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  1. Blake Herman

    July 4th Frag Tank Freedom

    I’ll take 7 and 63. I’ll send the PayPal in just a minute.
  2. Blake Herman

    Medium Powder Blue Tang for sale $50 - SOLD

    I have the equipment already, and I was planning on setting up the tank this weekend. Would that work for you if I pick him up early next week? PM me if that works for you.
  3. Blake Herman

    Medium Powder Blue Tang for sale $50 - SOLD

    Interested. How fast do you need it out? I'd be open to paying for it immediately, but I need to set up a new QT tank. Thanks.
  4. Blake Herman

    Lamarck's Angelfish

    PMed as well
  5. Blake Herman

    Just picked up a macro lens, holy moly

    Nice! I've been wanting to experiment with tank photography too. There's definitely a learning curve with this type of lighting, etc!
  6. Blake Herman

    Few Mini Colonies - SPS & Zoas

    Hey, do you still have either of the zoa plugs available? What part of town are you located in?
  7. Blake Herman

    Yellow Tang - $15 (SOLD)

    Second - I’m also interested. Please let me know if he’s still available!
  8. Blake Herman

    SPS- Everything is $20!!! [emoji322][emoji322][emoji322]

    Great - I think I'm interested in the purple bonsai, the key lime breeze, and the azure stag. Are those still available?
  9. Blake Herman

    [SOLD] ALL Fish

    Interested in the Yellow Tang - would you be available for me to pick him up tomorrow?
  10. Blake Herman

    SPS- Everything is $20!!! [emoji322][emoji322][emoji322]

    I'm interested, what do you have left?