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  1. Convince? Good luck! [emoji23] If anything, highlight the benefits of building one tank now vs another tear down and rebuild down the road. Also that a shorter tank would be more attractive and require less effort from you in maintenance. Less effort=more time. I would argue that not having to tear down the old tank again and build a new one plus all the saved time from not having to get a step stool or tongs to get down into the tank will save a significant amount of time in the future. Now what is your time worth in the future with 3(+) kids, a career, a wife, etc? Certainly worth a couple thousand dollars now I would think! Plus a new build is fun and exciting and we get to design things perfectly from scratch to make it as automated and flawless as possible [emoji16]
  2. Could be, although I've seen the same thing in wholesaler warehouses with fish or shrimp that jump or hide really well.
  3. The cups had fish in them. Probably fish prone to jumping.
  4. Hm. Could have been the stress of the transition then. Or just plain ol' old age
  5. [emoji22] that sucks man. Something seemed odd that you were able to catch him so easily. There wasn't an external signs of disease or anything on him was there?
  6. That garf bonsai is looking good! Is that an orange passion?
  7. Your tank travels more than I do [emoji12]
  8. Earlier this month I had the immense pleasure and fortune to visit and tour the export facility of Bali Aquariums while I was in Bali on vacation. I was given a persona tour of the facility with the manager, Vincent, who had a masters degree in marine biology and had over 20 years of experience in the industry. For an export facility in a poorer country, I was impressed by the cleanliness and exceptional care of the animals in their possession. Though Bali Aquariums may be best known for their excellent maricultured corals, they also appear to export a large volume of fish as well. The fish are probably taken better care of in this export facility than many import facilities in the states. All the fish are quarantined upon arrival, acclimated with water that has been adjusted to match the pH of the water they arrived in, and prophylactically treat the fish with Prazipro, formalin, and copper medications. If any fish arrive injured, they are treated with methylene blue and antibiotics and kept in a separate holding area. The facility the fish are kept in is kept clean at food safe conditions with UV sterilizers and bleach buckets to walk through coming in and out of the facility. The fish are fed fish eggs and the tangs are fed seaweed harvested fresh from the ocean. They do not feed the fish several days before export to prevent them from spoiling their water in the long trip overseas. The fish are not separated by species, but intermixed to encourage more shy fish to eat prepared foods. I was not fortunate enough to have time to visit a coral farm, but they have several coral farms scattered around the island. Indonesia has strict rules concerning coral collection, farming, and export. For every mother colony of acropora, only 10 frags are allowed to be cut from it per year and they must heal on frag plugs for 4-6 months before collection. Euphyllia brood stock can create 4 frags and they must heal for 8-12 months. LPS corals such as lobophyllias, favias, and blastomusas, can only create 2 frags per mother colony and they must heal for 2 years in the ocean before collection and export. Bali Aquariums has a great business model to help sustain the reef environment it depends on and we all love. It has an agreement with the Indonesian government to replant 30% of the coral they grow to help replant damaged reefs. In his 20+ years in Indonesia, Vincent has noticed the rapid decline in reefs due to the ravaging effects of global warming. Bali was hit especially hard during the El Niño of 2016. Bali Aquariums suffered significant coral losses during that event, even experiencing complete losses of farms on the northern side of the island. Luckily for Indonesia, the coral reefs are so diverse the reefs have been able to survive and begin recovery. Bali Aquariums will continue to produce some of the most amazing maricultured corals on the market and are even working with the government to eventually farm and export the highly coveted teardrop clam. Currently the Indonesian government allows only 3rd generation clams and beyond to be exported, so we likely won't be seeing any cultured teardrops any time soon.
  9. I thought I'd try for a different angle and shoot from the bottom up to get a better perspective of acro growth patterns.
  10. Here's a better shot of it
  11. I also have frags of my red Mille available for $20
  12. That's a chips acro I got from ty
  13. Nice! Looks like everything is chugging along
  14. Haha yeah no doubt. It's not worth the extra possible month of life to me anymore. I'll just swap out the membranes before the TDS starts to creep up as a safety measure.
  15. Always* *with the exception when the RO filters reach 6 months of age and suddenly corals lose their colors and extrude filaments for several weeks until whatever junk from the MUD water is diluted out of the system through large water changes. [emoji23]