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  1. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    I tested again just now, Ammonia 0.0 Nitrates 0.1 Nitrites 50 Ill do a big 50% water change as my Alk is very low as well, just to get everything back to stable again. add a chromis and see if my ammonia shoots up again, if so ill know the seneye will alert me with enough time to get the little guy out before any damage is done to him/her. I'm really growing quite fond of this piece of gear, the par/lux meter is pretty handy as well.
  2. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    So i got some strange things going on here, I have been testing ever other day, the seneye has been on for about 5 days, the first day i had a .4 ammonia my nitrate was at .2, no nitrites present. I didn't think anything about it really, yesterday i tested after seneye showed .0 ammonia, .0 Nitrates, and 50 nitrites, for all intensive purposes this would lead me to think the tank has cycled. BUT never had GHA, no Cyano, No detritus, no Dinos, nothing that would indicate the tank was cycling. its looked pristine the entire time. this seems very odd to me, could it be because the Marco rock, i did use carb sea live sand, didn't rinse it used the bacteria to help start it up. I took a sample to the LFS and they cam up with now 0 ammonia, 0 nitrate, 80 nitrites. which if its cycled course i need a 30% water change. but its only been maybe 14 days.
  3. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    I've been playing with this Radion lcd, man this thing is awesome. Im so glad i picked it up. I really felt a little handicapped with the AI was unsure if it was going to get the job done for SPS throughout the entire tank, i have no fear of the Radion the par ratings down to the sand and the spread is awesome
  4. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    Ok so quick update, the tank is in full cycle, I have the seneye installed and working to help keep track of the ammonia and all that. still have a few more days untill it done, but i finally got the mount for the Ecotech Radion and mounted, i have to say the Radion far exceeds the AI Prime with exception to the wireless capabilities. I have the Ecotech Apex module so that wont be an issue for long. All of the Extrusion came in yesterday so ill be building the stand this weekend and replacing the wood stand. I have not installed anything else as i want to wait till the new stand is done and set before i mount everything. couple of pics of the tank and new light. .
  5. mhart032

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Yes the colored sticks
  6. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    this is all the stuff that still needs to be installed 😫
  7. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    Oh and just a note for anyone considering this tank skimmer combo, the tunze magnets fit just right in-between the baffles and are a PITA to get out if they fall in there. 🤥
  8. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    This is the first baffle leading to the second chamber see how far the skimmer has to sit away from it? Baffle to the return Microbubble sadness from the skimmer
  9. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    Everything has been ordered for the extrusion stand, i have installed the skimmer, but the way the waterbox is with the flow from chamber to chamber its build with baffles and the skimmer doesn't really hold well with the magnets due to the gap with the baffles, i might have to modify the skimmer and put the magnets on the side of the skimmer and mount to the rear glass to get a better connection. its going to be a very tight squeeze to get the apex probe rack and the Tunze ato mounted. I guess no media rack for this tank, id like to use the filter sock on this build that comes standard, but that might be taken out and the media rack placed in the overflow chamber.
  10. mhart032

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Just facetime me bud. My webcam charges $2.99/minute and I know you're saving up for an alkatronic right now. lol
  11. mhart032

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Nah, i gotta put my money somewhere lol.. this has been a very expensive little 20gal, but the GF doesn't know anything about fish nor does she care, so she is not privy to the fact that I'm buying for a big upgrade later, if i decide that i want to.
  12. mhart032

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Yeah no doubt, id like to see how accurate it becomes. Stupid technology now i want one! .
  13. mhart032

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    well that sucks, i guess for 200 bucks you cant ask for much lol. i forgot how expensive this hobby can get very quickly.
  14. mhart032

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Doesn't the Seneye monitor Alk as well? i have one sitting here waiting to be added to the tank, but really i bought it for the cycle not for anything else. i want to manage the ammonia closely.