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  1. Today is the day the Maroon Lagoon V2.0 gets shut down. It’s been a nice run, that past year has more or less been a disappointment with the mysterious slow slow coral STN, but I’ll be dipping all the corals throughly before transferring them to the new tank. Thank you maroon lagoon V2.0, and God’s speed!
  2. Oh yes, that's why I said I would need a condensate pump. They sell them for roughly $100 and they just pump the condensate out of the collection pan and through a hose to the outside. I have 1/4" tubing running through the wall right now and the RO waste line runs through the wall and out the garage door where it drains into the yard. I suppose the easiest solution is to open up the wall and feed the condensate line with the RO waste water line and have two 1/4" lines draining freshwater into the yard. That or just settle for the pump and just dump it on the side of the house.
  3. No exterior wall. The closest exterior wall is either the wall of the front porch (no), the garage door (big ol LOLZ), or the other side of the garage where the existing AC compressor is. The other side of the garage makes the most sense. It's on the side of the house, and I just need a line that can reach.... roughly 15'?
  4. Yeah the thought crossed my mind, but I would definitely need to exhaust outside where I can dump the heat and it won't just build up somewhere else in the house. Either a portable and vent it up through the attic and through the roof, or a mini split wall mount with a precipitate pump to pump water up and through the attic to an exterior wall.
  5. My problem with putting a vent fan in there is when I draw the pressure in the room down, the easiest source of new air is from the garage from under the doors. And in the summertime, that air is going to be nice and toasty. Also when my wife parks her car in the garage, that air is nice and rich with CO2. I would prefer to have neutral or positive pressure on the fish room so as little garage air as possible is drawn in.
  6. Yes! Exactly the issue I'm running into now. The house was so muggy yesterday, and that's with the aquariums isolated in their own room now. We had to turn the AC on for 30 minutes just to bring the humidity in the house down a little. My fish room straight up feels like the tropics, even with the dehumidifier running. The dehumidified does a decent job of keeping the humidity low, but it generates so much heat that it warms up and creates more evaporation. I think the best solution is to just install a dedicated AC unit for the room. As much as I hate to continue to dump money into this room, long term I think I will be happy with that decision.
  7. Well unfortunately I think I’m going to need to install a mini split AC unit in the fish room. It’s been one of those periods of the year in Austin where it’s not cold enough outside to make the house cool, but not warm enough for the central AC to run. I insulated the fish room pretty well, so when the ambient temperature isn’t cold enough and there’s no air being pushed through the AC vent, heat is building up pretty well in there. I walked in this morning and it was a balmy 84 just from the few pieces of auxiliary equipment running and the dehumidifier running. I’m thinking if it’s this warm when it’s in the mid 60s outside, what’s it going to be like when the garage temperature is reaching triple digits? It might be different in the middle of summer when the AC is running most of the day and pushing cool air into the room, but I’m wondering if it’ll be enough once all the equipment is in there and running 24/7. Also I don’t want these temperature spikes in the spring and fall when the house temperature is in this limbo. Probably better off just biting the bullet now and installing a unit.
  8. One of my gigantea anemones. Debating keeping them in an anemone dedicated tank in the fish room, or displaying them in their own 1/3 side of the display tank. They are called gigantea for a reason, and I have 4 of them...
  9. A break from the build photos. A couple photos of livestock in the frag tanks. 5 species of montipora growing in to each other
  10. Selling my Reef Octopus calcium reactor now that I’m consolidating down to one system. Works and no leaks. Comes with CO2 tank, solenoid valve, and pH controller. $300 and it’s yours.
  11. The frag tank and anemone tank have settled into their locations and the water has cleared. Starting to feel more complete
  12. You mean the hinges aren't supposed to go on that way?! 😂
  13. To my wife’s pleasure, I got the frag tanks moved out of the living room and into the fish room. Took me a whole day, but all the tanks are now plumbed together. I also got the Radions hooked up to my Apex, so I will be working on programming those lights soon. I seeded the tank with new rock that has been sitting in a brute for the past month and rocks from my frag system to get the cycle going. Turned the lights on tonight to get a quick photo
  14. Well I just got home from my field assignment and headed to the tank to throw on some filter socks when I saw that it cleared up while I was gone! So weird that it took so long... maybe adding sand and the particulates from that helped precipitate out whatever was suspended for so long?
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