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  1. mhart032

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    The skimmer pump is a Jacod airstar 1200 same as the jaebo 6000 I have read they are very good pumps as well. What version are you using on that tank? The price is good too.
  2. mhart032

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    The maxspects came in yesterday, as well as the pump controller for the skimmer, I haven't starting really building it yet, I'm still thinking about the plumbing and the return pump, I've been looking at all the DC pumps initially the maxspects 9k was a choice, but the reviews are terrible, so was thinking the Cor 20 had some good options, but the reviews are not any better. Anyone have any suggestions on return pump? I'm thinking at least 2000gph to feed the manifold with the reactors and all, I don't want to short change the display on turnover.
  3. mhart032

    KimP's in-wall room divider build

    It's very easy to setup, and tweak. Congrats! You will love it.
  4. mhart032

    Auto water change

    The ir sensor won't stick like the float switches.
  5. You can use most of legacy modules on the Apex as well. It's a big investment but in my eyes completely worth it. When building the 20gal I was thinking of just using the classic, but I'm really glad I made the investment on the new one.
  6. mhart032

    Auto water change

    If you use the the breakout box with the optical IR to kill the pumps on the apex to solve the overflow issue. vise versa use a float sensor in reverse extract the used saltwater when it closes it will kill the pump and the the second float to fill then tank back up from the new salt container, you can set the top float sensor on a delay in the apex, to insure you are not extracting the new water. take out from your overflow chamber in the sump and refill into the return section, watch how long it takes the first couple times, then set a feed mode to kill the skimmer and return pump if needed. I have put some thought into this, a few years ago after setting up the DIY ATO they used to sell backwards on the breakout box and watching the ATO not stop when the switch was closed. the IR would just be insure the tank doesn't overflow. its possible to to this in reverse with an ATO like the Tunze 3155. I thought about the DOS but i just cant see that pump keeping up with refilling 20-30 gals in a timely manor.
  7. mhart032

    Maxspect Gyre 250s

    Ill have to give that a look, Thanks!
  8. mhart032

    Maxspect Gyre 250s

    I am into that for sure. Do you have any info on that? I've read several post where the Apex wasn't ready yet. But I'd love to do that.
  9. So the 20gal waterbox either did the trick and made me want to be a reefer again, OR pissed me off and now i have to go bigger. the .2 to .3 alk swings were way to difficult to keep sps in, besides i had WAY to much equipment for a 20gal lol . Ive bought a used red sea reefer 450 for a fraction of the price its worth ( Thanks again By eddius-maximus ) I picked up the tank last week and been working on it a little at a time to get it ready. Im taking all my equipment from the waterbox with exceptions to the MP10s the skimmer and the other nano size equipment. So far i have the tank, stand, sump im pretty impressed with the red sea tanks, so much better then there umm there attempts several years ago with acrylic systems. i bought a ATB 840 2.0 skimmer from Eddie when i picked up the tank with the DC motor this thing is a beast and prob over kill, but i got a great price on it too. I plan to do a manifold system with sch 80 plumbing everything plumbed in with at least 2 reactors but room for 2 more additions for later down the road. i have had the 4.5gal ATO drilled for bulkheads to make a fuge, going to plumb it in from the overflow so i can eliminate the need for more pump in that area. I dont expect a ton of flow through it. I have bought 110lbs more rock with the 40lbs i have it the waterbox i should be able to do some pretty decent scaping, for lighting i have 3 radion XR15 G4 pros already with 2 new in the box and 1 over the waterbox, I have a NIB AI Prime i will use for the fuge light. I bought 2 new Maxspect gyre FX250s for super cheap from another reefer that i will be using for flow in the display, Im not to sure on the return pump yet, but i like the idea of the maxspect, but i do like the Neptune and vectra pumps as well. So far everything is cleaned just waiting to decide on a few other ideas. still need to decide on a system weather it be 2 part or Tritan, the Tritan intrigues me as id like to be as ULM as i can. So far I have the following 92Gal tank and Stand 20Gal sump 5Gal fuge Apex with 2 dos dossers and reservoirs, WXM module, PM1 and ALDS, AFS ATB 840 2.0 Skimmer With DC Airstar Dc pump 2X Maxspect Gyre 250s Alkatronic Tunze 3155 ATO 150lbs rock 110lbs dry 100lbs pink Fuji sand 3X Radion xr15w G4 Pros W/ mount systems. Here are some pics. Before i cleaned it up. Here is the after
  10. mhart032

    Maxspect Gyre 250s

    I bought 2 maxspect gyre 250s from another reefer, i have roughly 330.00 in both of them, i was looking at the Icecap apex modules. is this a worthy upgrade? i do love connecting things to the apex but seems a little messy with the gyres. any advice?
  11. If the router rebooted it might have jumped to a different local ip address. You can find that on the fusion under settings and network. but it seems things are working via the dashboard. so might just be the cable, i had a issue kind of like that before on my older tank a few years ago when the classic wasn't classic lol. Apex replaced the EB8 well Mark Callahan got it replaced for me as he got it for me. but i think it got wet, or moisture in it. but i think only 2 outlets worked.
  12. the ALDS might need to be setup via the dashboard under modules as well.
  13. Can you change anything on the fusion dashboard? have you tried to access it through the local network see if that will work? Correct me if im wrong but it should be (IP address)/Apex/Local for instance mine is might also check the access while your in there to make sure you can edit/modify not just view. as well as the lock not enabled. you should also be able to go to diagnostics and read all the info on the apex system i.e serial numbers and all that.
  14. mhart032

    The new tank is up!

    I love schools of Chromis, Im looking forward to having a school of my own. nice pick up.
  15. mhart032

    20G Waterbox Build

    Yes sir, thanks! im excited about the build, this is my biggest display tank by 2gals but its long not like the neo 90, which i had a love and hate relationship with due to the tallness of it.