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  1. Sierra Bravo

    Drs. Foster and Smith + Petco

    Diver's Den/Live Aquaria was unaffected - they are still there and in operation. . .thankfully.
  2. Sierra Bravo

    Drs. Foster and Smith + Petco

    And consolidation. The Wisconsin facility where DFS operated from is being closed and those employees laid off. Fulfillment will occur from Petco.com distribution centers. It will be interesting to see how their product selection changes.
  3. Automatic feeder time. . .they know when food is about to drop. Watch the clownfish - she hogs the entire feeder. 🙂 (Food hits about 1:50. . . I should have shortened the video)
  4. Thanks for letting me know - should be visible now.
  5. I had a bit of unexplained STN/RTN appear on a colony of Battlecorals Grape Juice. Here's what I did to attempt to save it (reposted from my R2R account): I happened to check my tank last night with a flashlight (who doesn't?) and noticed for the first time an area at the base of a BC Grapejuice colony that had bleached with tissue recession. I'd been away for the weekend, but think I would have noticed it last time I looked, which was Thursday. Checking my parameters this morning I did have a low alk reading at 6.8, down from last Wednesday which was 7.9 dKH. I have not had any other changes to the tank physically or the water parameters. This rock cannot be removed to dip or try to superglue. I managed to chip a small hole in the area where the original plug was glued down. This allowed me to force a screwdriver under and incredibly the entire colony came up intact! You can see the areas remaining on the colony that has tissue recession. The majority of it, however, remained behind on the rock: I capped the diseased and even the healthy tissue that remained encrusted on the rock with epoxy putty: Using a pair of scissors to fray the end of a plastic drinking straw I made a makeshift disposable super glue brush, then used it to paint over any areas on the colony with visible damage. I made sure to coat past the diseased spots about a 1/4" into healthy tissue. I placed it temporarily on the bottom of the tank to give the epoxy time to cure, and to be able to check the colony in a few days to ensure the RTN/STN had been effectively stopped. If I see more reappearing, I'll cut into chunky frags and put it on the rack. Otherwise I plan to mount it back in its original position.
  6. Sierra Bravo

    Need help with Ai hd lighting

    Something is wrong with the light. Here is mine on those exact same settings in the first pic and all channels at 100% in the second. Just a little more white is the only difference, but you get an idea of what it should look like.
  7. Sierra Bravo

    Need help with Ai hd lighting

    What channel settings are you running (or trying to run) on? The Radion AB+ mimic for SPS is: UV 118% Violet 101% Royal 82% Blue 65% Green 6% Deep Red 5% Cool White 19% That produces a very blue light. If you like light that is more towards the daylight spectrum, lower the UV and Violet and raise the cool white, and to a lesser extent, the green.
  8. Sierra Bravo

    Hope you guys dont mind me joining

    Tell you what - we’ll work a deal. I’ll meet you halfway. I’ll bring you fish supplies and you bring me ribs and sauce from Mumphord’s!!! 😀
  9. Sierra Bravo

    20G Waterbox Build

    I thought to myself when I saw the post that someone was going to get a heck of a deal. Congrats!
  10. Sierra Bravo

    The new tank is up!

    Looks very good!
  11. Sierra Bravo

    Lowering phosphates

    The only recommended number I remember ever seeing is .5 ppm per day. That's quite a lot considering many people consider .02-.04 ppm to be a good range to be in. For me, on a 150 I'd start with about a cup of GFO in your reactor, make sure it is slowly tumbling, and monitor. You should see some measure of a reduction in PO4 within 24-36 hours. Don't forget GFO is just a bandaid; need to ID what's pushing your PO4 levels up and make a change. 🙂
  12. This is tougher and more confusing than I thought. Well, I bought it to practice, so. . .here are some first attempts at trying to get it to a realistic color and somewhat in focus. Not exactly worthy of Reefkeeper Monthly but not bad for a first try. If nothing else, at least my Vivid Rainbow Delight is starting to finally color up! 🙂
  13. I bought a real camera! Nikon D5300 with the dual lense kit (18-55 and 55-300). Shutter count was under 3K and the lens/mirror are in perfect shape. Came with a bag - $350. I don't have the faintest idea what to do with it, though. . . I've only used my phone before. Here's the first picture I took with it that I even liked:
  14. Sierra Bravo

    Enzo1028’s IM Nuvo Fusion 30L Build

    Welcome! Hope you didn't make room to bring your snow shovel with you. I bet you aren't missing Chicago this week. 🙂 Great start and it looks like it will be a nice tank. Kudos to your friend for holding your corals - I hope they make the transition well and settle in for you.