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  1. April Debuysere

    Torch or frogspawn

    Torch or frogspawn
  2. April Debuysere

    Neon green hairy mushroom

    Anyone have neon green hairy mushroom they want to frag or sell
  3. April Debuysere

    Nems for sale

    How big are they I’m looking for a kinda small nem
  4. April Debuysere

    Med sized SPS, LPS & softies - FIRE SALE

    Duncan still available ?
  5. April Debuysere

    Med sized SPS, LPS & softies - FIRE SALE

    What part of town?
  6. April Debuysere

    Pulsing Xenia and gsp

    Also looking for a small frags of other soft corals kinda easy newbi stuff
  7. April Debuysere

    RBTA on small rock - $25 (SOLD)

    How big is the rock
  8. April Debuysere

    Shipped fish

    Good to know farmer ty. I may buy some to keep on hand for future issues. I put an extra air stone I had in the tank and the fish pretty much just hung out in the bubbles it’s swimming normal today hope that means all is well
  9. April Debuysere

    Shipped fish

    I got two fish online they said delivery by 2 but ups didn’t show up till 7 pm. The smaller fish is fine, however the large clown fish seemed in distress. I didn’t acclimate as I wanted to due to the distress of the fish. It is swimming very odd. Do you think the build up of ammonia was too much for the fish ? Is there anything I can do to save the fish? I put some prime in my qt tank since when I tested the water he was shipped in it was very high ammonia🙀. Such a pretty fish I don’t want it to die..
  10. April Debuysere

    Reef Stuff for Sale

    I don’t see prices though
  11. April Debuysere

    Reef Stuff for Sale

    Mp 10 available still ? I could really use it also interested in uv sterilizer
  12. April Debuysere

    40g Innovative Marine AIO

    I’ll still buy your mp10 if you go that route
  13. Is this still for sale?
  14. April Debuysere

    40g Innovative Marine AIO

    Would you be willing to sell just the mp10?
  15. April Debuysere

    Royal gamma

    I’m planning a on just a 10 gallon tank Do you need two running