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  1. So you've gone to the dark side? No longer cleaning up messes, but assisting in making them? [emoji12]
  2. I'm still at AECOM! The only environmental consultant left in the club these days [emoji447]
  3. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see updates of this tank
  4. I was wondering when we were going to hear from you again! Have any shots of this new tank and any coral growth?
  5. That's a good sign! What is your alk sitting at now? Are your current pieces acros?
  6. PM'd
  7. I'll be free this evening. Send me a PM and we can coordinate.
  8. Yessir! It was good meeting you
  9. Nice!
  10. Beautiful!
  11. Also, free red monti cap with any purchase if buyers are interested!
  12. The frag rack is getting pretty full, so time to make room for more! Joe the coral - $20 GE's Key Lime Breeze - $20 Misc teal acro - $20 Acro sarmentosa - $15 Golden Eye Leptastrea - $20 Superman monti - $10 Sunset Mille - $50 Picture of the whole frag rack if there's anything else that catches your eye, let me know.
  13. Bump. Still producing it!
  14. The problem in my tank certainly seems to have been resolved. After getting new RO filters and doing several water changes, the corals look much better. I was only out of town for 2 days and I can see noticeable coral growth and coloration improvements. Definitely on the path to recovery and 100% health. Looks like I'll be needing to make room on the frag rack too now that corals are starting to grow into each other.
  15. Not bad as far as death toll goes. Especially considering I was dipping them in straight tap water before putting them in your tank before you got there Tiny nubs is all you need of the echinata, the frag I got from you was all but gone when my tank was in a trough for several months. It managed to grow back from only an encrusted frag plug to the golf ball size it is today and is growing at an exponential rate. You can always take some of mine back to reseed your tank if you wish.