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  1. Dang so bummed I missed this! I have been looking for powerheads! For whoever got it all if you have any powerheads to share much would be appreciated!
  2. If you're still looking I have a reef octopus classic 100-HOB protein skimmer. It was used on my 65 gallon for only 6 months before I upgraded to a drilled tank. Works great and is super quiet. Send me a message if you're interested
  3. I would be interested in some coral if you have started letting go of it.
  4. Hello everyone! I just joined the Austin Reef Club. I bought an established 60 gallon tank a few months ago and now just switched everything over to a 65 gallon drilled tank with a 20 gallon sump to make it easier to manage and larger water volume so there is less fluctuation. So far everything is going great! My parameters have been stable for the last month and I'm finally starting to add coral in. So far I have some pink tip octospawn, rose bubble tip anemone, green bubble tip anemone, some palys, candy canes, and starting a GSP wall for my background. Glad to of found the forums to learn m
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