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  1. Kenta Asazu


    Am I supposed to receive a card for being a member?
  2. Kenta Asazu

    Sump with established nano reef help

    Thank you this is very helpful
  3. Hi I have a waterbox 15 aio aquarium and it is currently stocked with fish and corals. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to add a sump, and if so, how should I do it? I know I could either drill it, or have a hob overflow box, but I feel like drilling it would be complicated. I also know that hob overflows are unreliable and bulky. Any type of help and input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Kenta Asazu

    When is the next Frag swap?

    I was wondering when the next frag swap will be, kind of bummed that I missed the most recent one due to spring break vacation.
  5. Kenta Asazu

    Looking for rotifers

    Just curious, what kind of clowns are they
  6. Kenta Asazu

    SPS for trade or sale

    I’ll take the free orange cap
  7. Kenta Asazu

    Yasha Hashi Goby wtb

    Lmk if you have one available
  8. Kenta Asazu

    WTB mp10 and Hanna testers

    Want to save some money on some equipment and was wondering if anyone has these in good condition lying around, and are willing to let it go for a good price. I’d like to keep the mp10 under $200 if that’s possible.
  9. Kenta Asazu

    90 gallon

    How much for rodi system and what condition is it in
  10. Will there be cheap euphyllia frags?
  11. Kenta Asazu

    Tunze return pump, Hanna Alk Checker, LPS food, frag tool

    How much food is left in the bottles?
  12. How do I post to the thread?
  13. I’d like to buy some Xenia and firework clove polyps for my tank. Only need small frags to keeps costs low.
  14. Kenta Asazu


    How much are they and where are you located?
  15. Kenta Asazu


    Do you have any small ones?