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    Good timing for the question. We're about to post details for 3/23....
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    PM me, think I have one in my closet.
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    Back by popular demand

    Welcome Back!
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    Posting Photos in Build Thread

    Yes, there is, you can simply include your pictures in your thread and they will upload and be stored here. In the bottom left corner of your post you should see a paperclip, next to it it says, "Drag files here to attach or choose files". The choose will let you browse to pictures on your device.
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    Hi All

    The search bar in the top right is what you want to use. The more unique a word is the better your results, for example, using just "harlequin" instead of "harlequin shrimp" helps cut the clutter. You'll see that after I put both words in the search box I got the following: Note how it has the comment, "Didn't find what you're looking for?" It then shows you how you can refine or filter the search. Clicking the second option "Harlequin AND shrimp" seems to return what you're looking for.
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    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Urchins are the best thing for GHA, not only will they eat and scour the rock, but they constantly disturb it so that you can remove it easily.
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    There won't be a Nov swap, we didn't want to cause any conflicts with the Texas Coral Fest being held in Dallas on Saturday, 11/17. We're looking at January for Austin now.
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    It's about time i got on here

    Welcome to the club!
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    Returning to Reef Keeping

    Welcome back! What kind of tank are you running?
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    Welcome back. Nice tank, I'd love to see more of it!
  12. mFrame

    MACNA roll call!

    Direct orders from your wife not to let you get that big. Your frame couldn't handle it.
  13. mFrame

    MACNA roll call!

    I need a 5XL Mike. I'll be going via Vicarious Airlines. That's a definite no.
  14. mFrame

    MACNA roll call!

    Let me dig through the bin and see what I've got...
  15. mFrame

    MACNA roll call!

    Assuming I have em in stock, I'd be happy to provide shirts to ARC members who are attending MACNA. I know I have the largest supply of C4 shirts, but have a mix of others...
  16. mFrame

    MACNA roll call!

    Wish I was, had to back out due to family illness. You guys have fun and represent!
  17. mFrame


    And there should be one coming up this week on 9/7!
  18. Interesting! Hey Tim, have you noticed when you pass in front of that silvery glass in your bathroom that your "neighbor" always seems to be wearing and doing exactly the same things you are?
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    We're currently working to coordinate a Fall frag swap, most likely in November. Until then the best place to see your fellow reefers is at the RCA First Friday sale each month.
  20. mFrame

    Clove polyps?

    They won't go away on their own, they'll spread like a weed. The only way I've heard of getting rid of them was a copperband butterfly, i had one that destroyed aiptasia and them. I never saw a clove again.
  21. Thanks to a recent donation of equipment, ARC is happy to announce that River City Aquatics (RCA) and the Austin Aqua-Dome now have PAR meters available to rent. Available to be rented in 4 hr or daily blocks, just show your ARC Premium Member card to get a discount off of your rental. Thanks to our benefactor for the donation and to Gary and Jake for managing the PAR meter rentals for the club.
  22. I'd like to introduce our newest sponsor, James (aka Bayou) with Lone Star Aquaculture! ( http://www.lonestaraquaculture.com/). You can participate in his discussion forum and ask questions here (http://www.austinree...ar-aquaculture/). Given his unique background this forum is a great place to ask questions and discuss how to successfully grow and propagate your own corals. Additionally, for those of you with a mind toward making your hobby a carer, there are some great options available with Lone Star. They offer internships, accept coral donations to increase their pool of propagated corals, and have job opportunities for people who want to grow corals. I'm thinking that for those of us who plan to attend MACNA this fall, a trip to Lone Star Aquaculture might make it onto our agenda! Lone Star is a bit unique among our sponsors as they are a wholesaler and do not sell directly to the public. If you look over their list of customers, however, you'll find that many of your favorite sources actually get their captive raised corals from Lone Star. Here are a few words from James telling you who they are, what they do, and why they chose to sponsor the club. Lone Star Aquaculture is an aquaculture facility in Denton County Texas devoted to 100% sustainable aquaculture of marine corals. The Farm began operation in February of 2008. We believe the future of the hobby will be centered around tank raised and captive raised corals and less imported corals from the oceans. The farm is essentially an ongoing experiment trying to develop a profitable approach to farm raising corals at a wholesale level that can be shared with others who are interested in investing in the aquaculture industry and taking us all one step closer to a future of corals sourced from farms and tanks instead of oceans. Special interest groups try to turn the supply faucet off every year and every year they get closer. When they succeed in finally reducing importation, we hobbyist will need a source for corals to put in our tanks. Lone Star Aquaculture and a handful of other farms are doing the initial groundwork needed to allow the coral aquaculture industry to develop and grow so that it can met future demand. Please support Aquaculture. Ask for tank raised/farm raised fish and corals when possible. My name is James Fee, I founded and own Lone Star Aquaculture. The farm is still in Denton County, TX but I have recently moved down to Austin for my day job and I'm happy to be a member of the local club and support the club thru a sponsorship from the Farm. Regards, James Fee Let's all thank James for both his support of the club and his efforts to make the hobby that we all love sustainable well into the future!
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    Localish? Pod Your Reef is in San Antonio and run by a scientist. I'm sure shipping would be pretty cheap. Pod Your Reef is a great choice, and sometimes meet people off I35 if he gets a big enough group buy going.
  24. mFrame

    Greetings from Houston

    Howdy, welcome to the club!