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  1. Bburrage04

    4 stage rodi

    4 stage rodi with TDS 100 gpd. Asking 80 needs filters . Pick up in south Austin
  2. Price change 800 added marine betta, red lyrtail hawkfish and 2 sally foot crabs
  3. Not willing to part out at the moment
  4. Due to time and vacations coming up this year I am letting my tank go. Would like to sale together. Would like to get 1300 or best offer. 90 gallon tank 45 gallon sump/ refugium Handmade real walnut stand (600$ for walnut ) Auquatop 607 gph return pump Sc aquafarms sca-301 skimmer ( could be upgraded) 2 Fluval 3.0 led sea lights with wireless Hang on back overflow 3 power heads (1 tunez) 180 lbs rock 2 snowflake clownfish 2 Banggai cardinal lawnmower blenny Yellow tang Diamond watchman goby Male anthias Female anthias Flame hawk Six line wrasse Blue damsel Coral beauty Red mandarin dragon Fire shrimp Coral banded shrimp Seasons greetings coral Jack o lantern coral 2 Hollywood stunner coral 3 Lord howe coral (2 red 1 green) Green eyed lepto Merleti blasto Orange ricordea Florida 1 small mushroom Zoas (5 different colonies) Very large clean up crew maybe 75 snails, Astria, turbo, hermits, red legs crabs 3 pistol shrimp Sea hare Sea urchin 1 rose bubble nem 1 green bubble 2 rainbow bubbles ( split weekly) 1 blue hammer coral 2 heads 1 Micronesian hammer coral 2 clams 4” and 1.5” but the smaller one is being held hostage by the watchman goby under a rock 1 candy cane 4 heads Large green star polyp rock 2 large leathers 9 water containers 4 stage RODI system lots of food and more things I may have left out
  5. Thanks @Timfish I will do that as well. My system is about 10 months old, never had those checked. Didn’t make it to the dome yesterday but will go Tuesday to have tested and pick up new test kit
  6. Thanks @jolt for reply, all water is bought from the dome. Thanks for recommending a second opinion I will do that today when I go to get more water
  7. Happy Sunday reefers! I have a question about calcium. Tank is a 90 gallon with 40 sump. I did a water change 2 weeks ago and got same calcium levels. Have only done one water change since this of 15 gallons. Haven’t dosed since the check. My question is, is my calcium too high? Is it a problem that it won’t go down? Currently have fish, nems, zoas, hammers, candy canes, mushrooms, acans, seasons greeting coral, jack o lantern lepto, Hollywood stunner chalice, green eyed lepto, merleti blasto, and an orange ricordia Florida. 1.023 temp 78 ph 8.2 nitrate 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 phos 0.25 calcium 640
  8. Bburrage04

    Zoa frags

    I have 2 frags I’m wanting to sale. They broke off a hanging colony. One frag 2 heads 15.00 one frag 5 heads 30.00. Don’t know the name of them but they look great! Pickup in south Austin or we could schedule a meet time. I’m up north almost daily. Text 5129552777 Brandon
  9. This guy is free to anyone who wants to pick up in south Austin area. Take with caution. He is the destroyer of zoa colony’s. Again take with caution. For faster response text or call me at 5129552777. Pickup anytime
  10. I’ll take them shoot me a text or call 5129552777
  11. I’ll be able to make my first meeting, I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you and learning more about the trade. Can’t wait!!!
  12. South Austin 1626 and manchaca
  13. Wife surprised me with a medium clown tang, not knowing he cannot go in a 90 gal tank let alone with my other tang. Will sale him for 40$ or trades for lps coral or frags. Located in south Austin Text or call 512-955-2777 for faster response thank you
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