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  1. GrimReefer

    Help finding fowlr lights

    Yes, would like something like how the ai prime or xr15 radions mount on the back of the tank with an arm. Just seems like it would be a waste of $ using either one of those 2 for fish only
  2. GrimReefer

    Help finding fowlr lights

    I will check them out, with the 30" front to back it is hard to find anything besides side mount strips or ceiling mount which I do not want.
  3. GrimReefer

    Back by popular demand

    Well I'm back after a few years, looks like alot of new people here now. Not seeing posts from people I remember but just wanted to say hi, I'm back at it but probably sticking to fowlr for now (how it all started 10 years ago). My name is Quinten for those who I have met or remember me.
  4. Well I'm back after a few years, tank crashed while I was working away from home alot and gave up until now since now I have my own buisness and am home every night. I am only doing a fowlr tank with maybe some softies. Before I had 2 xr30's on this tank and it was awesome. Sold those a long time ago and not sure what to go with, I would like 1 or 2 units to mount on the back and hang over the water. Not looking to spend alot of cash or I would just go back with radions, but would like something with built in controller. There are alot more cheap pos lights I see now online than before so figured I would ask here. Here's a picture of the tank, severely scratched from storage but 5 sets of sanding and novus got it scratch free, long day. Dimension is 36 wide 30 fb. Also looking for live sand and rock if anyone has any to get rid of.
  5. GrimReefer

    wife wants unused tanks gone

    Still have both of these. Need them gone. Mr aqua just needs water and fish
  6. GrimReefer

    innovative marine 38

    Still wondering why i can't sell this thing. They don't make the nuvo anymore so should be considered rare lol. O well if anyone wants any parts txt me an offer on what u want
  7. GrimReefer

    innovative marine 38

    Still here
  8. GrimReefer

    innovative marine 38

    450 and yes
  9. GrimReefer

    Acrylic Vendor in Austin?

    Anyone know if they refinish acrylic? Too late to call and ask
  10. any local shops I can take my acrylic tank to have it refinished when I move?

    1. dapettit


      What are the dimensions of the tank?

    2. GrimReefer


      36x30x18. Tried to do it myself and looks horrible

    3. dapettit


      I did my tank might be interested in doing yours. send me a PM.

  11. GrimReefer

    wife wants unused tanks gone

    Both tanks still available. 50$ each
  12. GrimReefer

    innovative marine 38

    Still available. Everything is just like it came from the store for less than half price.
  13. GrimReefer

    innovative marine 38

    Price reduced
  14. GrimReefer

    innovative marine 38

    Sorry about the sideways pics. Always happens when I post off a phone
  15. GrimReefer

    innovative marine 38

    Everything in excellent condition. No scratches at all on the tank. Everything was bought in January 2014 except for the mp10. New dryside/motor bought 3 months ago for mp10.not parting out, only equiptment needed would be a light. Equiptment Innovative marine nuvo 38 gallon white Spin stream nozzle Eshopps psk75 skimmer Cpr medium refugium Light for refugium Glass lid Set of tongs for frags or whatever Short table, what i used as a stand Ecotech mp10 wireless (new model) Everything ran me $1000 asking $450 Radion pro and mount not included