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  1. Beaux

    Kryptonite Candy Canes

    I would like the 8+ if u still have it. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. Beaux

    Need advice

    Thanks for all the great help. I did use the ammonia, but more inportantly the reason why the bacteria did not live for long. What I though was enough on the ghost feeding was not enough to sustain the bio. I added the ammonia like everyone recommended and trippled what I was feeding. I am already seeing the results in just two days time. Diatom and nitrogen bubbles from new live rock. Thanks for all the great suggestions and support!
  3. Beaux

    Need advice

    When you say ammonia, i have ammonia lock. Is that the same thing?
  4. Beaux

    Need advice

    Ph 7.5 Ammonia 0 Cal 200 Kh 5 Nitrate 0 Nitrite 0 Ph4 .25 Gh 1 Sal 1.25
  5. Beaux

    Need advice

    Dogfish Numbers never changed all 0's across the boards. No drops and no rises.. As I stated earlier I started with a shrip in a mesh bag and did ghost fees. Once with a full cube of mysis shrimp followed by a full veggie kind reef food. The only thing right is the salinity 1.25 and my ph is 7.3 which im adding buffer again to bring it up. Started testing after the 4th day, and nothing registered, ever. No spikes or drops. My kits are brand new, even took samples to RCA to confirm. As far as the live rock it was removed but only to a bucketful of the same tank water until I replaced in the tank. Maybe 30 to 45 minutes I have tested every 3 to 4 days, with the exception of last week. No ammonia nitrate or nitrite spikes ever happened. I am going to retest right now all the way and post the complete results. One other thing, I used nothing but RCA'S salt water to start but have had to several gallon top offs with thier RO, over time of course. Not all at once.
  6. Beaux

    Need advice

    Sorry if this is on the wrong section. I did not know where else to post it. A good while back I started the cycle on my 40 gallon. I used the frozen shrimp in the mesh bag method. About 1/2 way into cycle I decided it was not a good location. I use live sand (black Hawaiian). The tank was a little to close to a door knob so I decided to relocate it. Only other space I had was in a double window, so I bought some Black out curtains. I could not get the temp low enough there, but 5 weeks in the cycle was just about done, started adding live rock and invested in a cooler, but the algae was out of control in one strip of the tank. Move number 3, broke it back down, left just enough water to keep the sand wet, and about 15 gallons of the tank water. Even though I thought I was doing everything I could to save it the bio died off. I was ghost feeding and using bio booster. Basically repeating the same steps as before. I was absent for a little over a week last week. Got home and thought it would be close to being ready. 14 weeks. I am pretty sure that I lost all the bacteria from the live rock, and still adding the bio booster daily now. Even now at the end of week 14, it is like it never started the cycle. No measurments moving in either direction. No diatoms no bubbles on the rock. Should I just keep at it, or scrap it and start again with everything new? Flow is great, good lighting in place, but nothings moving. Is there something i am just not seeing? Greatful for any advice on this.
  7. Beaux

    Selling Fish... need new homes fast

    Sorry getting back on this so late. I just got out of the hospital. Do you still have the liverock?
  8. Thanks Reffpuck, I tried aqutech but they don't answer the phone for tank management. I will just keep looking i guess.
  9. I was just release from St Davids afterbeing intubated and in a coma for a week. It is going to be an uphill battle, but its not my first time at this. My roomate tries to help, but can not grasp of even basic water testing. I live in nort Austin,Anderson lane and 183. I would probably need some ever 3 days or so, because in my current state I just can not do it. Any reccomentations would be most helpful. Thanks everyone.
  10. Beaux


    I am sorry for not posting in awhile I just awoke from being intubated from pneumonia and hope to be back soon
  11. Beaux

    Spring frag swap

  12. Beaux

    Oscar needs a home

    I was babysitting this gal for a friend, who later decided he did not want to keep it. (Lack of knowledge) I am willing to part with the 20 gallon tank, top/light, gravel and all decorations, but she needs a larger tank. Oscar is free, but tank set up must take all. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  13. Beaux

    Selling Fish... need new homes fast

    How much live rock do you have? I could really use some for my new 40 gallon. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  14. Beaux

    Spring frag swap

    Just in case a back up is needed.
  15. Beaux

    Spring frag swap

    I can pitch a huge tent, run out extension cords all over the place and we can use my front yard!!!! LOL