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  1. Acan lord Special BOGO

    Acan lord special: Buy One, Get One 50% Off! Includes colonies and frags, tons to choose from. Half off applies to equal or lesser value, no combined discounts.
  2. RCA First Friday After Hours Sale October 6th!

    Some of the new arrivals.
  3. Ghostly greetings! Are you ready for the spooky festivities? Join us this Friday evening, it'll be no tricks and all treats. 20% off all livestock. Eat, drink, and enjoy the sweet discounts!
  4. Coralife Biocube 32

    Finally set up another Biocube. We're really digging the built in controller for the new LED lights. Three different timer settings and no more bulb replacements. Plus the manual option is great for when you want to over-ride and show off those corals under actinics. These have always been great systems for first timers to start a reef in. We started the tank with Caribsea's Hawaiian Black sand a customer's red disco mushrooms that have been growing in his system for years. With a little time the shrooms will settle in and hopefully continue covering the bare spots.
  5. It's First Friday!

    Lots of new corals and fish on sale Friday night from 7pm to 10pm.
  6. Texas Coral Fest This Weekend

    If anyone finds themselves in Dallas this Saturday, this coral swap will be an awesome place to swing by.
  7. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July celebration. We're back at the shop squeezing in orders for this Friday's After Hours Sale. Come join us Friday evening for livestock discounts plus free food and drinks!
  8. Aquariums For Sale

    We have a few extra used tanks after moving some systems around the shop. Sold as-is, please call the shop or swing by if interested. 30 longs, ~36" x 13" x 17", backs drilled with 1" bulkheads for drains...$15 each. Marineland 75 gallon reef-ready tank only, 48" x 18" x 21", corner overflow on left side...$50 (not pictured).
  9. Happy 4th of July!

    We will be open from 11am to 3pm today. We received a shipment yesterday as well. Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th! Scooter Blennies Flame Angels Coral Beauty Angels Starry Blennies Aurora Watchman Gobies Banggai Cardinals Regal Angel Yellow Belly Regal Angel (sm) Bumblebee Gobies Lawnmower Blennies Sailfin Tangs Powder Brown Tangs Powder Blue Tangs Clown Trigger Alleni Damsels Talbot Damsels Bluedot Diamond Stingray Mexican Turbo Snails Tiger Pistol Shrimp Banded Serpent Stars Red Leg Hermits
  10. We are running new specials every week. Check back regularly for the latest deals! Nice shipment of new corals this week.
  11. RCA First Friday After Hours Sale June 2nd

  12. Did you slim down for summer? Well we sure didn't, we've been stuffing our tanks. Kick off the summer with our First Friday After Hours Sale! We've made some changes and added more saltwater fish tanks and made more room for corals. More selection and 20% off this Friday evening.
  13. First Friday After Hours Sale May 5th!

    Some eye candy available during our sale. Frags of the palys are already available.
  14. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Our First Friday After Hours Sale lands on the fifth this year. For you history buffs and native Texans, this is a great week to visit General Zaragoza's home in Goliad. Then, take advantage of our sale with 20% livestock discounts and free food and drinks! We're receiving new stock daily this week so there will be plenty to pick from.
  15. First Friday After Hours Sale April 7th!

    Few more new arrivals...