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  1. Tanks going great ! Finally... Bobcat, I just gave them a deep enough sandbed and turned them loose !
  2. They have such great personalities !! Cool as hell....
  3. Beginning of a nem split

    Cool !!!
  4. Cotroller

    I need a good, cheap temperature controller, anybody got one ??
  5. Chaeto

    Appreciate the offer, Ill wait and see if anyone from south Austin chimes in...
  6. Chaeto

    Anyone ?
  7. Chaeto

    I dunno Mike but that batch of chaeto didnt make it so need to hit up the kindness of fellow reefere, anybode have any to spare ?
  8. Hob skimmer. Seeing what out there lmk

    I have a reef octopus hb 800 if you're still looking.... $100, needs new pump... Negotiable
  9. DE (diatomaceous earth)

    Nice tank Farmer,,, nice and clean....
  10. DE (diatomaceous earth)

    Will do Jolt ! I hear ya Farmer Ty.... And thanks for all the help...
  11. DE (diatomaceous earth)

    Thats the target, 5-10 ppm nitrate, not there yet, but getting there...
  12. DE (diatomaceous earth)

    This is a problem that occured suddenly in a tank thats been set up for 15 years, so I dont think its phosphates,..
  13. DE (diatomaceous earth)

    Po4 is undetectable, whats H202 ?