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  1. I have the alkatronic ive not hooked it up on the newest build just yet, but i test my alk, its pretty stable and dont have a great need for it TBH. but my tank is not sps heavy. but ive been looking at the reefbot vs the rest. i like the ability to test the variety of tests. I do like the Alkatronic, but only testing one in todays age with the tech thats out there for 800 bucks is a bit much in my opinion.
  2. The temp transfer is a good thought, i wouldn't have thought about that. during the summer my master bath shares a wall with the back of the garage and the floor gets heated from the slab. same with the colder temps the tile gets cold. you could use celotex or some kind of thicker sheet insulation to kill both the leveling and the temp transfers, they make it up to 200mm thick and its moisture resistant.
  3. mhart032


    I finally cut the Chaeto back, i have 1/4 of a brute trash can full of it. I wont be in Austin anytime soon, but i can mail it to anyone that wants it.
  4. They make a drum funnel just for that, possibly it can be utilized. i think the setup looks great, love the attention to detail and effort you are putting into this build.
  5. Looks great! i love a nice manifold. your better off than the flex PVC in my opinion not to mention it looks nicer.
  6. i used spears gate valves everywhere i could to go away from the ball valves, they get sticky and sometimes can be hard to adjust just right. the cost from the local plumbing store like Ferguson is really much better than HD supply or US plastics not to mention they keep most things in stock frpm 1/4" to 4" for commercial use. forgot to mention the aquascaping looks very nice.
  7. mhart032


    I need to cut my Chaeto back, im going to cut it back by 1/2, its roughly 12 lbs ive been tossing it but being that i will be in Austin the next couple days i wanted to see if anyone needed it. Its clean no pests i seed pods every month and feed phyto every other day.
  8. She literately said "im not having it!" i said what if you had a new Louie in one hand and i had an in wall tank.. she laughed and walked away... so i guess thats that. lol.
  9. It looks great, I want an in wall but the wife is not having it.
  10. Jolt, ill take a couple bigger pieces when i get back on the 12th of Aug. 53 and 55, if you have any more of the Goblin, and whatever else you can put together. Ill be at the 6 month mark by mid Aug, everything been pretty stable just doing 2 part for now. So i think its ready for the sticks.
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