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  1. mikeb76

    Xenia Coral

    . Hello I'm looking for a frag or two of Xenia either for sale. Looking for some North Austin/ Hutto Area Thanks Mike
  2. mikeb76

    SPS frags, or colonies, somewhat close to south Austin

    what are these frags going for?
  3. mikeb76

    Free 10 gallon tank

    Hello are you still giving this tank away?
  4. mikeb76


    @ShawnM pm sent
  5. mikeb76


    Hello Im looking for some free chaeto. If anyone has some please let me know. Thanks Mike.
  6. mikeb76

    Misc light and flow equipment

    Hi im interested in both of the Aqualink boxes do you have the power supplies?
  7. mikeb76


    Hello Im looking for some free Cheato for my new 90gal tank 40gal sump. I live in the RR area. Thanks in advance. Mike
  8. mikeb76

    75 Gallon Complete $250

    Madsalt do you still have this tank for sell?
  9. mikeb76

    Marco Rock ~ 600 lbs Dry Rock ($1.25 per lb)

    Hello nuxx if you have some Marco rock left I would like to get a few lbs.