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  1. iflytoohigh

    Looking for Frags for a 3g Pico

    Update: No longer need frags. I found someone selling a whole setup. I went ahead and got that!
  2. iflytoohigh

    Looking for Frags for a 3g Pico

    Putting a 3g pico together. Looking for some frags. shrooms frogspawn / hammer duncans open to other assorted softies, euphillias, maybe LPS, zoos trying to stay under $100 total budget to get some frags. one stop shop works for me if you have a variety! small stuff works. shoot me some pics and prices! i'm in North Austin / Pflugerville area.
  3. iflytoohigh

    280 gallon Build

  4. iflytoohigh

    Free contents of a 3 gallon pico

    All gone. Thanks everyone.
  5. iflytoohigh

    Free contents of a 3 gallon pico

    Pending pickup.
  6. iflytoohigh

    Free contents of a 3 gallon pico

    4-6 lbs live rock Duncan frag Assorted shrooms and rics Rics are stuck to the rocks so you'll have to take em. 1 purple Yuma. The rest floridas. Honestly just kinda tired of the upkeep of the little tank. I'm mopac/parmer area. I'd like it all gone tonight. Free to good home! Text me. 512-964-three4zero9
  7. iflytoohigh

    WTB Shrooms

    I'm interested!! On details?
  8. iflytoohigh

    WTB Shrooms

    I'm interested!
  9. iflytoohigh

    WTB Shrooms

    Ya. I don't have any blue ones. How many. How much?
  10. iflytoohigh

    WTB Shrooms

    I'm looking for mushrooms for my pico. Ricordea - Florida / Yuma Rhodatcis / Harry mushrooms maybe even discomas. Looking for a variety of colors!
  11. iflytoohigh

    Moving: Selling Livestock

    PM'd for fuzzy mushrooms!!
  12. iflytoohigh

    Ricordea and Red purple people eater palys

    I'll take the ricordea rock please!
  13. iflytoohigh

    my little 3gal Pico

    I don't have any reds yet! i'll gladly take 'em!!
  14. iflytoohigh

    my little 3gal Pico

    Oh, also, if anyone has a shroom to donate to my pico, i'd gladly take it!
  15. iflytoohigh

    my little 3gal Pico

    I'll have to look into that. I was looking at a thread on nano-reef about custom LED set ups. I was thinking about just buying a heat sink and some LEDs and a dimmer and wiring it up. It would probably be cheaper than buying a kit.