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  1. Thai Vo

    3polyp Space Chaos

    Bump 100
  2. Thai Vo

    Tri Color JB

    $650 Very Stunning Piece ! Speckles Of Green
  3. Looking for a pool table
  4. Thai Vo

    Large Rose Anemone

  5. Thai Vo

    WTB 2-3 Radions Xr30s

    WTB or trade for some baller corals
  6. Thai Vo

    3polyp Space Chaos

    $150 Bad picture because it further behind my tank but they are a beauty
  7. Thai Vo

    Momma WWC OG Bounce

    2nd picture was a picture this morning took before i went to work. opens bigger then that in the 2nd picture
  8. Thai Vo

    Momma WWC OG Bounce

  9. Thai Vo

    Momma WWC OG Bounce

    $1000 , paid alittle over 1k for this piece , very stunning piece
  10. Thai Vo

    WTB Dragon Soul Torch

    Anyone have any
  11. Thai Vo

    WTB Sunny D colony

    Looking for a colony of sunny d zoas
  12. Thai Vo

    Free Yellow Tang

    Free Yellow Tang , If you can bring me 30-40gallon of saltwater. If your doing a water change then that be great fro you xD PS: yellow tang have alittle ich since a friend gave me the yellow tang as a gift and its in my 20 gall frag tank Pm for address