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  1. What a shame. Now is the perfect time to be working on this build!
  2. Look James, my current tank has been up for 1.5yrs. That's a record for me in the past 5 years! Back off! :-p
  3. MARRIED?! Did your parents approve that? Did you check your spouse for AEFW? Why hasn't the emoticon pack been updated since I've been gone? And who is this guy hijacking this thread?
  4. Brooksie baby! It's been a while. Are you old enough to drive yet?
  5. Like most New Year's resolutions, this one has already been forgotten.
  6. It's always fun to look back at day 1 and see how far builds have come. It seemed forever ago that the system was started.
  7. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but the masked coral bandit, RichardL, fragged everything down while everyone wasn't looking. Watch for a massive frag sale soon.
  8. We need to do an ARC meetup this week. I'm in town building a tank and would love to catchup with everyone

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Richard L

      Richard L

      Careful, this might be an attempt to get a bunch of us together to move a tank or rinse sand

    3. Robb in Austin

      Robb in Austin

      I'll move a tank. Rinsing sand is right out. Even for Chuy's on Mark.

    4. mcallahan


      How did Richard L know I'm breaking down a 180 on Sunday and will need help?

  9. Looking for someone who can fabricate aluminum.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. offroadodge


      what is it u need made...I can weld it possibly

    3. mcallahan


      Jeremy...I'll PM you

    4. offroadodge


      so I guess u didn't want me to get it built?

  10. Headed back to ATX for a 10' VIP client tank build. No Robb, I don't want Chuy's...

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    2. Richard L

      Richard L

      I knew you'd be back! Man, they let anyone just waltz back into this state after they leave.

    3. Jimbo662


      Hey...I did the same thing...spent 3 yrs on Nashville before heading back home. :-)

    4. Robb in Austin

      Robb in Austin

      When can we expect to be graced by your presence and will you have time to socialize with the little people?

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