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  1. ElWeddo

    RBTA and GBTA

    okay, If you pm me your number I'll txt you to meet up this weekend
  2. ElWeddo

    Four Sunburst Morph BTA

    I'd like one. Please PM me your number
  3. ElWeddo

    RBTA and GBTA

    I'd like #2
  4. ElWeddo

    Tons of Coral for sale

    Okay, I'll be tied up in Cedar Park until about 10:30 on Sat. Can you pm me your number?
  5. ElWeddo

    Tons of Coral for sale

    I'd like to get a few things from each category. When's a good time to come by this weekend?
  6. Hello everyone, I am getting a max nanno 20g. It's my first time having a nano. About 12yrs ago I had a 300g with 2x 250MH w chiller, calc reactor and all that. It seems like a lot has changed and some hasn't but I'm happy to be getting back into the hobby. Although, my wife may not be! I'm looking forward to being out of this community and start participating in any local events/meetups. Are there ever frag swaps around here? Thanks, Weddo