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  1. Atxraider83

    Breaking down the 40 gallon breeder

    Pm Sent
  2. Atxraider83

    BRS 4 stage value plus rodi $100.00

    4 stage value plus 100gpd bulk reef supply rodi system. The tds meter on it had the slider button for in and out broken so it only reads the in. If you open up the meter can probably fix the slider for it. Current filters are about 3 months old and have had about 200 gallons pushed through them. $100.00
  3. Atxraider83

    Breaking down the 40 gallon breeder

    Breaking down my 40 breeder. Selling off coral and livestock first then will sell larger rock and tank equipment. I live in the middle of no where between liberty hill and marble falls and can meet if needed. Reply with a pm or text 512 nine nine 3 -8603 1.Indo dragon soul torch. 2 heads $550.00 SOLD 2.Small rock with yellow palys and orange mushrooms green mushooms $60.00 SOLD 3. Big green palys at least 6 heads $25.00 4. Cornbread zoas. Correct me if im wrong on the naming. About 12 to 15 heads $60.00 5. Big gsp rock. Close to basketball size probably 30 lbs or so. $60.00 Pending 6.1 head lobo green and orange. $30.00 Pending J barrera 7. Richards lone star leather $40.00 per head SOLD 8. Rock with zoas mushrooms and leather $70.00 9. Snowflake eel free with coral purchase....if i can catch him lol Pending j barrera. The hunt begins.... 10. Grape coral 3 heads $30 11. Various maxi mini anemonees. Think i have 3 total $20.00 each 2- pending j barerra 12. Halloween crab $15.00 13. Small rock with eagle eyes and dragon eyes $30.00 14. 3 head octospawn growing into 4 heads $40.00 15. Big Brown Palys 4 heads $20.00 16. Green tentacle aussie torch with purple/blue tips 4 heads $60.00 SOLD 17. Green Aussie torch 4 heads $50.00 SOLD
  4. Atxraider83

    Jebao SW8 Wavemaker

    Ill take it if still available pm sent
  5. Atxraider83

    Tuxedo urchin cleaning the glass!

    That's awesome. Mine has turned into a mobile zoa unit.
  6. Atxraider83

    Just Reef is officially back!

    Calling dibs on that torch 😍
  7. Atxraider83

    Atxraider's nuvo 20 build

    Now just need to find a few nice Monti's to put at the top Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  8. Atxraider83

    Atxraider's nuvo 20 build

    Yes. I got it from aquasd. I need to the learn how to propagate it. It's a bright orange and yellow with blue tips Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  9. Atxraider83

    Atxraider's nuvo 20 build

    I've had this tank up and running for a while now just never got around to making a build thread for it. I have a Hydra 26 light with a single wave maker I just run filter floss in the back and nothing else. The clowns have definitely started to outgrow this tank and are about to be transitioned to a 40 breeder. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  10. Atxraider83

    Give me your best DIY shrimp traps

    Your shrimps an A-hole. I did the bottle trap for a peppermint and he was in it within 45 seconds lol.
  11. Atxraider83

    Aquaticlife 36" 4 bulb t5 $100 OBO

    Sold thank you
  12. Atxraider83

    Aquaticlife 36" 4 bulb t5 $100 OBO

    Aquaticlife 4 x 39 watt t5 fixture. Digital timer built in with 3 channels. The third channel is moonlight leds and one of the three leds is out. Otherwise in good shape. Has 2 ati blue plus 1 coral plus and a guiessman super actinic bulb all about 2 months old. Just got my led fixture so need to sell this one. $100.00 OBO
  13. Atxraider83

    FarmerTy Frag selloff

    PM sent
  14. Atxraider83

    SOLD SPS, LPS, Mushrooms for Sale

    PM sent