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  1. April Debuysere

    2 purple/green Hammer Mini Colonies

    Great! What kind of time frame? I’m not in any kind of rush. With a sick mom and two toddlers it takes a little planning on my part to meet. But I definitely want this coral 😊
  2. April Debuysere

    2 purple/green Hammer Mini Colonies

    Hi two heads would be perfect!
  3. April Debuysere

    2 purple/green Hammer Mini Colonies

    Do you have any smaller frags of this frogspawn ?
  4. April Debuysere


    Thank you for replying 😊dogfish helped me out today 🙏
  5. April Debuysere


    Anyone in the New Braunfels wimberly area have rodi water?
  6. April Debuysere

    Royal gamma

    Hi so I now know the fish is dead I saw like a translucent tail in the tank. I didn’t qt I don’t have much of a set up to do that . I only have a goby in the tank which to be honest I only catch a glimpse of every few days to know he is not dead.. if it was velvet or ich would the goby live? I’m scared to put other fish in if I introduced something. I can’t catch that crazy tiny goby to try and separate it from the tank for 8 weeks? The tank is just 32 g biocube with sand rock and two leathers. And a supper tiny goby. What kind of advise do y’all have for me? Water parameters normal I did 40% water change after I determined the gammas demise . Thanks in advance
  7. April Debuysere

    Richard's Lone star Leather

    When is the swap?
  8. April Debuysere

    Royal gamma

    Hi I had a royals gamma for 2weeks happy and eating well then started swimming very odd didn’t touch dinner and now no where to be found. I assume dead! Any ideas what could have happened? Water testing didn’t show anything out of normal nitrates were a little high around 10 I also lost a snail. Just throwing it out there I didn’t see any white spots but guess could be in gills. Is it safe to get more fish ? I have a goby in there and possibly a rotting fish in the rock I can’t get to with tearing apart tank
  9. April Debuysere

    Santa Monica HOG1 Turf Scrubber - sold

    Hi would you be willing to meet central austin?
  10. April Debuysere

    Torch Frag Packs

    Yes I am interested.
  11. April Debuysere

    Torch Frag Packs

    Any left?
  12. April Debuysere

    Few Colonies for Sale

    Any frags of the acan available ?
  13. April Debuysere

    Vortech mp10

    Looking for a Vortech mp10 or a mp40 . I’m new to hobby and everything is so expensive. Before I spend a bunch on brand new I thought I would see if anyone had one in good working condition laying around 😊
  14. April Debuysere

    BioCube 29

    Help! I bought a used BioCube off this forum. I’ve been waiting for tank to cycle and noticed leaking around the bottom seal. Anyone know if I can get it repaired. I just tore it all down I can’t risk ruining my floors .
  15. April Debuysere


    Thanks for the replies I think I’ve got it covered