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  1. LiLS

    Sea Clear Acrylic 50gal Tank, Stand, PM sump SOLD

    Got any pics of when it was running?
  2. LiLS

    Nano Tunzer 9002 skimmer 80$

    Would you take 60 today. My parents live around round rock so i could go get it in Hutto
  3. LiLS

    Two Complete Systems - Whole or Part Out

    **** that solana sold quick
  4. LiLS

    ADA 90P - 48 Gallon Rimless Build

    Thanks. If you're interested, the tank is still for sale but otherwise is about identical in the 90, just with a lot more swimming space. so the 48 is for sale?
  5. LiLS

    ADA 90P - 48 Gallon Rimless Build

    this is perfection!!! exactly how i want my new setup to be
  6. still looking for wavwebox
  7. LiLS

    WTB lights for 72" 150g

    how much?
  8. How much sir and any pics of it mounted
  9. my phone doesnt accept pic msg for some reason, stupid iphone.. u cna email it to me [email protected] do u have a model number?
  10. got pics or any more details?
  11. ahh so i would also need to keep my t5s i got
  12. LiLS

    3G iPhone 16gig

    you got rid of it?
  13. LiLS

    1/15 Current USA Prime Chiller

    good for a 160g?
  14. baller set up bro but i dont think itll fit my tank.. renman, would i need to run a chiller with taht setup?