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  1. I am going to use a 40 breeder. Still trying to decide on sump flooring option
  2. Haha yes, I have that feeling too that it needs to be up off the floor, but again I just can’t think of why when it’s concrete with nowhere for water to go but out the garage door. The one benefit I can think of for building a floor for the sump is it will be level while the garage floor is slightly sloped. It’s funny that there’s a pre conceived notion that a sump HAS to be elevated, but there isn’t a clear reason why. [emoji2369]
  3. I'll be building a false ceiling in the fishroom so the garage door can still open completely. Part of the spousal negotiations was the wife could park here car in the garage if I could convert part of it into a fishroom. It's a 1 door 2-car garage and I'm too lazy to build the garage into a 2 door garage, so I'm just going to make half the fish room a little shorter than the rest. And the tank won't be under the low ceiling, otherwise I would have no room to get into the tank.
  4. Finally a wall is starting to form for the fish room
  5. Yeah it’s going to be pretty nice having all that room for a sump and equipment. Originally I was going to put plywood down for a sump floor, but now I’m wondering why I should even do that. A concrete floor is just as good, and there’s really no reason to elevate the equipment up off the ground other than maybe keeping it off the cold cement. Am I not taking something into account here?
  6. Finally got the new tank moved in and on the stand! Still need to position it, but progress is good.
  7. This sounds incredibly similar to what I’m currently building. What lights are you thinking? My one big regret right now is 7’ long is a real difficult tank to light with bar style lighting. T5s don’t come in 3.5’ or 7’. Radions can make it work, but that’s a lot of Radions. I am plumbing in HVAC to the room to keep it cool in the summer and will probably have a dehumidifier in there as well.
  8. Haha yeah I had to re-measure the stand to make sure it was right because I thought the same thing. So happy Jake has been willing to hold it this long. It’s real difficult to get a tank built when you’re constantly out of town [emoji58]
  9. Yeah it’s been a rough stretch over the last year and a half. I’ve been in this hobby for a while now and I’ve never ran into so much unexplainable deaths and roller coaster of health with acros when nothing is being changed. Hopefully the new tank will act as an opportunity to begin anew. You’ll have to start cutting me some frags Jim, I’m going to have a whollllleeeee lot of real estate to fill.
  10. Well, I’m not sure how much livestock I’ll have to start the new tank with. I think I’ve lost at least 60% of my acros now. Probably 80% of what I had 2 years ago. I’m accumulating a lot of good CaRX media though. On a brighter note, the stand is finally done for the new tank
  11. Moved a few blocks over into a larger house. Gotta make room for the baby girl coming in February
  12. Jake was telling me about some issues with the overflow boxes, I suppose from what you discovered. I’m waiting to hear what he learns from the manufacturer before I do anything.
  13. Yeah, I love the deep dimensions. I stuck with 24”, it was nearly 1k more to add 3 more inches of height. I would have liked the taller look, but not that much.
  14. Tank has arrived. Thanks to River City Aquatic’s for helping me acquire this custom build!
  15. Not at the moment, just that the stand is at the powder coater to get a nice red coat!
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