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  1. Definitely sponge. I have some in my tank. My dwarf angelfish love to eat it. I also have some growing in my overflow and sump. It's good stuff to have. I love the tube shapes it makes.
  2. That's a lot of acronyms that I don't know! Haha. I mainly just didn't want to have a pay so much for crumbled rust. That stuff is ridiculously expensive. I didn't know that GFO dust could cause HLLE. Maybe that's why my regal tang looks like hell.
  3. Overall, I feel like carbon has to be changed out too often and GFO is just ridiculously expensive. I've had a 5 gallon of bucket of carbon for about a year. It's got about a quarter left. The GFO I get is like $90 for one gallon. I get the Bulk Reef Supply brand of both.
  4. Does anyone know if there is a good alternative for carbon and GFO? I feel like I've seen an article somewhere recently that talked about a bio-pellet like product. I just can't find the magazine that I was looking at.
  5. Derek Weise


    Nice tank. That clown is massive! I like that bright green hammer in the big tank. Welcome.
  6. Spotted yellow eye kole too! He's looking good. I'd take him if I didn't have a Chevron right now.
  7. Is it moving around at all? It could be a nudibranch if it's slugging around the tank.
  8. I have 6 right now. I had 3 about 2 months ago. They grow like crazy in my tank. I usually sell them to AquaDome. Last year I sold them 12. The year before that, 15. They are almost weeds in my tank. Haha.
  9. Nice anemones. I have a few similar colored ones. They are really awesome to watch. Did yours split in the tank?
  10. Nice anthias. I'm a fan of the Ignitus Anthias myself. The Lyretail Anthias is beautiful too.
  11. Derek Weise


    Thanks everyone. It's good to be back. I just added some more chromis today. I wanted a good school going. I have 8 in there now. 7 small ones and 1 large one. I do recognize a few names.
  12. Tuxedos are the best! I like the purple pincushions too. Rock boring urchins are interesting too. I have a few of each in my tank.
  13. You're fine after an hour. When I did mine, I don't think I even waited that long for the overflow plumbing. I did let my return pump pipes sit for about 8 hours before turning it on.
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