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  1. mFrame

    I have an ARC secret admirer...

    Yep, one got through the spam filter.
  2. mFrame


    Hi Kenta, yes, you paid for the card with your membership and postage. Please PM me and confirm your mailing address and I'll take care of it. Thanks!
  3. mFrame

    When is the next Frag swap?

    We're sorry you missed it too. The next one isn't scheduled yet, we'll update this when it's on the calendar.
  4. mFrame

    Buying and Selling Items - Rules of Thumb

    Hi Venu, No, there are no differences between the Premium and regular member accounts. I show your account was locked due to too many unsuccessful login attempts. I don't show any support tickets created by you, please feel free to contact me directly here (mframe), or to email at [email protected] if that is easier. That said, I understand how frustrating login issues can be. This most likely issue is that your phone, table, or another device is attempting to maintain a connection to the site and ultimately causing the account to be locked. To address that, I need you to log out and remove any stored credentials on any devices and browsers that you use or have used to access ARC. Once you are logged out on everything (including the Tapatalk App if you use it), then you will reset your password. At that point login with one and only one device, preferably a computer. If the account remains working then we can slowly add back devices until we find the culprit. Mike
  5. Thanks to our killer ARC staff that made it all possible, specifically Brian, Isaak and Christy! And thanks to our vendors and many attendees, hope all of your tanks are more colorful this morning!
  6. mFrame

    30 watt compact cannon

    Nice, let's see it in place and on!
  7. mFrame

    Hope you guys dont mind me joining

    Welcome, the more the merrier! Let's hear about your tank!
  8. mFrame

    The new tank is up!

    Yep, time is your friend. I like a few cleanup crew members to keep it stirred up (snails and small hermits), but a lot of people don't like them.
  9. mFrame

    The new tank is up!

    Wow, nice!
  10. mFrame

    Sup ARC

  11. mFrame

    Scott's Wrasse

    I'll be backup if pending falls through
  12. mFrame

    Laser Cutting Acrylics

    Once I get it up and running I'll let you know
  13. mFrame

    Laser Cutting Acrylics

    Trotec Rayjet 50, a buddy is letting me borrow it.
  14. mFrame

    Laser Cutting Acrylics

    Actually, I have a laser cutter on the way....
  15. mFrame

    Laser Cutting Acrylics

    ah, wow, didn't know that. What are you looking to cut/make?