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  1. This has been my most focused tank in some time. We set it up on June 20th with some live sand and dry live rock. I used Fritz ammonia as part of the cycle and have used Microbacter7 to get the levels adjusted. I added a protein skimmer (not running yet) and wave maker (Aqamai KPS) to the tank as well. I changed the filtration out with the inTank media basket (with filter floss and Purigen) and added the inTank fuge. The plan is to place some copepods and macro algae in the fuge and some pods into the tank as we drop the nitrite levels down and get things moving forward. As for what's next, the only thing I can think of now is to keep reading and learning more to ensure the cycle is set. I have thought about clowns and host anemones since I have had those in the past with success to start followed by keeping an eye on conditions to move towards some types of coral and other life that can work with the setup. I'll keep this updated as things continue to evolve forward. Thank you all for the welcome.
  2. We recently started to set up a new Biocube 32 and are working hard to ensure that everything is "by the books" - for whatever that means. I have had a number of freshwater and saltwater aquariums since I was a teenager. I remember the days of having my predator tank with the alligator gar, snakehead fish, and so many others. It was crazy and so much fun. At that point in life my ambition was to be an ichthyologist! Things did change. My biggest and most fun success was several years ago with a beautiful 50 gallon reef tank. When we moved to Leander in 2018, the fish tanks were some of the unfortunate things left behind, but we were able to donate our fish, corals and the system to a local store. I am glad to be able to get started again and am excited to see this group in the Austin area. Wishing you all the best for a safe Independence Day weekend. Cameron
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