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  1. Thats true, i didn't think about that it would be using salty air for intake, prob not a good solution.
  2. what about an in room portable type? like a 12,000 btu, you can exhaust into the garage through the wall and it could still look nice in the garage with a dryer type vent on the outside? they are like 339.00 for a 450sq room. they have thermostats and all that, and built in dehumidifiers.
  3. I dont have a fish room, but the Nest thermostat i have installed is by where the tank is, it has humidity settings that i can kick the a/c on when the humidity gets to high in the house. I hope that one day the Alexa will do more with the Apex to help control temp with the wifi thermostats. I use the alexa on the apex and can do some option with it but not much really.
  4. yeah hes a killer, they sent him by accident. I ordered a small powder blue and ended up with a 5" Valmingii that has grown to be like 7 inches. hes gotta be re homed in the near future.
  5. thats a nice start for sure. I had a firefish that i loved but a Tang ate him and a court jester goby.
  6. If you ever plan to upgrade, bite the bullet and find a standard unit, you will thank yourself in the long run.
  7. Thats what i would do, run carbon, use filters. for a start up it be fine id imagine. My tank is still 60% IO and 40% tropic marine and everything is starting to do better.
  8. That was it. it was on reef2reef, i believe it was noted on the poll of the day question about salt.
  9. I read something a while back on some issues with it, i cant recall the exact issue, but it was connected with coral issues and cloudiness and particles left in the buckets after mixing. I started my recent build with it, didn't have any issues until the last 2 boxes as far as cloudiness. but my sps have had a hard time the entire time ive had this tank setup, with everything being on point. i switched and its been a dramatic difference in coral health.
  10. I recently switched from IO because of this same exact reason, Id do a water change and the tank would stay cloudy for a few days sometimes it would never clear up. TBH it looked like a bacterial bloom, but the UV would have killed that in a day or so.
  11. Well, your going to be adding a doser and some kind of dosing vessel to keep the supplements. if you travel the apex is super great for that, i use the apex and 2 doses for supplements and i love it. everything stays very stable, but i do have a bit more water volume which helps with any swings. i like the apex setup and the automation. is it expensive. yep.. but it works.
  12. I agree on the steep price, thats why i havent pulled the trigger on it yet, ive added it to my cart like 4 times lol, but just cant bring myself to checkout. i keep waiting for the Trident to come in stock, but even still. I really like the ability to test No4 and PO3 and alk, mg and calcium. but that price ugh.
  13. I have the alkatronic ive not hooked it up on the newest build just yet, but i test my alk, its pretty stable and dont have a great need for it TBH. but my tank is not sps heavy. but ive been looking at the reefbot vs the rest. i like the ability to test the variety of tests. I do like the Alkatronic, but only testing one in todays age with the tech thats out there for 800 bucks is a bit much in my opinion.
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