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  1. kreeper87

    Hammers, Frog Spawns and Hammer-Spawns

    I would like to purchase several items from you. Please call me at1 (512) 563-1365.
  2. kreeper87

    Tank breakdown sale **more stuff added!!!**

    Okay thank you.
  3. kreeper87

    2 large Hammer Coral Frags FS

    Pm’d You
  4. kreeper87

    Live Rock - $1.50/lb, Lg Yellow Finger Leather, GSP, RBTA

    Long shot but do you still have any live rock, I am setting up a tank and need to cycle it.
  5. kreeper87

    Tank breakdown sale **more stuff added!!!**

    I am interested in the Hydor Koralia Slim Skim skimmer.
  6. kreeper87

    Tank breakdown sale

    PM me if you still have the LR
  7. kreeper87

    WTB - retrofit MH 2 250W or above

    I have two 250 dual ballast systems for $70 each
  8. kreeper87

    WTB - 150+ Gallon Drilled/Not drilled tank

    I have a acrylic 6x30"x30" dual corner over flow with stand and canopy for $500
  9. kreeper87

    Live Sand and a 150-250w Metal Halide Fixture

    I have two 250 watt dual ballast se mogul systems for sale. Asking $75 each.
  10. kreeper87

    Looking For Sand and Rock

    I have about 60 lbs. Of base rock that you can have for free. LMK if you in the Killeen area.
  11. kreeper87

    Looking for lrg tank and equipment

    I have an acrylic 240 gallon with stand and canopy for $500
  12. kreeper87

    WTB: 200g + tank w/ no leaks or problems

    I have an acrylic 240, LMK if your interested.
  13. kreeper87

    Live rock

    Shot me an email, I am selling it for $2 per lbs. Joe
  14. kreeper87

    aragonite needed

    .50 per lbs but I live in the Killeen area