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  1. April Debuysere


    Thanks for the replies I think I’ve got it covered
  2. April Debuysere


    What part of town are ya’lllocated. I am way south but can find my way up north too 😊
  3. April Debuysere

    Spring frag swap

    Any word on a spring frag swap?
  4. April Debuysere


    Looking for a toadstool leather.
  5. April Debuysere

    Selling Fish... need new homes fast

    Oh darn I read the maroon clown fish get to big for my tank I only have a 29 gallon😞
  6. April Debuysere

    Selling Fish... need new homes fast

    Did the clowns find a home?
  7. April Debuysere


    Hi! Thanks how do you keep the pods alive? What all do you do to keep them populating to feed in my case a mandarin ( which I don’t actually have yet ) I have a bio cube not too sure about place to grow cheato for them like many people mention keeping in a sump
  8. April Debuysere


    Any one have copepods they want I want to seed my tank for a mandarin goby
  9. April Debuysere

    Apex Jr Controller - Neptune Systems

    Have you sold this? What all can it control, I need to control my lights mostly ?
  10. April Debuysere


    i think I am going to do either toad stool leather or hammer coral to start with and clown fish. Do you think getting a pair is worth it or just get two with one being notable larger ( will they likely fight if not already a pair?)
  11. April Debuysere

    Red sea 130D plus more

    If you part out I’d be interested in the 3 Hanna checkers and Vortech
  12. April Debuysere

    Frogspawn, Hammer coral, Candycanes, Texas blue palys on LR

    Do you have any left?
  13. April Debuysere


    Thanks I read the info on zoas good to know!
  14. April Debuysere


    I’m not sure what “polly’s“ are! I’m not going for anything to wild a couple clowns and a goby. For corals I like the zoas duncan pulsing Xenia mainly the “ softies” and frog spawn or tourches. Kenya tree seems pretty cool. I have lots to learn before I have all that in my tank!! Also will take all advise on corals/ fish to start with I want to have a successful reef tank not kill a bunch of animals
  15. April Debuysere


    Hi! I live out in canyon lake.. but work in austin. I have a 29 g BioCube I’m setting up.