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  1. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    awesome, i really appreciate that.
  2. mhart032

    List yours: Smallest break::Biggest PITA

    This happen to me, it was alum and after a while couldn't handle the pressure, water was running out the front door. good thing i had tile in the entire downstairs. wow it was bad. i blamed it on the toilet fill line insurance took care of it, but not really much damage believe it or not.
  3. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    So everything has been pretty good for the most part, i did lose all the sps, i was on vacation for a week, and my mom was house sitting and the dinos got everything, i did 3 days blackout when i got home and alls well. they are all gone. it was real bad ugh. actually went dark for 4 days to insure everything was gone. started lighting the take a week ago and im happy i did. everything is clean again, a little GHA from phos and no water changes. but all in all manageable. decided before i added the SPS id let a nem roam around and get situated so im not moving things around constantly. hes been in for a couple days and stayed put right where i put him. it was the lowest flow area in the tank, with the 2 mp10s and the tunze return pump there isn't a whole lot of real estate that has little flow, but it was built for SPS so im not going to compromise on the flow. i started off slow and worked up to where i wanted the flow to be so he would be fine where he was. of course the clowns still wont host, they love the hammer even though they are killing it. anyway here is a quick video of what it looks like now. mind you the dinos engulfed the entire sand bed and rocks. it was terrible. 20180917_195445.mp4
  4. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    Worked perfect, finally got that all sorted out. I think i have everything finished except the KZ dosing system. I did have one flaw. The ATO syphoned back into the ATO made a mess good thing i can remove the panel from the bottom and was able to clean it up. Im thinking ill make some kind of containment for under the chems. anyway here is a pic. Don't look at my ugly stn corals.
  5. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    I have a conundrum.... I have put the 2 part into the reses but forgot which was which. any simple way to tell?
  6. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    I really appreciate that, that's pretty awesome. Yeah i miss typed. 0.07
  7. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    Ok, so I've been super busy with work and not time to do any updates. But I almost got the stand finished up, it spent forever at regal getting panels cut, I waited and waited for them to tell me it was ready, turns out it took them a day and they wrote my number down incorrectly, anyway. It's almost ready to set the tank and finish hooking everything up. The tank has been bad with alk swings. But I think my Hanna checker is giving me false readings. I did 3 tests back to back and got 8.2, 8.7, 9.1 all with in 10 mins. Mag has been stable, calcium has been on tract. Haven't Dino issues due to it being so low nutriance. Everything tests 0 phos tests .7 on the Hanna low range test kit. Undetectable on the high range. Had some STN on some of the sps. I'll admit it wasn't ready. But it's getting closer. I made a big mistake and was trimming the stn from the goblin and dropped it and it smashed into 500 pieces all over the floor 😕 ill have to get some more. It didn't make the glueing back togeather. The acans and the hammer are doing very well (surprises me with the low nutriance) but I been hand feeding them. I went ahead and found the clowns I wanted and added them, they are roughly 8 week old snowflake clowns (finally my gf is happy about something in the tank lol) anyway I'll leave you with some pics of the stand. Still have a couple things to mount when I move the tank over, the tunze ato, heaters and probs. waiting on regal to build me a 4 compartment 500ml each compartment reservoir for the kz system (hopefully Weds) and ordered another dos to handle that. Need to put the brushed alum hindges on the door. Don't mind the foam I used to hold the door on.
  8. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    I appreciate that, we will see what happens but i have faith.
  9. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    quick update, i had the lemonade frag RTN last night, not really sure what happened, but everything checked out, i did a 5gal water change this morning, i noticed the extension wasn't great the last couple days, but it did get moved when i added the new colonies, the chameleon looks to be starting a little bit, the water change should help some with that. i moved it a bit lower in the tank and turned down the intensity of the lights. the Goblin looks great no issues with that one and the acans and hammer are doing pretty good. i really have to get my apex on the tank and get the dos working quickly to help with the alk, mag and calcium to make sure they stay in check, they have been stable during the day and PH has been right at 8.0 8.4, but ill check it tonight when the lights go out and see if it swings and the alk as well. iv been dosing the KZ system for a few days .5ml a day by hand all 4 supplements and feeding reef roids to the tank in very small qualities, i noticed the salinity was a bit about 1.022 buffed that up with the water change this morning. still not algae really of any kind. I know with the 20gal its going to take some work to get everything super stable. so we will see what happens. I hate to lose corals, but what are you going to do, figure out what happen and learn and fix it.
  10. mhart032

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    I can understand that, I notice the difference running the LEDS now vs the MH i used to run, i almost went back with a 250 with the phoenix 14k again over this tank, but i thought id evolve and see what's out there with the leds. i tend to view the tank more under the morning blue light spectrums then the day time lighting as well. So i can def see your point of the blue. its still gorgeous, and the polyp extension is crazy. that's one happy coral.
  11. mhart032

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    No sir, there are a few colors that ive seen from your thread that I've never seen on acros before, its awesome how much the hobby has changed in that way. either we were just not introduced to them or they didn't exist. that's part of what drew me back in was the color range on the sps vs the standard colors we used to see. i notice a lot of pretty stuff coming from the aussies now days vs what we saw coming over from other countries that supplied back when. its pretty cool to see how much this hobby has advanced and keeps advancing. Pretty stuff Ty that's for sure.
  12. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    Picked up the stuff that Jolt was nice enough to hold for me while my tank was getting ready. everything is doing pretty good with exception to the acans still be a little pissy due to travel and what not. The Goblin picture does not do it justice, the color is amazing in the tank as well as all the rest. anyway here are pics!
  13. mhart032

    Reef Stuff for Sale

  14. mhart032

    Reef Stuff for Sale

    Has the dos been spoken for? I need another one.
  15. mhart032

    Upgrade to 90

    I have used a similar type set up on my very first tank, it was a 55g strech hex. I was great when I didn't know any better. I was just excited to have my first saltwater tank. My advice if you are set and love the hobby, get what you want now. A hob overflow system is not very sustainable for long term use. If it we're me and you want to use the 90 see if it's glass and drill it. Or best 90gal I ever had was the dsa neo 90 I wish I would have never upgraded from that tank way back when, but the emergence on starphire glass was the next best thing so I bit in. But tanks are a ton cheaper from 10 yrs ago and there are so many veriations to choose from. Just make sure you get what you really want and are going to be happy with 6 months from now. Don't put all that work into a nice stand and then want a better system down the road.