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  1. Sierra Bravo

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Native Floridian here. Grew up in Ocala; spent a large portion of my adult life in South Florida. We're headed to Pembroke Pines.
  2. Sierra Bravo

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Quick - frag and sell it as a unique white/red hybrid of some sort before it gets worse. Oh, and stop leaving town. Anecdotal evidence clearly indicates your lack of presence having a negative effect on the tank. Your corals are literally dying to be with you. 🙄 Can't you sell Amway or something else home-based? 😀 Seriously, though - hope it gets better soon.
  3. Sierra Bravo

    Just picked up a macro lens, holy moly

    Very cool - looking forward to what you can do with your lens! A decent camera and lens are on my short list for this upcoming year.
  4. Sierra Bravo

    Back by popular demand

    Welcome back!
  5. Sierra Bravo


    I don't have a valid scientific reason. I was under the impression that the more coralline that was dissolved the acidity of the solution was lowered and therefore it's effectiveness. It may have been in my head, but when I reused the same bucket of solution it's seemed to take longer to scrub it off if left for the same period. I may be completely off target with that logic. As inexpensive as vinegar is, since I'm only using a few cups per bucket as opposed to straight vinegar it wasn't that big of a deal to use fresh.
  6. Sierra Bravo


    One to two cups of vinegar in the bucket turns it into a mushy sludge that can be brushed off with almost no effort. It also loosens any film algae on the blades of the rotors. The only bad thing about cleaning the gyres to me is trying to remove that spoked motor bushing that holds the magnetic shaft. I have a difficult time with that part. I don't seem to get much for buildup in there anyway. One tip - when you put the gyre in the bucket make sure the flow side is pointing towards the bottom of the bucket and not up. 🙂 I just let it run its normal flow pattern so the other one still in the tank continues to provide water movement.
  7. Sierra Bravo


    I get a lot of coralline buildup on both my gyres and my traditional style powerheads. All I do is fill a 5-gallon bucket with warm water and white vinegar and drop one in the bucket while the other stays in the tank. 4-5 hour later I disassemble the cages and rotors and take a toothbrush to them and rinse. Takes 15 min. Then I repeat for the other side with a fresh bucket of solution. Once every six months or so I pull the shaft (which is a pain in the rear-end) and clean inside. I'm not sure what you guys are referring to as bearings. A gyre has four bushings to hold the rotors in place. . . is that what you mean? Maybe I'm missing something that I should be doing?
  8. Sierra Bravo

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    We're leaving back to South Florida for two weeks for Christmas and I'm dreading the potential issues. The corals other than the Red Dragon and SSC look really good. You've had a lot of issues thrown at that tank in the last six months: power outage, alk problems, lighting changes, algae outbreak and treatment. . .seems like it could use a couple months of stability and a chance for everything to just catch a breather. All things considered, probably could have been much worse. I bet a lot of tanks would not have made it through all that without a complete crash.
  9. Video update - bimacs are finally in the DT.
  10. Sierra Bravo

    Lots of SPS FS, Palmer's Blue, Pink Lemonade, ORA and Wild

    Oh - I didn't see Colin's revision. I'll take a pass on both then. The Pearlberry is what I really needed. Thanks anyway. If you ever have another chunky piece available, let me know.
  11. Sierra Bravo

    Lots of SPS FS, Palmer's Blue, Pink Lemonade, ORA and Wild

    Holy smokes Juice - when you "trim the tank" you don't screw around. Rack 1: 19 Rack 2: 10
  12. Sierra Bravo

    Algae Scrubbers

    Engineer in the making!
  13. Sierra Bravo

    Posting Photos in Build Thread

    Upload your photos to a site like Imgur, then use the "Insert other Media/Insert image from a URL" option to link them.
  14. I fed Reef Roids to the tank about an hour after lights off and got the flashlight out to watch. Looked like I had some type of shrimp hatch as well. I think the tank at night is almost as interesting as during the day.
  15. Sierra Bravo

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Congrats! Nice to hear you feeling positive about the tank. So much room to work with now compared to the last time I had seen it - going to be a rebirth: Maroon Lagoon Version 3.0. Now, if someone would just finally buy that setosa/red dragon piece. . . 😃