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  1. Andrew Peterson

    SOLD All livestock has to go today

  2. Andrew Peterson

    RBTA on small rock - $25 (SOLD)

  3. Andrew Peterson

    Colorful LPS or softies

    Looking for a frag of dendrophylia and also some acans. Or any kind of colorful Lps or soft coral.
  4. Andrew Peterson

    What is this frag?

    Lmao I was really hoping it wasn’t one of those...and right haha no wonder it was free 😂 keeps the urchin fed though. Thanks!
  5. Andrew Peterson

    What is this frag?

    Came free in an order from aqua SD.
  6. Andrew Peterson

    Micro brittle stars

  7. Andrew Peterson

    Micro brittle stars

    Yes, lol what frags do you have to offer? Or would you be able to sell a couple depending on how much you have?
  8. Andrew Peterson

    Micro brittle stars

    Nice, how long did they take to appear? My tank is relatively new still.
  9. Andrew Peterson

    Micro brittle stars

    Looking for some micro brittle stars to add to the cuc. Thanks
  10. Andrew Peterson

    Meteor shower cyphastreus

    Looking for a relatively small meteor cyphastreus/frag.
  11. Andrew Peterson

    Looking for Pulsing Xenia frags all species

    If anyone has any as like junk or whatever I’ll gladly take it off your hands, I want to make a Xenia only tank, any tips or guidance is welcome.
  12. Hello, I am looking for pulsing Xenia frags please. I live in San Marcos but would be able to meet most days after 7 and during the weekend. Thanks