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  1. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    Sup ARC

  2. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Wow it’s been a long time since an update. Over 7 months of struggles ever since my tank randomly started having troubles while I was out of the country on vacation. A lot of losses, then half a year of stagnant growth and poor coloration. Now things seem to finally be turning around, better colors and corals started growing again. I lost all of my large colonies, including my red dragon. The red dragon bone yard: Here’s some more upbeat photos of my survivors Green slimer Oregon tort I neglected the frags on my frag rack this whole time, the montis didn’t skip a beat it appears RR The Vinh
  3. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    WTB SPS corals

    I have green slimer and ORA chips acro. I also have other acro frags and several encrusting montis (sunset, superman, chili pepper, rainbow)
  4. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    Juiceman's AGE 200 Gallon Reef

    This is going to be one of those perennial corals that we all trade to each other and get back when our colony randomly dies. [emoji58]
  5. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    Juiceman's AGE 200 Gallon Reef

    Dude that strain is the strangest. Yours came from Ty right? Mine was doing well and then randomly RTN’d too. Seems like it has happened to everyone to have a piece of it. [emoji848]
  6. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    Sierra Bravo's 120 in-wall tank, a.k.a "Where I keep my paychecks"

    Good luck man! I always hate leaving town for extended periods of time. Most of the time I come back and there’s minimal loss, so I’m sure you’ll be just fine. Enjoy the break!
  7. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Well it seemed like my red dragon was on the mend, and as soon as I got back from Chicago it started RTNing. Did a water change, but that hasn’t changed anything apparently. Very random pattern of RTN too. 2018 has hibernation a frustrating year for my tank and acros [emoji58]
  8. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    It was. It did a great job of killing off what was there, but I guess it didn’t completely eradicate it
  9. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    My GHA has started to come back already. I left carbon offline for just shy of a month, but I guess that wasn’t long enough. I’ll likely be dosing again soon and starting the process over again. I have ulva in my tank and it’s not affected by Fluco at all, you could always use that as a form of nutrient export! [emoji23]
  10. Gig 'em @ NDstructible


    Don’t worry, that’s what we would do too when we did well rehabs and had tanks of waste water full of acid. A couple boxes of baking soda here and there and once it stopped bubbling I would call it good enough for government work [emoji38][emoji12] But I do the same thing with vinegar, once the dissolving power diminishes I replace the solution with a fresh vinegar water bath.
  11. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Leaving town is always a nail biter. Hopefully you have a friend in town that can periodically check in on things who knows what to look for. I appreciate the words of encouragement! I hope if I don’t change anything for a while everything will recover and get back to full health. Please God, no more issues🤞
  12. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    My tank continues to not make up its mind wether it’s happy or struggling. I had some RTN this past week losing 90% of my SSC and nearly a whole large branch of my red dragon. I can’t really explain the SSC, but the red dragon RTN coincided with my CaRX flow stopping while I was out of state and my alk dropped below 6. The RTN has slowed and maybe stopped now that the CaRX flow has restarted. On the other hand, coral colors continue to slowly improve. They haven’t returned to optimal coloration, but a slow and steady improvement is better than none or reversal.
  13. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Haha right? Glad someone noticed...
  14. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Freaking miracle drug! I’ve shut tanks down in the past out of frustration with GHA. I’m always going to have some Fluco on hand now going forward
  15. Gig 'em @ NDstructible

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    I’ve felt hopeful about my tank for the first time this week in a long long time. The GHA is mostly gone now thanks to the Fluco treatment, and what a difference that has made on the health of my corals! I performed a large water change this week and it seemed like the next days the colors of my corals was noticeably better. Sponge growth is definitely starting to come back, my feather dusters are starting to pop back up again, and I’m starting to see mysid shrimp in the sump again. I’m hopeful the recovery will continue and corals that have laid dormant for half a year will start growing again. Fingers crossed! New sponge growth peaking through the dead sponge. A couple FTS: