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  1. injured puffer

    Hello ARCers, I am in desperate need of advice. I got home from class tonight, and Mick Jagger, my blue spot puffer, has a nasty injury to his side. He has only been in the tank for three days. There is one Chili Coral acclimating as well. Could the Chili Coral have stung him? Did he get beat up by the mean Chromis? or Did he inflate during transit and get air stuck? I have added a stress coat, but I am not sure how to treat him. He is eating like a little piglet, and the injury is not effecting his ability to swim. Thank you so much for your time, Carrie
  2. How did I miss an elephant slug in my tank for 8 months? surprise!

    1. dapettit


      OMG glad to see ya!

    2. Carrie


      Guilt trip from Mark... How could I stay away?

    3. mcallahan


      guilt trip...!? I just knew your secret-secret email addy!

  3. Impulse buy - I shoulda known better

    Thought I would give an update. The wrasse never took to the black worms. I tried a few days per week with them. My other fish loved them, I however, was not too fond of the whole idea. After three weeks of eating pods and picking at rocks, she took her first frozen food today. In case anyone else is runs into a similar issue, I finally got her to eat a mix of Mysis, cyclopeeze and spirulina completely soaked in garlic extreme. I will warn anyone who has not used the garlic - your entire house will smell like it. It was well worth getting this beautiful girl to eat. Just another lesson in 'research before you buy.'
  4. Non Agressive Fish List

    Fusegoby or Cave Gobies - as long as you don't have any very small shrimp. Any of the Bristletooth tangs. (Kole-eye, two-spot, tomani) Leopard Wrasse, very challenging yet peaceful fish.
  5. No, I can't get you an iPad before it launches.

  6. clownfish aggression

    I was on Pacific East Aquaculture, looking at clams, when I saw a tomato clown pair with a GBTA. On the scale of clownfish aggressiveness, where are tomato clowns? Closer to Percs or Yellow striped maroons? Also, has anyone ordered from Pacific East?
  7. How do you fund your tank?

    Supervisor for Apple. Could be confused as babysitter, frat-house mom, or cat-herder depending on the day. Engineering is mostly in Cupertino.
  8. Hi There!

    You are a brave man. or just insane.
  9. Great, now I am going to be broke.
  10. Impulse buy - I shoulda known better

    I picked it up today, but she is only out in the morning, so hopefully I can get her eating first thing tomorrow. I will pick up some black worms later in the week if she still isn't eating. I've heard they can't resist them.
  11. Impulse buy - I shoulda known better

    Mine came out first thing yesterday morning. Hopefully she will do well. I am waiting to see her eat.
  12. Impulse buy - I shoulda known better

    Well, I let her out in my tank. She swam around and explored a bit, then buried herself in he sand for the night. Fingers crossed, she comes out in the morning.
  13. I just started researching my evenings impulse buy, (yes, I know better) and I am having an 'Oh, Crap' moment. My pretty fish is difficult at best. So I am turning to my fellow reefers and hoping someone has advice for me. (Other than to quit impulse buying.) Has anyone kept a black leopard wrasse successfully? If so, what did you do special. Thanks!
  14. Give her a break. Her brain's the size of a pea.
  15. SPS Identifying help

    I bought them from ReefKoi on eBay. He is also the one that has the "true" Purple Hornets. I was a little concerned ordering from there, but he was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I bought 6 corals from him, all are gorgeous, but those were the two that I needed confirmation on. Since I am still new at SPS, I have to research placement of each one I get.