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  1. Few more new arrivals...
  2. Sure. The octopus and mantis shrimp fights will also be held after we close. Just come in through the back door.
  3. Some new inverts that arrived...
  4. First Friday Sale tomorrow night. Unloading new clownfish, clean up crews, and cutting new frags for the systems. Swing by and save 20% on all livestock!
  5. And some new inverts too...except that clown. That should have been with the fish pics.
  6. Some of the new fish arrivals.
  7. Fashionably late getting this month's sale info posted. We just received several new shipments just in time for the sale. Wrasses, shrimp, gobies, tank-raised clowns, and more!
  8. Getting things ready for tonight's meeting. I will keep the presentation short enough so everyone will have time to shop and mingle. See y'all there!
  9. Looking forward to next weekend's meeting. RCA will have some free refreshments available. We will also be offering 30% all livestock for attendees. Hope to see you there!
  10. We have received our first shipment from Two Guys Corals with more to come. They sent a nice sample of acros. Swing by the shop to take a look for your next piece to add to your collection. And yes, my fingers are that purple in real life.
  11. Sorry so much blue. Quick phone shots under led with blues at 50%. Acros at $59.99 before 20% discounts. Crazy cheap, pick them up and start fragging. Chop, chop, bang, bang, throw those babies on ARC and quit your day job!
  12. These wrasses have been on Prazi for one week and eating great.
  13. It's the month of love. Show your tank some love with new additions. 20% off all livestock! We received some nice new stock from colorful wrasses to acro colonies. So stop by this Friday evening and take advantage of some killer discounts.
  14. Pick up sweet corals while having a good time. The corals that show up at these events are amazing! Hope to see some of y'all out there.
  15. My pleasure, beautiful fish.