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  1. Here's a list of the 50% OFF DEALS starting at 7 pm Friday evening. Don't miss out! Onyx Clowns Regular $24.99 SALE $12.49 Maroon Snowflake Clowns Regular $89.99 SALE $44.99 Lightning Maroon Clown (big size) Regular $89.99 SALE $44.99 Gold Nugget Maroons Regular $89.99 SALE $44.99 Bullethole Clowns Regular $79.99 SALE $39.99 Picasso Clowns Regular $29.99 SALE $14.99 Orchid Dottybacks Regular $49.99 SALE $24.99 Red Firefish Gobies Regular $9.99 SALE $4.99 Green Emerald Crabs Regular $8.99 SALE $4.49 Mexican Turbo Snails Regular $2.99 SALE $1.49 Green Fungia Plates 1-2" Regular $29.99 SALE $14.99 Montipora Setosa Frags Regular $24.99 SALE $12.49 Toxic Green Bubbletip Anemones Regular $44.99 SALE $22.49 Yellow Labs 2" Regular $6.99 SALE $3.49 Nim. Venustus 4-6" Regular Males $44.99 Females $29.99 SALE Males $22.49 Females $14.99 Red Cherry Shrimp Regular $4.99 SALE $2.49 Columbian Tetras Regular $2.99 SALE $1.49
  2. We're wrapping up another year and going out with a big bash. We are grateful for everyone's support and want to show our appreciation. This First Friday Sale we're adding some bonuses. 20% discounts on all livestock starting at 11 am! And the party starts at 7 pm with 30% off all livestock, plus select livestock at 50% off! We will get the 50% off list posted Thursday evening, so check back regularly. In addition, we will have all frozen foods at 20% off, Fritz Salt 200 gallon boxes on sale at $49.99, the new Aqueon Shrimp tanks at 25% off, and the sleek Aqueon Framless tanks at 20% off. We'll be popping the corks at 7 pm with free wine, beer, and food. We'll see you there!
  3. Stay cool this Friday evening during our After Hours Sale. 20% off all livestock, free drinks, and free A/C. You can even use our restroom without buying anything and we won't call the cops!
  4. Does that mean "lightside" and "darkside" frags and free lightsabers with every purchase over $200? It means shady characters and hairy dudes.
  5. "May the fourth be with you" while shopping at this Friday's sale! New livestock; tetras, cichlids, marine fish, coral frags, and more. Free food and drinks starting at 7 pm.
  6. First Friday Sale is tomorrow! Stop by for 20% off new stock including liverock, marine fish, and corals.
  7. Definately Africa, I didn't notice the Australian shape.
  8. Lots of nice corals arriving. Stay tuned for pics!
  9. Get some last minute gifts or livestock to spruce up those tanks before the guests come over!
  10. We will be running weekend specials until the end of the year. Be sure to check in regularly for the latest deals!
  11. 50% Off Livestock Specials 7pm – 10pm Yellow Watchman/Pistol Shrimp pair...Regular $39.99, Sale $19.99 Picasso Clowns...Regular $29.99, Sale $14.99 Platinum Clowns...Regular $29.99, Sale $14.99 Ocellaris Clowns...Regular $19.99, Sale $9.99 Frostbite Clowns...Regular $89.99, Sale $44.99 Premium Snowflake Clowns...$49.99, Sale $24.99 Firefish Gobies...Regular $9.99, Sale $4.99 Tiger Sand Conchs...Regular $8.99, Sale $4.49 Zombie Flower Anemones (Huge!)...Regular $24.99, Sale $12.49 Green Emerald Crabs...Regular $8.99, Sale $4.49 Peppermint Shrimp...Regular $6.99, Sale $3.49 Acan Lord Frags...Regular $9.99 to $29.99, Sale $4.99 to $14.99 OB Peacock Males...Regular $49.99, Sale $24.99 Neon Tetras...Regular $1.99, Sale $0.99 Pseudotropheus demasoni adults...Regular $17.99, Sale $8.99 Lam. Brichardi...Regular $8.99, Sale $4.49