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  1. Thai Vo

    WTB Dosing System

    Looking for a dosing system with all its goodies
  2. Thai Vo

    WTB T5 lighting

    Looking For T5 lighting For a 4 foot tank
  3. Thai Vo

    MP40 QD / Reef Link [sold]

    it was the same mybad everything sold
  4. Thai Vo

    Skelator Eel !

  5. Thai Vo

    Skelator Eel !

    100 ! need the tank to be fallow
  6. Thai Vo

    MP40 QD / Reef Link [sold]

    Both in superb condition. nothing absolutely wrong with either of them. Just looking to have some funds back from vacation xD Mp40 $250 Reeflink $50
  7. Thai Vo

    Reef Link

  8. Thai Vo

    Rasta Colony ! [sold]

  9. Thai Vo

    Rasta Colony ! [sold]

  10. Thai Vo

    Skelator Eel !

    Bump 150 !
  11. Thai Vo

    Skelator Eel !

  12. Thai Vo

    240G 8 Foot ! [sold]

  13. Thai Vo

    Show Size Sohal !

    $450 The Streamer On This Guy Is AMAZING ! Show Size Super Male
  14. Thai Vo

    Skelator Eel !

    $200' Was with previous owner for 2 plus years and He did not touch any fish or clean up crew. He Eats raw shrimp
  15. Thai Vo

    Gone - FREE - Sea Hare that eats a ton of Hair Algae

    i take him if first person falls through