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  1. JimD


    Well darn,,,, I was hoping it would be ok to add another pair from my Jawfish tank because theyre swimming in the hair algae I let grow out like its an annemone and I have plenty of Roses in my 65g.
  2. JimD


    True Perculas.. Do you think the tanks big enough to support four clowns ?
  3. JimD


    True Perculas..
  4. JimD


    What do you think about adding two more clownfish to this tank that already holds two clowns ? 65 gallons
  5. JimD

    SPS Large/Medium Frags and Mini Colony

    Wheres that ? I dont get out very often...
  6. JimD

    SPS Large/Medium Frags and Mini Colony

    Would you meet me half way ?? Im in south Austin..
  7. JimD

    SPS Large/Medium Frags and Mini Colony

    Ill take the Ora Chipps and the Strawberry Shortcake lg... 6 and 8 Where are you located?
  8. JimD

    Super skimmer 125

    No kidding, Im just glad I had a spare !!
  9. JimD

    Super skimmer 125

    Fixed it, it was the pump, when I took it apart, the impeller looked a little funky, fortunately, I had a spare, all is back to normal...
  10. JimD

    Super skimmer 125

    This is something that happened all of a sudden, the tank level has not changed... Thank for the help so far....
  11. JimD

    Super skimmer 125

    Nope, nothing... I wonder if it could be the pump....
  12. JimD

    Super skimmer 125

    Nope, nothin like that, I havent dosed anything.... Nope, its probably something really simple that Im just overlooking...
  13. JimD

    Super skimmer 125

    Nope, nothin like that, I havent dosed anything or used any epoxy....
  14. Hi, Im having a problem with my skimmer,,, when I put it on the lowest setting, it overflows. When I move the skimmer to a 5 gallon bucket full of saltwater, it works just fine.... This is a recent development and Ive tried just about everything,,,, Any suggestions ???