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  1. boognish

    FS Sherman RBTA - SOLD

    Bump - $55 - Need it gone.
  2. boognish

    FS Sherman RBTA - SOLD

    For sale - One Sherman Rose Bubble Tip Anemone. Approximately 4" - 6". Split about 6 months ago and this guy finally wandered to some glass where I could catch him. Its in an open tupperware in the tank with eggrate on top waiting to go to it's new home. $60 OBO - Open to trades for coral.
  3. boognish

    WTB RO Membrane Housing

    Thanks guys - I tried Lowes and LFS - no luck. The o-ring is there. I might have it working well enough for a temp solution. I put some petroleum jelly around he o-ring and tightened the cap with a wrench till it was a bout to crack. There is a tiny drip (maybe 1/min) instead of a spray now. This should suffice and allow me to get some water made until I get a new one.
  4. boognish

    WTB RO Membrane Housing

    Need a RO Membrane housing ASAP. I changed my membrane and now I have a solid stream spraying from the cap where it threads onto the housing.
  5. boognish

    Capturing a Bobbit Worm

    Not sure if this one can be embedded... http://www.break.com/video/how-to-catch-a-bobbit-worm-3022728
  6. My Red Sea Magnesium test kits were definitely expired and testing way low. Jake at RCA tested and it was 1350 and confirmed that he had some old Red Sea Mg kits that also tested low. I am leaving town next week, so I am not making any drastic changes this week. I will continue with weekly water changes with Red Sea Reef Energy dosing (aminos). I have added a new bristletooth tang and 3 anthias and am feeding 2 times a day to increase bioload. Since some softies ,lps, and sps placed near the bottom are also faded, I suspect nutrient deficiencies - specifically Nitrates since I don't have that many fish compared to other tanks I have seen. I am still looking for a Midas Blenny and Dejardin/Sailfin Tang. I'll stick to this strict regimen for a few more weeks then make a decision to go ULNS with either RS CP or Zeovit or some hybrid if I don't see significant results. FWIW, ZeoVit does seem a little too 'daily hands-on' for my schedule. There have to be some reefers on this forum that have used Red Sea Coral Program or ZeoVit and/or hybrid implementations of either. I would like to hear your opinions/experiences if you're willing to share here or via PM.
  7. boognish

    Weekend "To Do" list

    Bringing back the old thread, eh... Funny how my weekend plan hasn't changed all that much from a year ago: Coach son's hockey in the morning, watch son's lacrosse game in the afternoon, buy new salt on the way home, make saltwater and do the water change, play both of my hockey games, do full range of water parameter tests.
  8. Thanks for the reply, Dan. I will look into raising my temps. What LEDs do you have and what are your settings? %age and PAR? I have not tested PAR since setting up the AI Hydra 52s, but am currently working on finding a PAR meter. I stopped testing Mg after I started using RSCP salt as it always hovered around 1400. I'll see how old my test kit is and test it tonight to confirm.
  9. I've had this addiction for over 12 years and have had many ups and many downs. While my tanks have always looked 'ok', I have never had the ridiculous growth and color I really want and see in some other tanks. I want a mixed reef with a focus on SPS. I am considering starting either the Red Sea Reef Colors Program, the Zeovit system, or a hybrid implementation of either. Eight months ago, I bought the Reef Colors test kit and A,B,C,D additives, but after a week or so, stopped when I lost a couple SPS. I cannot guarantee it was due to the dosing or not, so I am certainly not blaming it and not opposed to starting it again. I have searched the internet, but have not found a thread documenting their experiences with either system; pros and cons, before/during/after images, test results, etc. If you know of a thread, please link to it. If/when I start either system, I plan to document thoroughly. I would like to hear from people using either program or a hybrid implementation of either and their experiences with them, why they chose the program, results, etc. If you have great growth and color without either, Id like to hear your secret if you're willing to share. My current setup/process: Gear 175 gallon Oceanic Bowfront with Inline BioCube 29 75 gallon sump 3 AI Hydra 52s 3 48" T5s Apex Controller ASM G3 Protein Skimmer 1/3 HP chiller/heater Korallin Calcium reactor I use RowPhos in a phosban 150 Active Carbon filtration Red Sea Coral Pro salt I have bought, but have not started using biopellets Fish / Inverts 3 RBTA (could be 4 soon) 2 Black Ocellaris Clownfish 1 Blue Tang 3 PJ Cardinal 1 target mandarin goby 1 Lyretail Anthias 1 Melanurus Wrasse 1 Derasa clam (about 1 foot long and 8 inches tall) -- I am about to add 3 more Anthias, a bristletooth tang (either Whitetail or Kole), and a Midas Blenny Params Salinity: 1.026 PH: 7.8 - 8.2 (cant seem to get it higher and to not fluctuate so much) KH: 8 and rising (CaRX ran out of CO2 and is coming back online) Ca: 440 Temp: 77f -79f Nitrate / Nitrite: Undetectable, but I have to assume there are some nitrates Phosphate: Testing .085, but I have some algae growth, so I suspect it is higher I feed dry New Spectrum pellets and Rod's daily and do weekly water changes (occasionally 2 weeks or more).
  10. boognish

    FSOT - 400W two-way Magnetic Ballast (MH/HPS)

    Bump - Still available
  11. boognish

    Weekend "To Do" list

    Hmmm. Might not get that done this weekend since I need to figure out how to plumb it into an ASM G2 skimmer. It is... I'm going to frag the tips that aren't affected yet and glue them to a new plug. So far, other than some color loss on the Hawkins and Cali Tort, all are doing fine.
  12. boognish

    Weekend "To Do" list

    With the daughter's swim meet, coaching sons hockey game, and 2 games for myself, I am setting the bar pretty low this weekend: - Water change (not so quick and easy because I can't mix water with a car in the garage now) - Start bio-pellets (any words of wisdom are welcome) - Frag up a frag that is STN-ing from the bottom - Move/mount some frags form the biocube to the display tank
  13. boognish

    FREE - Coralife Marine Salt mix

  14. boognish

    FSOT - 400W two-way Magnetic Ballast (MH/HPS)

    Bump - Price Drop