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  1. Weekend Specials

    We will be running weekend specials until the end of the year. Be sure to check in regularly for the latest deals!
  2. RCA First Friday Holiday Sale December 1st!

    50% Off Livestock Specials 7pm – 10pm Yellow Watchman/Pistol Shrimp pair...Regular $39.99, Sale $19.99 Picasso Clowns...Regular $29.99, Sale $14.99 Platinum Clowns...Regular $29.99, Sale $14.99 Ocellaris Clowns...Regular $19.99, Sale $9.99 Frostbite Clowns...Regular $89.99, Sale $44.99 Premium Snowflake Clowns...$49.99, Sale $24.99 Firefish Gobies...Regular $9.99, Sale $4.99 Tiger Sand Conchs...Regular $8.99, Sale $4.49 Zombie Flower Anemones (Huge!)...Regular $24.99, Sale $12.49 Green Emerald Crabs...Regular $8.99, Sale $4.49 Peppermint Shrimp...Regular $6.99, Sale $3.49 Acan Lord Frags...Regular $9.99 to $29.99, Sale $4.99 to $14.99 OB Peacock Males...Regular $49.99, Sale $24.99 Neon Tetras...Regular $1.99, Sale $0.99 Pseudotropheus demasoni adults...Regular $17.99, Sale $8.99 Lam. Brichardi...Regular $8.99, Sale $4.49
  3. RCA First Friday Holiday Sale December 1st!

  4. RCA First Friday Holiday Sale December 1st!

    Some stock ready for Friday.
  5. RCA First Friday Holiday Sale December 1st!

    We did receive more seahorses. Tank raised Erectus, about 3 to 4". $89.99 before discounts. Yup, discounts all day, one last big party before the year ends.
  6. RCA First Friday Holiday Sale December 1st!

    Will do, I'll have plenty of Orange Digi, Sunset Montis, ORA Chips, Frag Farmers Red Stag, and more!
  7. It's that time of the year again. Going to end it big with our annual First Friday Holiday Party! We will be discounting livestock all day, everything will be on sale. And after 7 pm, the discounts go even deeper with 30% to 50% off livestock! You don't want to miss this event. Free food, free drinks, gift certificate raffles, just a good time!
  8. Black Friday Deals!

    Get 'em while they last!
  9. RCA First Friday After Hours Sale November 3rd!

    Some new livestock we received this week.
  10. Hawaii Aquarium Fisheries Halted

    As some of you know we received fish directly from Hawaii. Sadly, our supplier emailed Monday with the news. More importantly than us not having certain fish available, is the livelihoods of the locals in Hawaii who depended on the business. We hope they can all make ends meet until this is finally sorted and decided on.
  11. Hawaii Aquarium Fisheries Halted

    New permits and permit renewal was stopped last month, but as of Friday last week, the collection of fishes for the aquarium trade in Hawaii has officially halted until further notice. http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/36706659/hawaiis-aquarium-fish-industry-put-on-hold-as-court-seeks-environmental-impact-study
  12. Happy Halloween

    Not many people understood my costume, because they have lives and don't look at memes all day. It was a Morpheus meme that described life a little too well.
  13. Happy Halloween

    Hope you guys had a Happy Halloween. Any costumes any of you wish to share?
  14. Join us this Friday evening. There will be something for everyone!
  15. $700 Snowflake BTA