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  1. mhart032

    ReefHaus 75 Gallon Resurrection

    If it were me, id just get some containment and call it a day. its concrete and vaced up easy, you could always put the commercial water mats on the floors like a few of us have in front of our tanks to catch the water from our hands from maintiance and fragging and so on. the space isnt that big. the cheaper route would be the containment i think. for instance you can get something like this that will hold 110 gals and they can be plumbed together if you need any more. they make them all different sizes and heights. My wife said this to me... "what do we do if the tank floods"... i said "call the insurance company.."
  2. mhart032

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Its getting there, going through some of the uglies but its getting better, no GHA but a little cyano. I need to post some pics. Not quite ready for real coral, but i figure when i get back from vacation in Aug ill get a few test pieces and see how it does.
  3. mhart032

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Just so you know.. im not jealous at all.. 🙄
  4. mhart032

    ReefHaus 75 Gallon Resurrection

    I'd use the epoxy as well if it were me. For something that small you can use the garage floor paint, it repels water and simmiler materials, it's fairly inexpensive and has grip to it so your not sliding all over the place, if you go with epoxy there is a material called sharkgrip that's great for traction that can be mixed with the epoxy. In my opinion there's too much that can go wrong with a silicone or butyl rubber based roll on material, it normally requires a ton of prep work primers and cleaners to maximize adhesion, and even then if you scratch it nick it or liquid is able to get underneath it somehow you will have to rip it out and redo it. There is another material you can buy made by Derakane it's a polyester vinyl epoxy resin it's the toughest stuff you can get it's used in bulk chemical tank trailers it can resist anything up to 98% sulfuric acid there is no solvent that can break it down. It's not all that cheap, but it's the best.
  5. mhart032

    ReefHaus 75 Gallon Resurrection

    Look at uline for the containment you can get any size really, and it true containment. That really will hold 55gals and so on.
  6. mhart032

    ReefHaus 75 Gallon Resurrection

    following along I had the same idea, with my redsea 115 under the stairs closet is a good room. right in the middle of the house so it stays cool. and have access to lots of power on both sides of the walls. Ive pulled power through both sides ran the dosers and ATO through the wall as you can see the ATO container and containment. Peace.exe
  7. mhart032

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    Thanks i appreciate that, no real updates, Everything is the same, dosing phosphates to keep them up, had a small dino outbreak but fixed that up with dosing phosphates, went through a small patch of cyno, kicked the fuge back on to its fullest and backed off the phosphates a little and its clearing up. i havent really added anything as its mainly a fish only tank with live rock for the time being, im leaving out of town for 11 days in Aug on vacation so made the decision to not have to worry about corals and crashes while im gone for that long of a period. but the fish are doing great, no issues there, i did add a UV in line that i can kick on with the apex as needed. Ill take some pics this evening for a true update.
  8. mhart032

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    So, I'm pretty upset that you took pics of my tank without asking... Lol I wish! It's nicer in person than in pics that's for sure. Well done for sure!
  9. mhart032

    Repeated cyanobacteria blooms

    most of your GHA issues see to be on the left side of the tank, makes me wonder if flow is playing a major roll in some of the issues in that side trapping detritus and left over particles on that side of the tank. id prob throw another powerhead on that side to to get some turbulence, depending on the return to give you flow in that type of tank is (in my mind) not a good idea as flow restricts depending on how often you clean that pump and turnover in the tank. I do see some Cyano but id vac it up when i did another water change and test phosphates as suggested, ditch the chems to clean it up and watch the water quality more, add a couple lbs more rock. Id probably feed a little less than that too, thats a small tank to feed out everyday depending on the feedings. corse this is all based on what i think/ or would do.
  10. mhart032

    New to reef keeping

    Welcome to the club!
  11. I believe it would. I believe there is a fine line between what they love and hate. We all know sps is very finicky, there kind of like a naso Tang you look at it sidways and it gets sick. It's very possible it bleached losing all the zooxanthellae and not actually rtned at first just gave the appearance. We also don't really know how quickly the rise was in the p04 either. (Spell check sucks)
  12. mhart032

    Sump with established nano reef help

    The waterbox is 100% glass and can be drilled. I looked into this with the 20gal i have that i broke down. I was going to remove the baffel and drill it if i was going to update it. the silicone can be easily cut out with a thin razor knife, then it can be drilled for an overflow. to even piggy back on that a large sump would be nice. when i built my "dream" tank at the time it was a 60gal sump with a 40gal 1/2 starphire display, to get the bigger body of water but still maintained the smaller feel.
  13. mhart032

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    I have 14 fish although smaller fish. maybe i need to cut the fuge back, although its really saved me from algae and issues in the display big time. i guess i can cut the sea lettuce out. its a phosphate magnet from the start. Ill pull it tonight and see what kind of difference that makes.
  14. mhart032

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    I am running a big fuge, well roughly 20gals give or take, with chaeto and sea lettuce. I've cut the lighting to help some.
  15. mhart032

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    I cant seem to keep my phosphate up. last week it was .03 from undetectable, i fed heavy for several days 3 times a day, i reduced fuge lighting to every mondays thursdays and saturdays. thinking it would be .05-6 and i would be happy, checked this morning .00 i have not done a water change yet on this system in 3ish months. i dont get it. any ideas?