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  1. Tank Set Up - Sump in garage, LED lighting

    We have never actually used the chiller it just came with the new set up, so it's not hooked up right now. But I might see about doing that just in case. Because I reallly don't want to lose my tank once I get it going again.
  2. Tank Set Up - Sump in garage, LED lighting

    Timfish - Yes the sump is already plumbed. I have been looking at BML for lighting already, just need to get rid of my 3 MH first. I'll look into installing some hood fans too. Thanks for your input guys.
  3. Tank Set Up - Sump in garage, LED lighting

    We do have a 1/2hp chiller already. But my husband doesn't really want to hook it up if we don't have to.
  4. Tank Set Up - Sump in garage, LED lighting

    I'll have to get back to you on the exact size of the sump. It's pretty good size tho... 4 chamber, maybe 4'x18". Everything is already set up and full of water and rock so I am pretty much stuck with the sump set up in the garage... ohh yes, I have already had the joy of dealing with rusting tools and the humidity in the garage. But we don't keep the cars in the garage so that hasn't been an issue. My husband has talked about building a cover for the sump that would seal it to keep the humidity down out there. Usually keep the house around 76-78* in the summer.
  5. I am trying to get our tank back up and running. When we moved we upgraded from the 180g to a 400g. We had it running for a few months but between work and a new baby it got put on the back burner and has been a snail cemetery for the past year. I'm tired of looking at an empty tank and really want to get it up and going again. My husband is the one who has set our tanks up in the past and I've just maintained them, but he is super busy with work so it's pretty much just me getting this thing running again. Right now I am working on getting the water parameters stabilized. I'm going to start simple with just fish for now then add some soft corals later. The sump is set up in the garage. I'm not running the lights right now and the water is pretty chilly so I need to get the heater hooked up too. The plan is to switch out the MHs for LED and am hoping that will help me not to have to hook up a chiller for the summer. So I'm wondering, who else runs their sump in their garage? This is the first tank we've had set up this way. I'm interested in what others experiences are with a similar set up. I don't want to fry my tank when it warms up. Also, what advice/experience do you have on the LED lighting?
  6. SPS

    I moved all the stuff that was still alive to the bottom and slowly moved it back up and all is well. And the GSP came back, I was surprised. Only lost 4 or 5 of the other corals. It had to have been the light. All the water parameters are stable, still. Kyle comes home in less than 3 weeks, hopefully I can keep it alive until then What happened was everything bleached out, and never came back I don't know what the parameters are off hand I just know that they are within the normal levels they are supposed to be (I have a little chart at home)
  7. SPS

    We did have a MH go out last week and I assumed he ordered the same thing to replace it. I'll check it out tho.
  8. SPS

    Salt is good. the phosphates are up a little but no higher than they usually get. Never had a problem before, planning to do a water change tho this week.
  9. SPS

    Any ideas on why our sps is suddenly dying?? It started out with one piece that wasn't doing very well any way and has worked it's way across the tank... One coral at a time. All the parameters are fine, they are stable where they have always been or better. I'm just puzzled why all of a sudden they are all dying off when nothing has changed... HELP PLEASE!!
  10. Spots on Yellow Tang

    Tang has done very well!!! all the spots are now gone and it loves the nori!!! Thank you!!!
  11. Spots on Yellow Tang

    Thank you again for the nori!! The tang has already started nibbling on it I enjoyed visiting with both of you and seeing your tanks too!
  12. Spots on Yellow Tang

    Thanks! Everyone's input was really helpful. I will give her a dip then. I don't have a QT... and the formalin bath, not sure what that is... Kyle won't be back until around June 19th. I am pretty sure the tank will look nothing like it did before he left. I have already had to rearrange about half of the corals because the dumb hermit crabs like to knock them all down at night and I can never figure out where they came from. He said I could sell the crabs but that means I have to catch them and they creep me out...
  13. Spots on Yellow Tang

    She likes to eat the mysis shrimp I feed the others. But I feed her plenty of veggie food.
  14. Spots on Yellow Tang

    Hey everyone! I finally have my first potential problem with the tank since Kyle left (I made it almost 3 weeks!). Our yellow tang has these tiny, VERY VERY tiny black dots on her. There are quite a few and I don't see them on any other fish. Is this normal or could she have a parasite or some disease? What's up with this??? Thanks!! Jennifer
  15. New! Improved! Capt. Obvious ver. 3.0

    Happy Birthday!!