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  1. Sierra Bravo

    Waterbox Cube 10 office nano

    Thought I'd share some pics of my office mantis/zoa tank I've been working on and mentioned in my main build thread. I haven't seen the mantis for a few weeks now and suspect he's molting. I have confirmed he's there and alive; I can see his swimmerets moving when I peek between the rocks. As far as the corals, everything appears healthy. The blasto is full, the zoas are producing new heads, and my hammer, which for a while I thought wasn't going to make it, seems to be doing better. All in all I'm pleased with how it is coming out.
  2. Sierra Bravo

    Anyone know how to vent a fish (Swim Bladder Issue)

    I'd be happy to help, but I'm in San Antonio and about to leave on a business trip. I wouldn't be able to get to Austin until 4-20. I'll PM you my phone number and you are more than welcome to call and ask questions.
  3. Sierra Bravo

    Anyone know how to vent a fish (Swim Bladder Issue)

    I've done it twice with anthias and used the video above for guidance. I had three fish I needed to vent. I was successful with two of them, and they are healthy and healthy today. The third I did not pull sufficient gas out of the bladder and had to repeat the procedure. That fish developed an infection at the site of puncture and didn't make it. Tips: Make sure the fish is well illuminated from below. I used a glass casserole with a cheap LED puck underneath. I placed a piece of tape to block the light at the head of the fish because I felt it was too bright for its eyes. Get the smallest diameter needle you can. I bought an insulin syringe from Walgreens Rx. Enlist a second set of hands to hold the fish while you do the venting. You need to withdraw the gas slowly and this takes a steady hand. Have a QT tank set up in advance to receive the fish. It's not going to like the procedure very much and needs peace to recover. Don't skip the sanitizing procedure or iodine. Would not hurt to put the fish through metroplex/kanaplex while in the QT as well. If you have a healthy one, examine it under the light first to see what size you are aiming to get the bladder down to. I hated having to try it for fear of killing the fish but resolved myself that if I didn't it wasn't going to make it long term anyway.
  4. Sierra Bravo

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    You're not limited to the OEM tank brackets, are you? Why not make your own hanger and suspend either from the wall or ceiling? There are a lot of really nice, professional-looking light suspension ideas out there. You have a wide shot of the tank and area it will live in?
  5. Does anyone know how to get in touch with the two guys that were listed as Obsessive Coral Desires? I found an Instagram account only.
  6. Old School PC Rainbow love:
  7. Sierra Bravo

    Greetings Programs

    Welcome to ARC! Looking forward to seeing your build come together.
  8. Ty's Ectoplasm. I really like this one. Fast grower and a nice shade of color. To the upper left of it partially out of view is a Pink Caddy that's going to be a stunner also.
  9. Who were the guys I circled under the BB goal?
  10. Deluxe Corals https://www.deluxecorals.com/ https://www.facebook.com/deluxecorals/?eid=ARDOrskfCShRueOtTFEp_xNGB-eB_DRrVyqt40DeKRkgsxpR0gFGXB7KZvPexHnwBC1Sx0xUoOTT97lq&timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=1146457464&fref=tag
  11. I was ticked to find out someone had bought that piece. . . until I found out it was you! Great buy! 🙂
  12. Sierra Bravo


    That's the problem with having a TDS reading higher than zero in your water - you don't know exactly what it is comprised of. Without a lab test it just means that your water contains unknown inorganic and/or organic matter that made it past the filter.
  13. Thanks for responding - I will send you a PM. 🙂 Actually - I can't since you are here as a guest. Best way to message you?
  14. I had to move my Fraghouse Corals Do-Si-Doe and that gave me a chance to take a close pic. I actually "thought" I had sold this as a frag to someone, after having decided not to keep it. I don't know what the heck I ended up giving that person, but I ended up with the wrong one. 🙂
  15. Sending a PM on the Bizarro.