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  1. ARC Meeting 02/24 (2pm-4pm) FarmerTy's 215 SPS Tank

    If I'm in good enough shape after my surgery tomorrow I'll be there with some $10-$15 frags I need to unload so I can shut down my fish room tank. GE Purple Orchid frags that could use some TLC, I just haven't had the time to bring the fish room tank up to the high standards necessary for keeping stunning SPS. I might bring some other stuff too if I feel up to it.
  2. Got an extra $3 million laying around?

    I'm also curious how they intend to grow coral when the wind they want to put the coral in front of is directly under the deck. There's the suspended hammock hole for light to come through, but it has to be perfectly situated to allow sun to penetrate through the hole, and it will only get directly light for a few hours each day. I just don't see corals growing there successfully long term. Maybe they'll eventually put some underwater LED strips under the deck to light the corals
  3. Got an extra $3 million laying around?

    Haha you see at 25:50 you see them waving off a cloud of silt from a coral and a few seconds later they show piles of sand right off the shore. Pretty sure that's not just "nutrients", but whatever is blowing off those sand piles when it's windy. I imagine they'll be cleaning off a lot of the corals daily until construction in that area dies down and less sand and silt is introduced regularly.
  4. The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Good catch Jolt, yeah I put too many 0's in. The edit has been made.
  5. The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Thanks, starving my corals has really paid off. I think of it like managing super models, hardly feed them anything and they'll look super sexy! Totally joking, I feed my tank 5 times a day and my nutrients are up there. It's becoming a struggle to keep PO4 below 0.10 PPM. I'm hoping the addition of the squamosa clam will help absorb some of my nutrients in the tank.
  6. 90g Stand overhaul with hood.

    I know of one tank in Austin that runs the Razor. The tank grows anemones pretty well, but I'm not sure on the success with other corals. The owner has pretty high nutrients in the tank so he doesn't keep stony corals like Acropora since they tend to die. But he has success with mushrooms and LPS with the Razor.
  7. 10G beginner tank

    Welcome to the hobby! Do you plan on adding some hardy soft corals?
  8. Got an extra $3 million laying around?

    Haha, I like that the Persian Gulf is warmer and saltier than corals are used to. I wonder how successful this will be in the long run. Seems to be a lot of silt in the water too from the video... I guess all the sands constantly blowing into the Gulf causes that. I imagine without constant care they would eventually die out in these areas that don't naturally have corals growing. Also, I wonder if they'll just have servants clean the windows to keep them clean, or just have giant mag floats
  9. The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Added a gorgeous gem today! I'm hopeful it lives a long life, it's such a colorful specimen. The RR Firecracker is coming along nicely [emoji16]
  10. Looking for Livestock - Fish, LPS, leathers

    I don't have any fish, just SPS frags. But River City Aquatics on the north side of town just got a delivery of fish in today, you should hit them up if you're around.
  11. Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    Wooo! Looking real good. Is there salt in there, or is it just fresh RO/DI water?
  12. Josh's Reefer 250

    Looking forward to some pics!
  13. Introduction and ARC "shopping trip"

  14. WB on iPhone X

    I just put a gel filter over the lens. USUALLY works decently, but not always.
  15. Sierra Bravo's 120 in-wall tank, a.k.a "Where I keep my paychecks"

    Dealing with frags is never clean!