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  1. Bburrage04

    Live Rock - $1.50/lb, Lg Yellow Finger Leather, GSP, RBTA

    I’ll take 50+ lbs of rock 512-955-2777
  2. Bburrage04

    Upgrade to 90

    Ok thank you for input and help, the stickers on the bottom say do not drill tank...
  3. Bburrage04

    Rubbermaid container of misc reef stuff-sold

    Is it still available
  4. Bburrage04

    Upgrade to 90

    Thank all of you for input, I’m going to go ahead and try to drill it, makes more sense to do it right the first time and have a longer lasting setup. Will update and look back for help as the project is going
  5. Bburrage04

    Upgrade to 90

    Hello reef family. I am currently running a 55 gal and I was recently handed and blessed with a 90 gallon tank. Im still new so would like some input as well as feedback and opinions. I’m currently running a hang off the back overflow to my sump with 1”pvc 1 will that work with the 90 gallon? im going to be building a “shaker style” stand with built in led lights and on/off switch when doors open and close for it in the next 2 weeks out of walnut. The sump is a 40 gal tank that I will diy into a sump( I have a picture posted of what I want to do with the sump I’ve attached pictures of running tank and plumbing along with new tank, 40 gal sump and stand drawings, the stand will hide all plumbing as well. I see a lot of set up where there are 3 inlets into the sump. Will I need that or will I be ok with one as I have it now
  6. Bburrage04

    3 heads Frogspawn - $20

    I would have taken them with me earlier, maybe next weekend if their still around
  7. Bburrage04

    Apex EB8, Skimmers, Radions, Testing kit, Reactors ...

    I’ll take the bubble skimmer if your around tomorrow
  8. Bburrage04

    Led lights

    I have a Fluval marine and reef 2.0 led 48-60 with WiFi ability and adjustment and timers as well I’m trying to sale, asking 120 obo i also have a Marineland led, only white and blue LEDs, (box is a little damaged from moisture)nothing special. Asking 50 obo on that one. I live in south Austin. Also willing to accept trades for corals and or fish. Both lights work great
  9. Bburrage04

    FREE RO/DI system

    I’d like to get in line, can meet anytime
  10. Bburrage04

    Sump and tanks and 1 Rena filter

    10G (Sump with bioballs ), Sump with trays 29G (30x12x19), 29G (30x12x19), Sump with no trays or roller. Rena filter Got them free from here, didn’t end up using all so putting them back here for someone else’s use. Pickup in south Austin or can schedule a pick up in north Austin between hours of 8-2 call or text 5129552777 pick up one or all. Don’t know if Rena works or not as I have not plugged it in
  11. Bburrage04

    Aquarium Stand For Sale

    Is it still available, can pick up
  12. Bburrage04

    30 gallon oceanic and other Tunze items

    Sent pm
  13. Bburrage04

    Setting up

    Ok perfect thank you
  14. Bburrage04

    Setting up

    Ok thank you all for the input and suggestions, I’ll do some more research on what I need to do next to get up and running
  15. Bburrage04

    Setting up

    Hello everyone sorry if I’m in wrong forum , I’m getting back into salt water but my last 55 gal had a built in box filter and all I used besides that was a protein skimmer, I bought a 55 gal tank with 75 lbs of live rock (dried out) tank is glass and front corners are rounded. I have the rock soaking in salt water @.23. I am wanting to get started on the build of tank to be up and running in about a month or sooner. The tank I have now has no holes drilled. My question here is should I use a filtration system or have tank drilled for sump. If sump can you guys recommend someone who drills and helps sets up the tank and sump.