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  1. Stay Safe Texas!

    Hurricanes are the worst. Stay safe out there. Portable battery chargers that you can find at Walgreens and CVS are real life savers if you have intermittent electricity and like to keep your phone on, or have other USB chargeable devices.
  2. Order before July 5th and receive $5 Priority Mail, (items with a * next to their name cannot ship via Priority Mail). In addition we have four different discount codes you can use to save even more on your order, listed below. Save 12% off of Quick Crews with the code "QUICKCREW". These packages come with free shipping.Save 7% off your rock order with the code "ROCKSALE" Rock boxes come with free shipping.Save 15% off your entire order with the code "15percent". Rock and Quick Crews excluded.Restrictions:Discounts cannot be combined. Only for new orders, no retroactive application. Items with a * next to their name cannot ship via Priority Mail.Find the deals here:https://www.reefcleaners.org
  3. Macroalgae Sale!

    Finally starting to get some algae back. It has been a rough few years! Then it dawned on me, I know people in the business - I can just have them go to their spots that are still producing. Now I have tanks full of algae. Not the same variety we had back in our heyday when we had 40+ plus species in stock most of they year, but I have 9 which is better than usual. Some really nice pieces too. Use the code "algaesale" to save 30% off any of the items in our algae section, which means the penny algae sample is now an unbeatable $.007. What can you buy for $.007? An algae "frag", that is what. I am so I will even give you the link to that location - Macroalgae at ReefCleaners
  4. It is back, we will be resuming Saturday service again. However, there are some exceptions. To be eligible to ship on Friday, you have to order with Express Mail and live in a next day location. Otherwise it will arrive on either Friday or Saturday. Additionally, for now there is a $5 surcharge, to cover the cost of the guy who will be packing and shipping orders. This will drop off as soon as there is enough interest in the Saturday service. Going to have some big sales for Black Friday. If you want to know about, or take advantage of them early, let me know. We can do some of the sales now, rather than wait. Just post a reply here saying something to the effect of "I don't want to wait!" And I will post some codes for you to use.
  5. ? Halloween Sale ?

    Free Gifts and Eerily Good Savings. Treat yourself to discounts: Use the code "rockmonster" to save 10% on rock orders. You can also use the code "halloween" to save 15% off any other product, except Quick Crews. Need a cleaner package? Use the code "spooky" to save 12% off quick crews, and any other product, except rock. Plus: Leave a note to the effect of "Send me a treat!" in the comments field during checkout, and we will send a free item of our choice worth at least 10% of your order. Cannot ship with rock though. It will be a surprise. Hope you have a safe and happy holiday! BROWSE THE SHOP Offer Expires 11:59PM Oct 31st. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively. Free items cannot ship with rock orders.
  6. Hurricane Sale at ReefCleaners.org!

    Matthew is coming! If not a direct hit, it will come near us. We are that dot on the map. As a result I would very much like to evacuate the critters in our tanks before the weather changes. We should be able to ship all week unless it speeds up. Right now it does not look like it will affect the West Palm area, (where our packages fly out of), until Friday at the earliest. You can help us with our evacuation, by using the discount code "MATTHEW' worth 20% off everything in the store except rocks. It will be good until Wednesday night at 11:59pm. Thank you for your support over 9 hurricane seasons now!
  7. Labor

    Happy Labor Day Weekend! We hope you are enjoying yourself. Rock Sale! Order before Tuesday, September 6th and receive 12% off of rock, or any other item in the store with the code "LABORDAY". We very rarely get to have discounts on rock, so if you plan on getting rock this is the time to stock up. Find our rock section here. Everything else on sale too! Quick Crews with free shipping can also be discounted with this code, as well as our other cleanersand our new Dry Goods section. Save 12% off your whole order with this code: LABORDAY Thank you for all of your support over the years! Restrictions: Discounts cannot be combined. Only for new orders, no retroactive application. Items with a * next to their name cannot ship via Priority Mail.
  8. Buy One Get Sale at ReefCleaners.org!

    Live items are not considered dry goods by the way.
  9. We have a Buy One Get One Free Sale today on all dry goods, except rock, Nyos rock "cement", and barnacles. Buy any dry good, and get a free one of equal or lesser value at no cost. Just send us the names of the items you would like to receive for free and we will add them to your order. You can do this in the comments section, or a follow up email. In either event we will contact you if we don't receive a list to ensure you get to take advantage of the sale. Thank you for all of your support, we appreciate it! John This offer cannot be combined with other discounts. Use these links to help make navigating this section easier, or just jump right in and see all of our dry goods here. Food Cleaning Supplies for Glass Aquariums Cleaning Supplies for Acrylic Aquariums Nuisance Control Filtration Media Water Conditioners Additives and Supplements Browse by Brand All Dry Goods Choose the type of food: Whole Item Foods Coral Food Plankton Pellet Food Flake Food Live Food Food for Herbivores Food Enhancers Or see all of our food offerings here. Browse by Brand: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Bay Brand Boyd's Brightwell Continuum Coral Frenzy ESV Flipper Hikari Joe's JW Kent Kordon Lee's LifeGuard MagFloat New Life Spectrum Nyos Ocean Nutrition Poly Lab Python Red Sea Reef Source Salifert Seachem Selcon Two Little Fishies
  10. Independence Day Sale @ ReefCleaners.org! Order before July 5th and receive $5 Priority Mail, (items with a * next to their name cannot ship via Priority Mail). In addition we have four different discount codes you can use to save even more on your order, listed below. To top it all off, we have added 130 new items to our store in the last month. QUICKCREW Save 15% off of Quick Crews with this code. 12PERCENT Save 12% off your whole order, except rock orders with this code. ROCKSALE Save 7% off your rock order with this code. DRYGOODS Save 20% off of Dry Goods with this code. This is the last major sale of the summer! You can shop the store here. Thank you for your continued support over the years! Restrictions: Discounts cannot be combined. Only for new orders, no retractive application. Items with a * next to their name cannot ship via Priority Mail.
  11. Reef Cleaners now carries an extensive line of dry goods! This expansion hopefully will allow you to get more value per shipment. We have very competitive prices on Food, Testing Supplies and Cleaning Products. Even better, we are running a 15% off sale to kick off the expansion. Use the code "DRYGOODS" (do not include quotes when entering) to save 15% on any Dry Goods Order, Rock and Barnacles Excepted: See all of the 112 New Products here. Food New Life Spectrum, Bay Brands, Two Fishes, Hikari, Coral Frenzy, Ocean Nutrition, Polyp Labs and more will ensure there is something for everything in your tank, including both fish and invertebrates. Browse our new food additions here. Cleaning Supplies Our favorite cleaning products, including the best prices on Flipper, and MagFloats as well as regular algae pads and scrapers. Browse our cleaning supplies here. Testing Supplies We carry Salifert and API testing kits, to offer you both high quality and good value options. Browse the testing supplies here. Sale ends June 26th, 2016 at 11:59pm EST. Subscribe to this thread for random flash sales, and goofy contests.
  12. Clean up Crew Sale!

    We are currently offering a 15% discount on all of our "Quick Crews", that come with free shipping. They are reef safe clean up crews designed to tackle common algae issues in over 50 different standard tank sizes, and come with or without hermit crabs. To receive the discount use the code "quick" during checkout. You can find them here: http://www.reefcleaners.org/cleaner-packages-with-free-shipping Happy Reefing!
  13. Black Friday Sale!

    You can save 10% off any order (rock excluded) placed today at www.ReefCleaners.org. To take advantage of the sale, use the code "blackfriday" at checkout. Thanks for the support over all these years, we appreciate it!
  14. We received a discount from our supplier on an extra batch of our Florida Reef Rock this week, and wanted to pass it along to you. Until Monday, July 27th we are offering our 50 pound boxes of Florida Reef Rock for only $85 with free shipping. We rarely are able to offer a discount on rock, and it will be unlikely that we will be able to offer it at this price again for some time. If you do not need rock, you can save 10% off any live order with the code "reefclub". You can find our rock here: Rock : Florida Reef Rock (50lbs - Free Shipping) - Reef Cleaners Happy Reefing!
  15. Ugly Tank Contest 6 - Your momma says your tank is ugly

    The finalists are in: Presenting the ugliest tanks on the Internet, your 2015 Ugly Tank Contest Finalists: Chrisl1976 - Nano Reef http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/362189-ugly-tank-contest-6-your-momma-says-your-tank-is-ugly/ skunkerX - Chicago Reefs http://www.chicagoreefs.com/forums/showthread.php/26441-Ugly-Tank-Contest-6-Your-momma-says-your-tank-is-ugly RyanDragon - Chicago Reefs http://www.chicagoreefs.com/forums/showthread.php/26441-Ugly-Tank-Contest-6-Your-momma-says-your-tank-is-ugly CheetoFingers http://www.chicagoreefs.com/forums/showthread.php/26441-Ugly-Tank-Contest-6-Your-momma-says-your-tank-is-ugly/page2 StirCrayzy - Reef Sanctuary http://www.reefsanctuary.com/forum/index.php?threads/ugly-tank-contest-6-your-momma-says-your-tank-is-ugly.94893/ ENB - Manhattan Reefs http://www.manhattanreefs.com/forum/reef-cleaners/182428-ugly-tank-contest-6-your-momma-says-your-tank-ugly.html duke 594 - Reef2Reef http://www.reef2reef.com/attachments/img_20150615_212120706-jpg.243245/ Draco03- Reef2Reef http://www.reef2reef.com/attachments/image-jpg.243571/