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  1. Beaux


    Howdy back at cha! Glad to see you returned as well. That is an awesome tank set up, slight hint of jealousy there. But all the same welcome back. I hope you recognize some of our more senior members. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. Beaux

    Need advice

    P.S. Can you buy sponges anywhere? Would that help to restore the balance? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. Beaux

    Need advice

    I do see your points either from personal experience or from your research. My theory was that no matter the type of algea, it needs many factors to flourish. Light being one of them. In my experiment with only using just the moonlight settings, removing the red and orange, has indeed slowed the growth. It dose not return in mass like it has with all the other methods I have tried. Day 4 into this experiment I have 0 growth or return to all sides of any part of the glass, as well as reduction of mass amounts piled on my substrate. Even the live rock shows reduction, but not complete annihilation yet. I would like to see if indeed can be a workable resolution. I still do suction out the spots I see, blow and scrub the live rock, and by late afternoon clean all the filters and other equipment. I am down to roughly only doing 2 to 2 1/2 gallons instead of the 5 plus gallon daily water change. I have removed all corals into a quarantine tank, but I do not foresee them making a recovery. Let alone the risk of re contaminating the tank however this issue gets resolved. As far as the substrate I learned a valuable lesson early on. I was rinsing my HOB filters and such in tap water instead of the removed tank water. Learning that I was basically killing off beneficial bactera. Since the tap water contains chlorine, would it not have the desired affect killing not only the beneficial things but killing off what ever type of algae this may be, or is there a better route for this, should I resort to crashing the tank? As the other member pointed out about identifying the type of rock, I do not have the knowledge to tell what type it could be. All I remember from that purchase was, it was a bright purplish color and its shape, an arch, was what I was looking for. As far a set up I did not mean to imply I duplicated tank x to tank y. I had learned much from getting a great tank established on my first try. But without the shared knowledge of our club, I learned about flow, dead spots ect. and that was what I was trying to replicate. Having one of our members come out with a par meter was a tremendous help. This post was actually more intended for a poll like result ie. if this was your tank and you have tried all that I have tried, what would you do? Keep trying or crash it and start from scratch. Even then I would have to research how to rid my substrate of the problem, or replace it and a how to acid wash. But I am glad for the ones that made suggestions such as yourself, because it helped me to expand my knowledge in reef keeping! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  4. Beaux

    Need advice

    Thanks Timfish, This is all great helpful information for me. As I think I mentioned before I did remove the phosphate removal pack. I am seeing those levels increase. Along with my nitrates. However I am seeing some positive results with only using the moonlight feature. My light is garbage, learned that the hard way. Part of the info you provided helped me learn a valuable lesson as well. Just because I set up tank x, and it is a thriving tank now, I can not set up tank y duplicating tank x and it should be the same. I guess I am old school when you talk about removing the substrate. Are you saying go bare bottom or change to another brand/type? I always believed that the substrate played a vital role in setting the bio filtration process? Again thanks for the time in doing the research, I suppose I am not using key words in my searches. However since I am seeing positive results with changing the lighting, I am going to give it a few more days while trying to get my numbers back where they should be. But again thanks for the effort you put into it! Much appreciated! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  5. Beaux

    Need advice

    I only added what the instructions called for, and just the one dose. I am only feeding once a day, just enough for the fish. Not over feeding. I was feeding reef roids 1 x week until the outbreak. As per RCA I was using the pellet pack phosphate remover for 2 months. But I never detected any until I stopped using it. I stopped using any type of cuc because they died within a day. That would be my only guess for the amonia spike. I am only doing around 5 gallon water changes daily, mostly to vacuum the crud out. I am still doing a 1/4 water change for the substrate. Cleaning the HOB filters and dumping the skimmer trying to rid the tank of this stuff as much as possible. Tonight I did notice one of my hammer heads is just desimated. The flesh is just falling right off the head. It looks still alive with color, not bleached at all. Once the outbreak started, the few mushrooms I have in the tank pulled inward and have not died or extended outwards either. The moonlight seems to be slowing it down quite a bit. I just do not know if it will kill it completely. I still have the eco booster, but at this point I am afraid to do anything than what I am doing now. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  6. Beaux

    Need advice

    Rock, or substrate? If it is the live rock you are asking about I have no clue. What ever RCA had in stock almost a year ago. My substraight is black Hawaiian. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  7. Beaux

    Need advice

    I seem to have gone from bad to catastrophe with this. I altered my HOB to add sock that I cut up to increase the catch of what ever this stuff is. I have done all the recommended advice, but this now is out of control. I start every morning vacuuming just the sand bed to remove as much as I can. Then I blow the live rock to get what I can, and follow up with a medium toothbrush to scrub down the live rock. I have added phosphate bead removal pack, and again redid my HOB with a double layer of the sock material. Yet I wake the very next morning only for it to look like I have done nothing at all. I have done 3 different times with total blackouts. Did not phase it. I do not see any point of treating with chemiclean because it is NOT cyno. Plus chemiclean is not an algaecide. I saw a recommendation video about taking out the orange and red. I only have a moonlight feature so that is what I have been trying for two days. I am unsure how long my fish and coral will hold up by doing this. I can barely see inside my tank under the moonlight setting, but I am not seeing my glass being completely covered by what ever this stuff (supposedly diatoms) is. Since starting this moonlight my numbers are erratic. PH is 8 which I am working on. The amonia is dropping from .5 to .25 Cal 480 KH 125.3 Nitrate has jumped to 40. I hoping that with the 5 to 10 gallon daily water changes this is not backfiring on me. Nitrite 0 Phosphate has increased from 0 to 5. My hammerheads seem to be doing all right but the torch is stressing hard. I have 5 blue damsel type fish which are doing fine. My CUC dies within days of adding new snails and hermits. This started out what looked like brown hair algea, then I started noticing the bubbles that were hanging on the tops. Was told it was nitrogen. Now its a powder like dust except what clings to the glass. See photo attached. I have been told to scrap the tank, acid wash everything but there is still a chance for it to return. This has been almost a 3 month battle and my physical limitations are making this more and more difficult. Any advice? Would you keep up the battle or scrap the tank? I have $800 invested into it. If I were to scrap it, I wanted to convert it into a sump for my 150, but if there is any chance of infesting my 150, I would rather not take the chance at all. The tank is just over a year old but financially I have been having to do little by little. My light is trash. Par is only 20 at clear bottom so I moved my corals higher for the light. What would you do?
  8. Beaux

    ARC...looking forward to learning from y'all!

    Howdy and welcome to the club! You found the best place place to come seeking knowledge. I know from experience because not to long ago I made the plunge in to reefing and have received only the best advice, and filed for bankruptcy (jk) too! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  9. Beaux

    Any Jebao experts?

    I do not claim to be an expert on them, but I do believe there is a way. I currently have 2 set on my 20 gal nano, and 2 more on my 55 gallon. Different rooms but close enough that one would think they would all pair, but they did not. So it is possible. I would try pairing them first, and if it did not work as planed, try using an extension cord to distance from the set you have already paired. Might need to hide the cord in or behind something. But yes I do have 2 sets, both set to one master one slave. And yes, I totally agree Jeboa does not have anything for customer support. I will move my set over to my larger tank in the morning to test the theory and post my results tomorrow for you. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  10. Beaux

    SPS tank owners. What's your alkalinity?

    I have always kept my 20 nano at a constant 8.2. In under a years time I have had superior growth and some propagation. But I have been using Reef Roids as well. Going well into almost my third year with the nano I have had more natural propagation than the tank can handle and moving things over into my larger younger tank. I have been quite happy staying at 8.2 personally. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. Beaux

    New to ARC

    Way awesome! I see we share some of the same taste in corals. Nice layout as well. [emoji6] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  12. Beaux

    New to ARC

    Howdy, and welcome. Have you guessed we like photos? Especially progressive ones. We have a special forum for that. Great to see your builds and maybe pick up a few ideas from there as well. Welcome to ARC! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  13. Beaux

    My start with a 40 gallon breeder.

    Yes you are probably right about that. I want to add more fish but I do not have near enough liverock. I have been over feeding, before that ghost feeding. I was also told that using a biological booster would help. I am afraid of adding more liverock at this point might make it worse. I already have active thriving corals, and currently working on a deal with getting more liverock. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  14. Beaux

    My start with a 40 gallon breeder.

    Looking for a little help with this. Once the cycle was 100% complete, I started out with a few pieces of live rock, and everything seemed fine. I added 3 fish, which kinda resembled the spanish hogfish, but the weren't. The had a squareish marking on the main body. 1 relentlessly picked on the other 2 untill they died. Then I introduced 3 blue chromis. Inturn they picked off the original fish which i never could find. Maybe my clean up crew did the job. Next I started having a sever brown string algea out break. I doubled down on my snails, even with some Mexican turbos, nether of which could keep it under control. I scoured over every inch on my live rock every morning, and the very next morning it was back stronger than before. Next I started doseing (i could be wrong here) with phosphate bead bags in my over rated HOB, as well as Dolabella Sea Hare. Took a sump tank sock and cut it to fit into my HOB, as well as a looser grade treated mesh material and put that in the HOB as well. Now the long hair brown algea is partly gone, but still has places on the liverock that returns in mass, and the glass is completely covered again after cleaning and scrubbing. This has been a nightmare and I am almost at the point of scraping the entire tank. Has anyone else had to deal with this for 6 to 7 months as I have? Should I continue with my current routine and just have hope that one day this will go away? I am just so frustrated having to spend all my time and money on this issue instead of being able to invest in more liverock and stocking it. I have done the 3 day blackouts three separate times. Did not phase it. My numbers have always been great. When I test I go to RCA to double check. The last test was showing my amonia on the rise, but it has never tested high before now. Ph 8.2 Ammonia. 25 Cal 440 Kh 143.2 Nitrate 0 Nitrite 0 Phosphate 0 Sal 1.25 I have 2 blue chromis, the slug and snails, hammerhead, 4 different types and a torch that are all thriving. The lighting was an issue so I moved all corals to mid range so they are at a much better par reading. The one photo of the stringy stuff is on the glass, one is the liverock, hard to see the growth there, and the last is of the substrate. I have not vacuumed it up this morning yet. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  15. Beaux

    Trip to Austin

    Aquadome would be top of the list for me. They have a larger selection by far. Medium to high on the price range, but like I said, large selections. Aquatech is ok but kinda pricey. However my favorite would be River City Aquatics. They have a decent selection at better prices. If you go to Aquadome ask for James, River City Aquatics ask for Francis. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk