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  1. Sierra Bravo

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Good job! I'm looking forward to seeing you set this up and how this works for you. What I'm mostly curious about is just how much more stability you can achieve and if you will observe a perceivable difference because of it. I assume that's the end game, using the monitoring function in conjunction with dosing to stabilize the Big 3, right? However, if you are already running a dialed in calcium reactor, just how much difference can it really make? BTW, I chuckled @ 2:40; I was surprised you actually knew what those were! 🤣
  2. Sierra Bravo

    FarmerTy Frag selloff

    Was this an experiment? 😁 Farmer Ty's Island of Dr. Moreau frag
  3. Sierra Bravo

    FarmerTy Frag selloff

    PM'd you for the Kung Pao frag I had seen in your other thread. . . 😛
  4. Sierra Bravo

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    I'm sure a real world unboxing/installation video would be welcomed by many who are considering a unit.
  5. Sierra Bravo

    Happy Father's Day, Reef Dads

    I'd like to wish my fellow Dads a happy day! Did ya ask for anything "fishy" for Father's Day? I gave myself some early gifts yesterday coming up to Austin and meeting with Jolt, Dominican, and mdavis735. I picked up Domican's drop in chiller, which will be a safety back up for when my AC goes out like it did last week , and a sweet piece of Bubblegum digi from Michael. Then I stopped by AquaDome to buy a Swallowtail Angelfish (I need more poopers in the tank). While there I couldn't help but grab a pair of green banded gobies as well. These things are tiny, and will mature at 1 1/2". I'll probably never see them again once they go in the 120g. Everyone is in QT. Last but not least I took a chance and ordered a few more Black Axil chromis which will arrive next week. Pretty good Father's Day haul, if I say so myself. Today it's all about sitting back and enjoying time with the wife and my two daughters. How about you guys?
  6. Sierra Bravo

    CB Bubblegum Digi

  7. Sierra Bravo

    CB Bubblegum Digi

    Sent you a PM. I like gum.
  8. We'll see. I'm going to exercise a little patience and see how the colonies start to grow over the next few months. Besides, I already have a torch coral. He's tucked in the corner because my 60x tank turnover rate started blowing tentacles off of him. 😁
  9. I sold the Sherman. I am now 'nem-less. 😟 Tank looks weird without the motion. I need more hairy milli's to make up for it.
  10. Sierra Bravo

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Your jaw had to have dropped when you pulled out the Hyacinthus! Great score on the 20K Lokani! It and the 30K have such cool growth patterns. I wonder why those became so hard to find?
  11. Sierra Bravo

    20G Waterbox Build

    Yeah, the 40 series inside corner is no bueno. Won't work. Using the side window, click on "Joining Plates", then click on "10 Series" or "10 Series Black". That will limit you to that particular size. Likewise the 20 series is metric. As for the 'scape, I like the last two.
  12. Sierra Bravo

    20G Waterbox Build

    Careful - all the series numbers need to match! 40 series is for 4" x 4" I think. Let me look real quick.
  13. Sierra Bravo

    20G Waterbox Build

    Cool! Word of advice - don't go crazy on the width of the 80/20. For the weight of a 20 gallon the 10 series 1" x 1" stock is plenty strong enough if you brace the corners properly.
  14. Sierra Bravo

    20G Waterbox Build

    Look into using 80/20 or T-Slot extruded aluminum. It's very easy to cut and work with. May be a bit more expense than 2x4, but the advantage is you can make it any height or width you want, it's extremely strong and durable, and probably the greatest advantage of all in a small stand: The smaller size of the extrusions allow for more usable space within the cabinet. Best place to buy it is their outlet shopfront on eBay: http://stores.ebay.com/8020-Inc-Garage-Sale You could affix magnets to the frame and on finished skins and make all four sides removable if you wish, bypassing doors altogether.