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  1. Hydor Smart Level controller(no pump just controller) $30.00 Jebao DCP 5000 Return Pump 1/2" out $30.00 Never used somatic uf1 media reactor with unopened carbon rox $20.00 Live out past liberty hill but work in austin. Can usually meet in Austin during the day. Shoot me a pm. Matt
  2. Selling a reefbreeders 32"photon v2. Please note this is not the v2+. Comes with the hanging kit...I may have the rails for the stand but i'm not totally sure I will try to find them. Everything is in good working order. Comes with wireless remote and charging cord. $150.00 obo Pm or text 5129938603
  3. Atxraider83


    Approximately 40-50 lbs of live rock for sale. Mixture of liferock shapes and life rock. Sizes range from softball to football size Probably close to 10 pieces total. A few big pieces are covered in GSP and the rest has various zoas, mushrooms, and some other coral. If you see it on the rock it goes with you. I would like to sell all together and you would be responsible for transport(I think it will take about 4-5 5 gallon buckets and you can take my water if you want. I live about 10 miles past Liberty Hill Tx. Asking $80.00 firm. Please text me 5129938603 or pm me. Matt
  4. IceCap k1 130 skimmer for sale. Works great and I'll clean it up for whoever buys it. Retails for $190.00. Its been in use for about 8 months. Currently running in system I'm breaking down. $100.00 firm. Please text me 512-993-8603. Or pm here. Matt
  5. 4 stage value plus 100gpd bulk reef supply rodi system. The tds meter on it had the slider button for in and out broken so it only reads the in. If you open up the meter can probably fix the slider for it. Current filters are about 3 months old and have had about 200 gallons pushed through them. $100.00
  6. Breaking down my 40 breeder. Selling off coral and livestock first then will sell larger rock and tank equipment. I live in the middle of no where between liberty hill and marble falls and can meet if needed. Reply with a pm or text 512 nine nine 3 -8603 1.Indo dragon soul torch. 2 heads $550.00 SOLD 2.Small rock with yellow palys and orange mushrooms green mushooms $60.00 SOLD 3. Big green palys at least 6 heads $25.00 4. Cornbread zoas. Correct me if im wrong on the naming. About 12 to 15 heads $60.00 5. Big gsp rock. Close to basketball size probably 30 lbs or so. $60.00 Pending 6.1 head lobo green and orange. $30.00 Pending J barrera 7. Richards lone star leather $40.00 per head SOLD 8. Rock with zoas mushrooms and leather $70.00 9. Snowflake eel free with coral purchase....if i can catch him lol Pending j barrera. The hunt begins.... 10. Grape coral 3 heads $30 11. Various maxi mini anemonees. Think i have 3 total $20.00 each 2- pending j barerra 12. Halloween crab $15.00 13. Small rock with eagle eyes and dragon eyes $30.00 14. 3 head octospawn growing into 4 heads $40.00 15. Big Brown Palys 4 heads $20.00 16. Green tentacle aussie torch with purple/blue tips 4 heads $60.00 SOLD 17. Green Aussie torch 4 heads $50.00 SOLD
  7. Ill take it if still available pm sent
  8. That's awesome. Mine has turned into a mobile zoa unit.
  9. Now just need to find a few nice Monti's to put at the top Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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