for the hammers
  13. All candy canes and mummy eye corals have been sold or traded. By the way, thanks to all of you that traded me some of your corals. They are awesome and doing great!😁
  14. Update: All mummy eye and candy cane corals have been sold or traded
  15. Thanks John... great color on the monti... much appreciated