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  1. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    School Starts SPS Sale...splendid savings surprise! [emoji38]

    I am heading down to SA this weekend to visit my dad!
  2. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    280 gallon Build

    As long as the wife is happy, that's all a lot of us can ask for!
  3. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Interestingly, some of the tips of my table have survived the onward moving wall of death. There may be hope yet
  4. Sorry for the alliteration, I had to! [emoji16] I've got a few frags that have been encrusting for a while and are moving from "frag" status to "mini colony" status pretty soon. I would love to move them along before things start growing into each other. Red dragon frags - $20 Mother colony: DaM mille - $30 Myagi Tort - $30 (tow bottom purple frags) Reefwise purple something - $20 (upper frags in the picture with the greenish tips)
  5. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    I know what I'm stealing next time I'm at your house! I mean, neat looking coral!
  6. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    Elegant Reef has upped their frag game

    nice! I might have to check it out when I'm in town next week
  7. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Woah woah woah woah. WOAH. WOAH. No no, I've had the anemone bug for a long long time. 😎 And it's most definitely not a dedicated tank for colorful aiptasia!
  8. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    It's still on its way out. I did another water change, ran ozone again, and hanged carbon. Nothing is stopping it. The issue started before I changed my lights, it all started going downhill when I was vacation. Only now is it picking up speed and RTNing. Both of my large tables declined when I was out of town and now this one has just given up on trying. I cut a frag of it just in case part of it can survive and I can restart.
  9. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    In better news, I finally got my new frag tank/anemone tank up to running conditions
  10. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Not for long!
  11. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

  12. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    The thing is it has died away from the pedestal of the table, which means it would just be a weird shelf piece that wouldn't fit anywhere well in my tank. Honestly I would rather have it as one solid piece if it dies as a commemorative show piece for my desk [emoji23] I would prefer it to survive and recover though, just doesn't seem likely.
  13. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Unfortunately I have been dealing with one of those phantom coral death issues that just can't seem to be solved. I've checked my water parameters, everything is normal and all other corals look fine. I've changed out over 50% of my water over the past week and it hasn't slowed the death of this table. I've been running UV for weeks and I ran ozone on the tank yesterday and didn't seem to help. I'm going to do one final water change today and if it dies, it dies. Sometimes the complexity of these animals can't be explained at the hobbyist level. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear it!
  14. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Snapped some FTSs
  15. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Digging my new light settings. Thought I would grab a few photos to share this weekend A tip of my A. sarmentosa got knocked down and thought it was a cool shot The bravest fish in my tank, little eviota gobies Goniopora is still alive and kicking CB flaming Phoenix looking good even under white lights