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  1. I was buying new heaters of different brands often as well until I got an aqueon 150w for the same gallons as you have. It is shaped like a test tube so I keep it mounted as shown at minimum water level to prevent any seal leaks. They say it's shatter proof and it has lifetime warrant but I dont know about that. Heaters shouldn't be in low flow areas to prevent high internal temperatures and be kept clean for the same reason. I always use an external controller. Lacrosse mobile alerts for 99cents/mo gives me advanced warning on high or low temps. I keep my downstairs living area 77 so I dont need my heater during warm months. I have a new heater in box on standby. I was going to add another heater and temp controller staged down a degree or two so it wouldn't be used until the primary fails but I havent yet. I also have a wifi power strip that shows current draw so if I get a temp alert, I can login and shut it off remotely if it fails on, or see that it is not on. I've read that heater failure is one of the most common trouble spots so I feel confident in my setup. All of this is will set you back probably $150.00


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  2. Does anyone have experience dealing with? They appeared seemingly overnight on the glass. I'm going to pick up a couple wrasses tomorrow. I've read they won't affect corals but they can overpopulate and kill from toxicity after dying.


  3. Good turnout, everyone had awesome stuff and great presentations. Picked up a branching cyphastrea, mad scientist favia, techno cyphastrea, enchanted forest stylo, rainbow stylo, solar flare, orange passion, lime light hydnophora, pink boobies chalice, avatar chalice, pinata chalice, cheap date acro, and some zoas.





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