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  1. where you located by?
  2. let me know if u are coming anywhere aroung pflugerville area anytime soon...
  3. i have fire and ice. was looking for something different. ty
  4. Jaime Padron


    how much u want for it
  5. Jaime Padron


    Looking for corals, No sps and nothing to crazy priced please...starting off new tank so dont want to get crazy...thank you
  6. Looking for a 5 gallon or 10 gallon ato reservoir, hit me up...thank you
  7. looking for a skimmer for a 150 gallon tank...hit me up...thank you
  8. looking for some dry rock...
  9. if you decide to frag them individually let me know
  10. looking for hydra mounting bracket, HMS mount...thank you
  11. Looking for tourch or rock anem, nothing to crazy in price... pictures please...thank you
  12. Looking for some torch or hammer for sell that i can buy this weekend... also rock anem. please send me a pic with price ...thank you
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