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  1. Great skimmer! Used but in perfect working condition. $50 Cash Can meet in Austin
  2. I have a Hydor Slim Skimmer Nano $50 PM if interested THANKS
  3. Looking for a Eel that is safe with fish and invertebrates. Going in a 81 gallon cube aquarium with a lot of live rock. Please PM me and tell me about your eel (pics would be cool) Thank you
  4. Rated for 185-240 gallon tank Used but working great! $140 Cash
  5. I have some Live Rock available! Downsizing my tank so I'll have extra! Some has coraline algae and some does not. From a year old+ tank. $2.50 a lb CASH I will weigh it out for you! I have 50 lbs or so that can go Located in Buda/Mustang Ridge area
  6. Up for grabs Kessil A80 Tuna Blue Used for about 8 months off and on. Comes with gooseneck mount Asking $100, practically new SOLD
  7. Innovative Marine Ghost Skimmer #7203 Made for Nuvo 20 Not going to use in my new build. $50 CASH takes it Can Meet in Austin
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