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  1. Bump, still have plenty of affordable SPS frags available
  2. Weekend BUMP! Trying to get this out of here before my daughter is born
  3. How funny, I was just researching sulfur denitrators this morning. It's like I could sense what you were about to say...... SCIENCE!!
  4. Did you see anything on the exterior of the fish that died that could suggest a disease or parasite? Has anything died and gone missing in your tank? What have you been adding to the water? Have you been using filtered water for your top off?
  5. Haha yes, well you know that playing reef sounds for your fish is all the rage these days. But I do also enjoy listening to music while I perform mind numbing tasks like cleaning the skimmer, glass, changing filter socks, and testing the water.
  6. I got the AC unit functioning today. And good timing too since it’s supposed to be on the warmer side this week.
  7. I moved one of my blue gigs over to "Anemone Island" last night, and it was a rough transition. I wonder if there is a natural substance in the world stickier than the tentacles of a gigantea anemone.... 🤣
  8. Thanks guys, it’s a lot of open canvas to work with. Looking forward to starting over from scratch essentially. Endless possibilities
  9. It's going to need a poop load of coral to cover all that bare rock......
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