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  1. Bburrage04

    Red medium tux urchin

  2. Bburrage04

    Red medium tux urchin

    This guy is free to anyone who wants to pick up in south Austin area. Take with caution. He is the destroyer of zoa colony’s. Again take with caution. For faster response text or call me at 5129552777. Pickup anytime
  3. Bburrage04

    Rocks with corals! - SOLD

    I’ll take them shoot me a text or call 5129552777
  4. Bburrage04

    FarmerTy Fall Bash Meeting

    I’ll be able to make my first meeting, I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you and learning more about the trade. Can’t wait!!!
  5. Bburrage04

    Medium Clown Tang

  6. Bburrage04

    Medium Clown Tang

    South Austin 1626 and manchaca
  7. Bburrage04

    Medium Clown Tang

    Wife surprised me with a medium clown tang, not knowing he cannot go in a 90 gal tank let alone with my other tang. Will sale him for 40$ or trades for lps coral or frags. Located in south Austin Text or call 512-955-2777 for faster response thank you
  8. Bburrage04

    Green Clown Goby [SOLD]

    I’ll take it if torrej9 falls through
  9. Bburrage04

    ISO Chaetomorpha Algae

    I live in south Austin and could use some for new sump if anyone still want to part ways with it
  10. Bburrage04

    Upgrade to 90

    Thank you! Today turned out to be a success, everything has opened back up but water still a little cloudy.
  11. Bburrage04

    Upgrade to 90

    I’m excited to say that today is the day to swap tanks, the stand build went well, I decided to keep it simple and not drill tank and use HOB overflow that I have already. I’ve done a lot of research leading up to swapping tanks and I think I have and I have some help from a guy who works at a lfs in south Austin, I’ll keep post updated as the day goes, wish me luck
  12. Bburrage04

    T5 fixture

    Set up came with t5 lighting,having hanging hardware as well bulbs need to be replaced, 1 side works 1 night light works asking 40 for fixture or trade for a frag or cool small coral
  13. Bburrage04

    Tunze, Silent, and Mag pumps FS

    What part of town are you in? Interested in the 6025 I’d still available
  14. Bburrage04

    Live Rock - $1.50/lb, Lg Yellow Finger Leather, GSP, RBTA

    I’ll take 50+ lbs of rock 512-955-2777