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  1. Thanks for the feedback. You’re right-the tank has been running since January
  2. Whatever it is retracts in rock when touched by hermit crab passing by
  3. I like the blue eyed cardinals. Didn’t know they existed. I’ll probably go with these. I wonder if Aquadome carries them.
  4. Looking for suggestions on what fish I should add to my tank. I really like chromis but I’ve read many accounts of them eventually killing each other until one remains. I considered getting 3. I’m looking two add a fish or two that will swim out in the open and obviously get along with the current inhabitants. I have a 55g with a Mccoskers wrasse, a cleaner shrimp,a clown fish, a firefish, hermits and snails with a few zoas and green star polyps.
  5. Did a search of pineapple sponge and this looks like what it is. I’m a newbie and all these life forms that seemingly come out of nowhere amaze me!
  6. Looks like a white sac with a hole in the middle. Any idea what this is?
  7. Noticed this coming out of hermit crabs shell. Do you know what this is? Is it harmful? 174CEFC8-6C7C-4D8D-871F-4958D125AB82.MOV
  8. erdnek

    Live Rock

    Hi looking for a few pieces of like rock to help seed my rock for my new setup cycle.
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