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  1. havnt gotten to Salvation Army yet, still have it all. Sump is being considered for purchase right now.
  2. Couple more days and it goes to Salvation Army on Saturday. For those that might be waiting to perhaps get it from them, they load items into a semi trailer and it gets shipped to another distribution location, not sure where.
  3. ok, final price drop, after today, its going to the salvation army for the tax write off. Sump 250. tank, stand, canopy and pump 175 outer orbit light 75 skimmer 65
  4. Sump price 300 OBO tank, stand, return pump (it kicks @$$) and canopy $200 (the canopy has the T5 lights in it, but you would need an Icecap 660 ballast to get all 6 lights to work.) the outer orbit light is 100 Skimmer is 75, but it will need a pump. Apologies for not replying, I am not getting emails to let me know people have replied.
  5. So here is the current status. I had one visitor who believes the sealant should be redone, so he passed on it. Its not hard to do, I just dont want to do it, Another person came by and wanted to see the T5 lights in the canopy working. There are 6 lights, I can get 4 to work, and I believe the issue is that I dont have the correct Icecap ballast connected. I have searched hi and lo for the correct ballast in the garage but cant find it. I think I sold it or gave it to someone on the forums. The sump is still here as is the outer orbit light, it has (4) T5 sockets and (2) 250w metal halides. All these lights work fine. What I am having trouble with is the moonlight LEDs, I have had to resolder a small circuit board, and I need to resolder one more to get them to work consistently A couple of folks have asked about the sump, its 36x15wx15 across. the refugium is 6 inches of the 36 inches. So thats a 6x15x15, but the drain holes are at about 10 inches. Its always been great for keeping cheato in there. 325 would be nice.
  6. The skimmer is a Euro Reef CS6-2+ 001, from what I can tell, its rated at 125 Gallons with the Sedra 5000 pump. The 3500 pump I had on it worked quite well with it. I have come to find out that the pump is toast, it seems that the impeller swelled inside the pump. I couldnt get it out, even after soaking in vinegar all day long. The overall height of the skimmer is 24 inches. http://www.marinedepot.com/Euro_Reef_CS6_2%2B_Protein_Skimmer_In_Sump_Venturi_Needle_Wheel_Protein_Skimmers-Euro_Reef-ER1113-FIPSISNW-vi.html
  7. ok, I'm open to parting this out, can y'all give me some suggestions for what the pieces should sell for?
  8. We downsized, and we now have the 90 gallon tank for sale. It has a Trigger systems Ruby custom sump, Aqua Medic OceaRunner OR6500 return pump (this thing moves some water!) ratted at 1700GPH , max head 12ft, with this tank, 4 ft at most. This tank is drilled on the bottom with a drain and return holes, I have all the plumbing to make it run. I also have a Euro reef skimmer, it skims really well and its one of the larger ones. I dont recall the model number. The canopy has 6 t5 lights in it, the reflectors could use some cleaning, but should serve you well. I would replace the bulbs because I cant recall how old they are. I also have an outer orbit T5 Metal Halide combo unit, I cant recall if they are 150 or 250 watt bulbs. I can confirm if you are interested. it has blue and orange LED lights for a moonlight effect. All lights have separate power and can be controlled individually. The light has 4 legs that can rest on the edges of the tank, or it can be hung with wires, which I highly recommend as it easier to work in the tank when its on wires.I have the pump for the skimmer, I just cant find it right now. I would take 500 for all. Please see pics. If the price is not right, let me know what is more reasonable. Comments are welcome, no ego to bruise here. Sorry for sideways pics, I tried to rotate before posting, but it still shows some sideways.
  9. I dont know how I did it, but I managed to order 2 of these and I only need one of them for my little 25 gallon tank. These sell for 55 bucks on BRS. I'd like to get 45 for it, and I can meet you somewhere. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/brs-bulk-kalkwasser-starter-package.html
  10. rats! I missed the group buy. I'm in if anyone does another
  11. Howdy, Here is a 1-1/4 inch gate valve I dont need, 10 bucks OBO.
  12. PM'd
  13. Howdy, I am looking for small flow valve, like this: http://www.marinedepot.com/Korallin_Flow_Control_Valve_(Orange)_Calcium_Reactor_Replacement_Parts-Korallin-KL3129-FICRRP-vi.html or a pinch valve like this: http://www.marinedepot.com/Flow_Control_Pinch_Valve_Calcium_Reactor_Replacement_Parts-Plumbing_Parts-FT0002-FICRRP-vi.html preferably one of each. Also need a reliable heater for a 25 gallon tank. Oh, and a drip line holder, http://www.marinedepot.com/Bubble_Magus_Tube_Holder_Dosing_Pumps-Bubble_Magus-4W9113-FIDPDO-vi.html
  14. SOLD!!