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  1. Jaime Padron

    WTB Skimmer

    looking for a skimmer for a 150 gallon tank...hit me up...thank you
  2. Jaime Padron

    WTB Dry rock

    looking for some dry rock...
  3. Jaime Padron

    3 Candy Canes Bunches

    if you decide to frag them individually let me know
  4. Jaime Padron

    120G whole setup [sold]

    you still have this tank
  5. Jaime Padron

    WTB: Hydra Mounting bracket

    looking for hydra mounting bracket, HMS mount...thank you
  6. Jaime Padron

    WTB Tourch or rock anem

    Looking for tourch or rock anem, nothing to crazy in price... pictures please...thank you
  7. Jaime Padron

    WTB torch / frags/acan

  8. Jaime Padron

    WTB torch / frags/acan

    Looking for some torch or hammer for sell that i can buy this weekend... also rock anem. please send me a pic with price ...thank you
  9. Jaime Padron

    WTB Anemone and acan

    robb send me your phone we can meet up on sunday if that works for you...and mass how much you want for the rock ann
  10. Jaime Padron

    WTB Anemone and acan

    only need 1 atm
  11. Jaime Padron

    WTB Anemone and acan

    Looking to buy some anemone and acans...please pics would be helpful...thanks
  12. Jaime Padron

    WTB Reef Breeders Photon V2

    If anyone have for sell a Reef Breeders Photon V2 24 inch...let me know if you wanna sell it...thank you
  13. Jaime Padron

    Looking for Cube Sump

    damm never got it, but i ended up with the trigger sump one...
  14. Jaime Padron

    Reef Octopus Classic 110INT Skimmer + extra pump $100

    if you can hold it for me until Sunday because of my work schedule i can pick it up on Sunday afternoon....
  15. Jaime Padron

    Reef Octopus Classic 110INT Skimmer + extra pump $100

    up too how many gallons is this skimmer good for and do you still have it